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Annals of Athena

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Night Care of Humans

November 13th 2013 10:31 am
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After supervising their humans all day, many kitties probably assume that once the humans are in bed, it’s finally safe to leave them unattended and go on to more important business, like checking the windows to see if any strangers are prowling around the home territory or making sure that all the chairs and sofas get freshly decorated with cat fur. But, in fact, humans need care at night as well as during the daytime!

First of all, humans tend to wander—they don’t stay where you put them. Especially, at night, they tend to get up to make visits to the human litter box, during which trips they are extremely likely to bump into things and hurt themselves because, let’s face it, their vision is inferior to ours. I find that this problem can be solved by providing the meandering human with a kitty escort, making sure to herd him or her in the right direction, and, by getting in the way, also reminding the human of the need to be careful.

Second, humans are prone to nightmares of various sorts, and these cause them distress. An attentive kitty will intervene to end the nightmare and soothe the human involved. Fur example, my dad grew up in a country where there was a war going on. Even now, decades later, he occasionally dreams that he is being chased by enemy soldiers, and he starts muttering noisily to himself, thus disturbing the quiet of the home. But a few swipes from my tail across his silly head generally sweep these pesky soldiers away so peace is restored!

Nightmares are not the only bad things that flit through wayward human brains at night. There are bad thoughts, too. An example of a bad thought would be something like my mom thinking, as she drifts off to sleep, “Hmm, that kitty jumping up and down on my tummy is kind of heavy. Maybe the vet wasn’t wrong when he suggested a diet with fewer treats. . . .” Meow! A few tail swipes can get rid of that kind of nastiness, too.

So, despite the extra trouble, it’s not a good idea to leave your humans alone at night. An attentive kitty will be sure to keep careful watch over them!


A Mighty Warrior

October 20th 2013 8:30 am
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I wish dad would stop referring to me as his "sweet little warrior princess."

I am not a sweet little warrior princess. I am a tough, strong, fierce little warrior princess, and he'd better keep that in mind!

When I bring a catnip mousie or a long, snaky leaf from the dracena plant into the bedroom at night and wake him up, that's not a lullaby I am singing--it's a Victory Song. Hail to the mighty warrior, successful in battle! Hail to me!


A Scare

August 10th 2013 8:41 pm
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It was a gigantic bird, bigger than me, and it was sitting on my front lawn surrounded by seven or eight smaller birds that looked like it! It had a huge tail that dragged on the grass! What could it be? I flipped my tail back and forth, filled with anxiety. What if that huge bird got into my palace?

Mom said I shouldn’t be scared—it was just a wild turkey, with turkey kittens, and it wouldn’t be coming inside. But I’m not so sure!


A Quiet Day

August 8th 2013 9:46 pm
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Today I had a very quiet day at home. After they came back from the beach, the humans stayed in the house because it got cloudy and then started to rain. Dad was in the basement painting a picture fur his friend’s new house because her old house was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and it’s just now being rebuilt. Mom was upstairs practicing a concerto on her violin. I alternated naps in each location so I could provide proper supervision to both of them. Then late in the afternoon we all met in the kitchen fur snacks. What could be nicer?


Bird Danger

August 7th 2013 12:41 pm
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Meow! There were a whole lot of robins flying around the deck outside our sliding glass door this morning. I noticed them right after I finished my Brunch Treat, and I had to crouch in front of the door and watch them. Mom and dad went out to the beach for a quick swim, as they do every day when the weather is nice, and when they came back they were surprised that I was still there watching the birds instead of having gone upstairs to take my usual midday nap. But how could I leave? What if one of those birds somehow found a way into my palace? *flips tail anxiously* No, an alert, property-owing kitty must always be on patrol to protect the home territory! No matter how sleepy I might get, I have to... have to. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


It's Not Fair!

August 2nd 2013 9:09 pm
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Meow, well, I just don't think it's fair, that's all!

Late every afternoon I get a Teatime Treat. Mom puts ten Temptation treats out fur me on a plate in the kitchen, on the floor near the refrigerator. I sit in the dining room and watch while she gets them ready, and if she's late, I remind her by moving pointedly to the doorway to the kitchen and sitting there to make sure she sees I am waiting.

Today, because of something she read on Catster, she did something different, though. Instead of just putting my well-deserved treats on the plate, she cut an empty cardboard paper towel roll in half and put the treats inside it, and then put the roll on the plate. I had to extract the treats one by one with my paw before I could eat them. It took me at least twice as long as usual.

Really, mom! I don't care what you read about "making things interesting" for kitties and "challenging kitties mentally." I just want my treats, that's all! And do you really think it's a "challenge" to get treats out of a paper towel roll? I'm not a kitten, you know, and I'm quite accustomed to using my paws. Please give up this ridiculous idea!

*flips tail in annoyance* Meow, if she does it again, maybe I'll show her how good I am at using my paws by taking a swipe or two at her leg. . . .


Throwing Up

April 13th 2013 12:52 pm
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Early this morning I was snoozing on daddy’s pillow, above his head, when I suddenly awakened and decided it might be nice to throw up. No big deal—I’m just into recreational vomiting. I knew daddy wouldn’t mind, so I threw up right there on the pillow. And he didn’t mind. He just opened his eyes immediately and got out of bed to remove the old pillowcase and put on a new one, and otherwise clean things (that’s my dad—he always “mans up” to take care of his little princess). He didn’t disturb mom, so I went to sit next to her head until he was finished. Then we all went back to sleep.


A New Nap Spot

April 11th 2013 8:09 pm
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I found a new place to nap today!

Usually, when mom practices playing her violin, I help out by rubbing her legs to give her encouragement. After all, she doesn’t play very well, and she needs all the encouragement she can get. But today she seemed to be doing okay by herself, and I was feeling a bit sleepy, so I looked around and found a perfect nap spot—inside her violin case! It was just the right size for me to curl up in, and besides, it has a soft furry lining that was very nice and warm. I don’t see why I shouldn’t make use of it, if the violin is busy being played by mom. I can even decorate it with some of my fur; after all, it’s shedding season!


Spring Tag

April 3rd 2013 10:00 am
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Tiger tagged me to play the Spring Tag game, so here it is:

Five things I like about Spring are:

1. The sun is bright and warm--good fur my daytime napping.
2. More birdies are flying around and even coming near our window, where I can watch them.
3. Sometimes lady bugs get into the house, and I like to watch them, too!
4. The windows are open more so I can enjoy the spring scents.
5. My humans are obviously much happier--they were so tired of winter!

Now, I'm supposed to tag five furriends, in case they might want to play.

I'm going to tag Meiko, Smiley Cassanova, Ishtar, Twinkle, and Coco!


A Silly Dream

December 27th 2012 8:34 pm
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Mom told me she had a dream about me last night!

She says that in the dream, she and I were on a special mission to catch an evil alien who was trying to destroy the earth with some kind of scary witchcraft. She says I was very brave—I chased the alien right along with her and at one point even ran up a long, steep staircase and jumped up and gave the alien a good swipe! *giggles*

In real life, of course, I make it my business to run away from evil aliens, not towards them. I think it is much smarter to hide under the bed. And you know what? If I were under the bed hiding from an evil alien, I bet mom would be right there with me! MOL! She’s not so brave either!

I think it’s time fur mom to stop watching science fiction shows like “Dr. Who” on TV. Obviously, they’re having a bad effect on her.

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