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Sex: Male   Weight: 3 lbs.

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Quick Bio:
-pound cat

Gray Tabby

Licking the leftovers on Moms plate, being wet down with a washcloth when its hot, sitting in the tub waiting for the water to come out

getting his nails cut and Mom going away on weekends

Favorite Toy:
None, I was old

Favorite Nap Spot:
on Moms chest/belly, on her pillow over her head

Favorite Food:
spaghetti sauce and pork lo mein


Arrival Story:
Mom adopted me when I was 8 weeks old, and I am so glad I had 20 years with her! We loved each other a lot! 3 1/2 LONG, LONG, LONG months after I crossed the bridge, Mom adopted Hector & GGMMolly.....I am so happy she has them!





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July 19th 2006 More than 10 years!

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Missin' Things

2 years at the bridge

January 25th 2008 11:17 am
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Hi All,

Wow I can’t believe its been 2 years since I went to the bridge. Time sure flies!!
Me & my Mom aren’t as sad as we both were when I first went to the bridge….let me tell you why....

Firstly, I have met some FANTASIC cats here at the bridge, they make me feel so loved and I love them so.
Some cats I wish they could go back to make their parents feel better and not be sad, but they can’t….I purr to them that they can still watch over them but will have to wait until its their time to join together at the bridge….the bridge is truly wonderful furfriends…I am healthy again and FAT too….just like I was when I was in my prime!!

Secondly my Mom has Hector and Good Golly Miss Molly I love them for taking care of my Mom…they sure do make her happy and sometimes a little mad....but they get those squeaky kisses either way!!
I check on them and all I see is happiness, which they deserve…..we are all so happy, I just wish I could’ve met those little furballs in catson…hehe

Let me tell you a funny story about me before I went to the bridge….
One time I was just minding my own business while Mom was at work. I decided to go into our bedroom and play….well Mom has a hamper in the bedroom and she hangs her brassieres on it….can I purr that? Brassieres….hehe
I was laying near the hamper and decided to play with the strap on her brassiere…it got wrapped around my neck….I was struggling to get free but it kept getting more tangled around my body and neck….when Mom came home, she heard a faint meow….she called my name but I couldn’t move. She finally found me, all wrapped up in the brassiere strap, all the things on her make-up stand, which was next to the hamper were all over the floor….I had put up a pretty good fight with that brassiere.
The strap was so tight it made an indentation in my fur…how long was I there? I don’t know but it seemed like FOREVER!!!! Once Mom got me free I was so happy and I was smothered in squeaky kisses…too bad the brassiere didn’t fare to well...the strap was very stretched out…in the garbage it went.
So furfriends, stay away from those over the shoulder boulder holders…..they are demons!!!

Now I have to focus on my furblings….
Good Golly Miss Molly
You are too funny…….I watch over you as you eat cat food, growling with each nibble!!…..Mom doesn’t know it’s me you’re growling at…..but don’t worry I don’t need the food, but it smells sooooo good!!!….bridge kitties survive on LOVE….no food or water needed! But I love to watch you growl at the invisible intruder…..that’s me!

What can I say… are so much like me!!! I see you’ve been jumping in the kitchen sink to lick the drip. When I got old, Mom would put the mini step ladder next to the sink so I could lick the drip, I was too old to jump that far...…but an FYI for ya, go in the tub….the drip is just as good and you won’t get yelled at.

To Buddies Clueless Mommie and Daddy(kiss kiss)
I’ve met Buddie Hectors furfriend, Buddie just can’t stop purrin’ about Gibbs and Cash his new furbrothers…..he LOVES them so much and he has been watching over Clueless Mommie and Daddy (kisskiss) to make sure they are ok……Buddie is as wonderful as Hector purred to me….

To Everykitty,
Thank you for being so kind and lovin’ to my family…you cats are the bestest!!!!

Last but certainly not least, to my Mom!
You know I love, love, love you!!! And you love, love, love me!!!
Ps I like your new nickname that H & GGMM gave you….the redhead, I agree with the silly part too….hehe

Love to All,
Mr. Kitdee


1 year at the bridge

January 24th 2007 8:48 am
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Hi All, a few days it will be a year since I crossed the bridge....:-(

I still miss my Mom, I know she still misses me too....sometimes I see her get sad when she is thinking of me...:-(
On those times, I see her pick up H & GGMM and give them good lovin' and those squeaky kisses....I'm sure some of you kitties have gotten those kisses too.
I am so thankful that Mom found Hector
& GGMMolly ...boy do they keep her on her toes....hehe
They have been good kitties, just the normal kitty antics, but they have to learn to stay off the NO table!

I've met so many WONDERFUL kitties here & doggies too and you know what....we are ALL healthy and spry once we cross the bridge!
I feel like a kitten again!

