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December 30th 2006 7:15 pm
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Happy New Year to all my catster friends and their humans! I hope 2007 will be a happy and healthy year for all.

The past few days have been cloudy and gray and I've been spending a lot of time asleep. Weather like this always makes me sleepy. . . . The humans have fleece throws on some of my favorite chairs and sofas. They're so soft. . . . One of them is embroidered with my name, and that's the one I like best.

Time for another nap. . . .


December 23rd 2006 2:13 pm
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The humans went back to the shelter they adopted me from today to give a food donation in memory of poor Bubbie, who passed away so tragically just a couple of weeks before his wedding to my dear friend Phoebe. I hope his humans aren't feeling too sad!


December 20th 2006 8:27 pm
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I'm so sorry that Bubbie, Phoebe's fiance, died! Phoebe is heartbroken now! I wish I could think of something to say to make Phoebe feel better! All I can think of to do is to purr for her. Purrrrr, purrrr, purrr, purrr, purrrrrrrrr. . .


December 16th 2006 1:37 pm
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What a disagreeable experience! I just didn't know WHAT to think! My two humans, who are always saying how much they love me, grabbed me and put me into some kind of black bag thing with a zipper so I couldn't get out. Then they took me outside--yes, right out of my palace, the Cat Mahal--and put me in the car! And took me away!

I just couldn't believe it. "What is this?" I thought. "Some kind of betrayal? A catnapping? Are they taking me away somewhere to hold me for ransom? But these are MY HUMANS! If they don't want me, who'll pay the ransom?"

And then I remembered that horrible shelter and I thought. . . . But no, they wouldn't! They love me! I know they love me!

I meowed and meowed.

Finally the car stopped. They took me into a funny-smelling place where there was a DOG--I couldn't see him, but I could certainly smell him. It smelled a lot like the shelter and I started to feel even more afraid, even though the male human was holding the bag I was in. WHAT WAS NEXT?! WOULD I EVER SEE MY PALACE AGAIN?!

They took me into another room and put me on a metal table. I jumped off at once and tried to run away, behind a waste basket, but a man--not mine--picked me up and put me back. He asked me if I had ever been a junkyard kitty. (Me! A junkyard kitty!) My humans were there and put their hands on me too, and started to rub my head. That made me feel a little better, because at least I could see that they weren't dumping me there and leaving.

The man felt me all over and looked at my teeth (he did say they were nice; I appreciated the compliment) and inside my ears. He stuck me with a couple of sharp things. That was bad, but being a princess, I did not return the favor (although I certainly could have!). Then he put me on a scale thing and said something that made my humans smile. I was feeling very confused.

They put me back in the bag and brought me home. I was so relieved!

But what on earth was it all about?????


December 9th 2006 3:00 pm
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I've set up a throne on the arm of the loveseat in the sitting room. This is a convenient spot where I can rest and graciously accept attention from my humans. They can sit comfortably on the loveseat, next to the arm, and pet me as much as they wish; when I jump up onto the designated spot, they know I am at leisure and favorably disposed to receive their adulation. I could sit on their laps, I suppose, but somehow that doesn't seem sufficiently dignified. The loveseat arm is higher, and, what's more, it's exclusively mine--they don't sit there. It's white, and I have carefully decorated it with black fur tracery. A perfect petting station!


November 29th 2006 5:18 am
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The best time for a concert is around 2 A.M.!

The audience is assembled in one place and is ready to listen (that is, they will be, as soon as I wake them up!). I am, as usual, in excellent voice; it's a grand night for meowing, and my tail is definitely riding high. All I need to do is bring in the green catnip mousie as my prop and I'm ready to begin!

"Oh catnip mouse, the fur, the fur is flying, from chair to chair, and also on the rug. . . ."


November 25th 2006 5:55 pm
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I'm a good cat--yes I am!
I'm a good cat--yes I am!
I'm a good cat--yes I am!
I'm a good cat--yes I am!

(I only scratched the chair seat a little!)


November 21st 2006 10:26 am
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I finally got to inspect the laundry closet!

Oh, I know where it is, and it is usually open, so I could have gotten in at any time. But I would have had to jump to the top of the washing machine. It's not that that would be too high for me--I jump to the top of the kitchen counter often (MOL--should I admit that?), and the height is the same. But the washing machine is weird--it often shakes and makes funny noises, and I never know when it will start. It would hardly be dignified for a princess to be caught jumping onto it while it was doing that! So I was a bit hesitant to just jump up.

So, I sat on the floor next to it and meowed and meowed, and got louder and louder. Finally, the penny dropped! One of the humans picked me up and put me on top of the washing machine. It was kind of disappointing--it turned out there was nothing much there--but there was a shelf above the washing machine that looked as if it might be worthwhile to investigate. (I could just see it if I stretched my neck.) Unfortunately, there was no room for me to get on it. So I tried again--meow, Meow, MEOW! The human was more attentive this time and immediately cleared a space for me and helped me up. And this was worthwhile! There were lots of soft placemats that didn't have a single bit of my hair on them. Well, I fixed that! And a nice pile of cloth napkins, too!

When I woke up, I got down without any help.


November 15th 2006 11:52 am
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There's a new photo of me on my page!

Unfortunately, my eyes are closed, but it shows my new pink collar.

My back and sides are mostly black, but on my right side there is a white spot, sort of like a star, and you can see this in the photo, too. The humans call this my kissing spot. I call it my humans-can-be-pesty spot. I wish they would think less about kissing my star (yes, yes, I know they love me) and more about my dignity. I'm a princess, after all!


November 9th 2006 5:55 pm
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I have a new collar! It's hot pink, just like my nail caps!

I had a red collar before, and it was nice because it had a beautifully scalloped edge. But it was getting a bit shabby looking because I had cleaned it so often. So it was time for a new collar, and I wanted to go all pink this time!

So gorgeous. . . so beautiful. . . so me!

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