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Fido the sweetie cat!

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I'm new!!!

August 15th 2006 8:47 am
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Hey everyone! Well I have been home with my new family for the past hour! I have my first Vet appointment in a few hours where I will get my ID chip put in (hope it doesn't hurt), and a routine checkup. I have all my shots already, but I wanted to meet our new Vet as I've heard he is very nice!

My parents were so happy to see me take to the litterbox right away! In fact, I just took it for a test ride. Also, this new family has 2 water fountains that I love! I haven't figured out the fountain bit yet, but I'm still getting used to the new smells.

I got along with Hondo right away, but I hissed a bit as I'm a bit stressed. Boogers looks A LOT like me but about 10 lbs heavier! MOL. I'm told I'll get introduced slowly to the D-O-G later. I'm thinking it'll take a good week to get comfortable around the other cats, but I think I'll be ok!

My pawrents are NICE! They say that I remind them of Boogers! I met my grandpawrents who are leaving today for MN. Hope to see them soon as they're nice!

I miss my old family, but I have all my toys, bed, scratching post, etc., here to remind me of my loving family. I miss my human brother, Cayden as my new parents only have fur babies (for now they say). They're a young couple who doesn't want kids yet.

Well be seeing you all! I'm glad I have some of the same friends as my brothers:)

ETA: The Vet said I'm purrrty and all looks well! My nails are cut, I have an ID chip in me, flee med is taken care of, etc., etc. Daddy is a bit jealous that I'm taking more to meowmy!!! I can't help it!!

Thank you to everyone for being my pal! I've had such a hard day, and even though I'm stressed, I have made new friends and it means so much to me:)

PS I have a video my pawrents will upload later (tomorrow) so watch for that! I'm going CRAZY! Mr. Feather is cool, and the video was taken with their camera and it looks like they put the fast forward button on, but they didn't! MOL


Dang brothers and D-O-G!

August 17th 2006 12:22 am
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So I've been in this family for 2 days... I'm starting to warm up to my brothers but I don't think I'll ever befriend the D-O-G! It's a live pogo-stick!!!

I had a great first night with my new family. I had the master bedroom all to myself and I slept right next to my new meowmy! Daddy was a bit jealous I hear =) But tonight I'm sleeping solo in the spare cat room while the rest of the family gets to free roam the other rooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, etc. HISSSSSSSSSSSSS

This is probably too much info, but I haven't gone #2 yet... Should my pawrents be worried?? I haven't been eating a lot of food, but I'm hydrated as I love Mr. Drinkwell!!


Warming up to my brothers...

August 18th 2006 12:36 am
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So I'm sure you all heard that I was cornered in the cat room with my pawrents and brothers... I wanna make sure everyone knows I'm head kitty! I'm the new kid on the block, and I want it to be known that I'm a tough kitty ::fluffs up furrr:: In the meantime, I'm in LOVE with Mr. Feather! I didn't have one with my previous owners!! My pawrents have a HUGE stock of them too in the closet! Appawrently, they had purchased Hondo one and then it took a year to find the certain brand. So when they came in stock again, they bought 15 of them:) Good thing as I managed to destroy one tonight:) MOL!

I'm still not liking the D-O-G, so we'll see... But c'mon... The D-O-G is almost the same size as me... She's not a D-O-G! She's a oversized football as my grandpaw said... MOL!!!



August 20th 2006 7:03 pm
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Wow, I had my first pawty with our friends: Samoa, Calvin, and the hostesss *COLLEEN*! And MWHAHAHAHA I am an evil cat as when we left, I packed my stroller full of food. Good aren't I?

There was tons of food. What a great hostess. She even cleaned the litter boxes out furrr us!!

Thanks again Colleen!


Catnip? What in the???

August 22nd 2006 10:34 am
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So my pawrents tried to feed me something called "Catnip". I don't see why my brothers and the D-O-G were raving about it, but it's not good!! You should have heard all the commotion when I said that "This is nasty". I think the cats down the street even heard the ruckus that Boogers made after I declared this!

It doesn't taste good! It's dry, and it smells funny. So I tried to smell it and the dang stuff went up my nose! Everyone laughed!!! Gee, talk about giving the little brother a complex!

In the meantime, I have befriended all my brothers, especially Boogers. I like to wrestle him and bite him even though meowmy gets mad. She's always saying, "FIDO! BE NICE!!" I take it Boogers is her "baby".

I met the D-O-G last night, and it went ok, but the dang dog is too hyper. He's met his match alright! :: motions with paw :: "Bring it!"


Ok, ok... I admit I love my brother Boogers:)

August 26th 2006 12:06 am
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So, I finally gave in and befriended Boogers. Today was the furrrst day since my arrival that I didn't torment Boogers. Well, I did chase him, but I'm learning that he doesn't like me biting him. Imagine that! So to make matters worse, my meowmy caught me groomin' Boogers! I don't know what came over me... Here I was minding my own buisness when all of a sudden I walk up to him, sat next to him, and started to groom him...

I suppose since we are related, I want to be seen in public with him, so if I must groom him, I shall... Takin' one for the team...



August 26th 2006 6:46 pm
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HOLY KITTEN KABOODLES!!! Me and Boogers just got back from *MONKEY(Blue)* pawty in honor of him being Cat of the Week!!! It was wicked!! He even provided us with a limo!!! Met a few friends furrr the first time, and danced with a cutie patootie *SIMBA* That girl is wild!!

Also, prior I went and auditioned at my friend *COLLEEN'S* band as lead bass of her band! I hope I win!

I'd like furrr everyone to visit my friend *ORCA (the killer cat)* site and vote furrr my brother at:

PS I was their 100 member!! WOOHOOO!!!!


WOOPIE! 5 Paws!

August 27th 2006 3:35 pm
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MEOW!! I just checked my pawmail today and to my surrrprise, I have one voter who gave me 5 paws!! Gosh, I wish I knew who as I'd give them tons of treats! Thank you MEOWY much!! *ahem, fluffs up hair* I'd like to paw out that I received my paw nomination while only being apawrt of this family furrr 2 weeks. You have NO idea how much Hondo is hating me right now :) MOL!!

Again, thank you!!


Me hate catnip? I take it back!

August 29th 2006 12:05 pm
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So a few days ago I declared my hatred furrr Cat Nip... Well, I take that back!! So I tried it again, and gosh darnit! It's FABULOUS!!! Boogers tried to eat my nip but I showed him who's boss!! Time to do the Whiskers 500!


I, Fido, am addicted to Cat Nip.

August 31st 2006 12:06 am
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So here's the story... I once was a little nieve cat, and declared my hatered furrrr Cat Nip. I mean, c'mon! It's dry, it smells minty, YUCK! Well after carefull consideration, I, Fido have changed my mind and am a full fledge lover of this stuff they call CAT NIP!!! What was I thinking??? MEOW! I wasn't!!! My pawrents say that I love Cat Nip now as it's addicting and I'm dependant on the stuff... They're just jealous me thinkie!

And THANKS to my friend Skeezix furrr the Rosette! I needed that as the D-O-G tried to lick me (after I smacked her) and that stunk up my furrr! Ok, toooo much info purrrhaps...

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