I wish I knew about Catster before I crossed the bridge, so many stories I had to tell.
My tail catching on fire....not once, but 2x.
Getting stuck under the house for 2 1/2 days!
Running out of the house and getting lost!
Thank goodness, I heard Mom make that "come home noise" you know, the shake of the treat can....oh I miss those pounce treats!!
Spraying in Moms car on the way to get "fixed"
Oh, on a warm day....Mom would curse!.....Sorry Mom, but I was nervous and HAD to do it!
I never went to camp like Hector & GGMMolly...but that was ok because I didn't like car rides and too, Aunt Chris would kittysit me and she would spoil me!
My Mom had a few roommates, which included some furmates for me....the kitties, Sasha & Precious....the doggies, Samson(a doberman) & Delilah (a cocker spaniel) I had forgotten about them until I saw Precious & Delilah here at the bridge.
I didn't like them at first but in time we became wonderful furfriends.........speaking of furfriends......

I would like to thank all of our Catster friends for being so nice and lovely to us and welcoming us to the family of Catster!!! most of you know, I don't purr much to anykitty....but I wanted to let everykitty know, that the bridge is truly a LOVELY place, we can feel the love from ALL of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we return it 10x over!!!

To Hector,
You are a creamy orange version of ME!!
The way you meow so quietly.
The way you take FOREVER to jump up on Moms lap and get comfortable. Your skittishness about EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
The way you wait for her to come home from work, you stand near the door and as soon as she opens it, you zoom past her and down the stairs.
The way you lay near the bathroom and wait for Mom to get outta the shower, you'll learn to jump in when she is done....hint hint....there is a drip in the facuet....;-)
The way you won't give Mom privacy while she is on the potty...hehe!!
The way you plop on the floor and MAKE Mom go to you for that excellent rubdown, I trained her for you on that one....hehe
Sleeping near her redhead and purring so loud you wake her up, even with earplugs in her ears.
I sometimes hear her call you Kitdee by mistake too!
Your biting, I grew outta that, hope you do to!
The way you want lovin' NOW when she is on the computer!!!!
Even thou we never met whisker to whisker, I am proud to call you my little (well not so little now) furbrother!

To GGMMolly,
I wish I was able to meet you, boy you could have given me a run for my can food!!!
You are one spunky girl, you're so adventurous!
Your coloring is soooooo beautiful!
The only trait you have of mine is the ability to gobble down can food like it was your last meal! and you eat Hectors too!! You go GRRRfriend!!
Wait till you try Moms spaghetti sauce...that is better than any can food I ever had!
I heard Mom telling Aunt Chris, she is making sauce for me for my 1 year at the bridge....I'll only be able to smell it but maybe I can purr to her and she will let you try it....keep your paws crossed!
Oh yea, I didn't like getting my nails cut either!!!!!

To Aunt Chris,
Moe the Ho & Stosh are doing fine here at the bridge, I've taken them under my paw until they get the lay of the land.

To Everykitty,
I wish you good health, happiness and the bestest of everything!!
I don't wish anykitty to join me at the bridge but if you do, it is truly a WONDERFUL place and in time you will be with everykitty and human that you ever loved and who loved you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but certainly NOT least...

To my Mom,
I love love love you and miss you even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for being MY MOM!!

Love to all,
Mr. Kitdee


Missin' Things

July 19th 2006 10:52 am
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Hi All,

I went to heaven on Jan. 27, 2006...

First and foremost, I miss my Mom and I know she misses me too...sometimes I hear her talking to me.
I sit on the mantle in a white metal box with my collar and tags around it, next to "me" is a frame of Moms favorite pictures of me.
My mom adopted me when I was 8 weeks old, boy was I tiny...but it didn't take long for me to get VERY fat with a tiny head!
I had a good life, I lived all 9 thats for sure! So much happen in my almost 20 years of life, it would take forever and a day to tell ya it all....

A few months after I went to heaven my Mom adopted the "twins" Hector and (Good Golly Miss) Molly. I try to keep an eye on them while Moms at know, so they don't trash the house, but they don't always hear me!
The "twins" have some of my traits. Hector likes to sleep near Moms head and Molly waits for the water to come out of the faucet.

I miss Moms spaghetti sauce, that was my favorite!

A month before I went to heaven, my Mom had her annual X-mas Get-together....I usually would hide until everyone left but this time I was every where, even on peoples laps! People kept saying he must be loosing it because he forgot he hates people and noise. I didn't hate them, I just wasn't use to them. But seriously, I wanted to say goodbye to my Moms friends and mine because I knew my time to go was coming.

It didn't hurt to go to heaven because I didn't meow at all....Mom cried thou.

To Hector and Molly, be good kitties and please don't trash Moms house!
Wait till she lets you try that sauce.....MEOW!!

Love to All,
Mr. Kitdee

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