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December 24th 2013 7:38 pm
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Thanks you for all the pawmails and gifties for my 10th Birthday yesterday!!! Mom called and wished me a Happy Birthday too!!!

Today my bday diary is a DDP pick!!!

I can't wait till mom returns tomorrow!!! We're doing ok but I know the ugly kitty is depressed and missing mommy. I wonder what Santa Paws is bringing us!!!

Today mom celebrated Catmas with grandma's family. Mom is stuffed and ate a lot of goodies!

Wishing every cat and dog a Merry Catmas!!!


Happy 10th Birthday to meeeeee!!!!

December 23rd 2013 8:57 am
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Today me and 175 cats on Catster celebrate our Birthday!! It was 9 years ago I met mommy and was thought to be 1 year old. Mom thinks it's accurate as I was much smaller size wise then. I'm throwing a party so be sure to stop by for snackies!!! I'm officially in the two digits today and turning 10 has been great so far!

Mom just got done running two miles and then did Zumba tone with a friend. Zumba tone is with 3 lb weights. Mom burned over 700 calories today so she is ready for tomorrow's Christmas feast with her family.

Well I'm gonna refill the nip jars and refresh all the snackies so enjoy!!



December 19th 2013 7:28 pm
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Yup, I'm a DDP again!

I've been throwing parties since mom is gone for 9 days. Feel free to stop by!!

Mom did call and checked in on us. She's been shopping, exercising and meeting up with friends. Tuesday she went to Zumba with grandma and a friend. Wednesday she walked for 40 minutes in the mall (speed walking), and today mom did her first two mile run! She said she has to work out 'cause she's been pigging out. Everyone keeps saying she can afford/deserves a cheat week but she feels guilty since she's near her goal weight. Also her trainer probably wouldn't advise her to pig out. I want tell as long as I don't get into trouble for my partying :)


DDP flight delays!

December 16th 2013 10:23 am
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Meow! I'm a DDP today!!

Mom is at the airport and her flight was on time. As soon as she sat down she found out the incoming flight is delayed so now mom's flight is an hour late. I guess she will just have to watch a movie!

Hope my friends have a great day!


Mom's leaving me!

December 15th 2013 11:48 am
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Ugh, not again! She's going to miss my precious 10th Birthday on December 23 as she'll be in MN for 10 days! So not fair! Santa WILL come right? Mom comes home Catmas day.

She's meeting up with some friends and staying with family. Mom said she's going to freeze as it's so cold there. She's also going to keep up with Zumba while away. She won't be working out 5 days a week but her body needs a break.

I told her to pack me in her carry on, but she said no...

What to do with myself? Party at my place!



December 9th 2013 5:30 pm
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So mom is all happy that she managed an 11 minute mile run. Which is 1:45 better than when she started a little over a month!

Not much is new. We got a bit of ice/sleet/snow yesterday. I'm glad I don't have to venture outside in that! Makes me wonder what my nephew Kovo feels like now that he's all shaved!

Mom can't wait to go on vacation a week from today!! Again, she'll be gone for my bday but that's ok. What I don't like is her leaving for GA in Jan too!

While walking our dog, mom found a really nice bracelet. It was in the snow. Apparently it was a Michael Kors bracelet, one that they have on their web site and it goes for $95. Mom was pretty excited about finding that on her walk with the dog today!


DDP, Catmas goodies and mail!!

December 6th 2013 1:19 pm
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Meow! I'm a DDP today!!!! Today has been a great day!!

First my Catster honor, then mom went out for sushi with a friend. They exchanged gifts and she came home with a bag of goodies for me! I mean, "us". We got a bag of Blue's salmon soft treats and a large green mouse with a fluffy tail! Ethan got this huggggge reindeer toy that makes an annoying noise. Mom got candy, a pretty scarf and a gift certificate to get her nails done! Mom said it was perfect timing as she wants to get her nails done before her trip.

So she drove home and inside our mail box was more stuff, but for me!!!!! I got a meowlarious Birthday card from Murrman, and two cards from my private nurse and bestest bestie!!! Very cute cards and I even got a hug in one!!! Thanks guys!!!

Time to relax and stay warm. Yesterday was 68 and mom was in shorts and flip flops, today jeans and a Henley.



November 27th 2013 4:07 pm
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So mom decided to take a break from the elliptical and stair machine at her gym and ran, non stop, a mile in under 13 min! This was her first mile ever!!! She last ran a mile in 1990, but she said her friends all walked/ran the mile in gym.

Mom said it was a nice change from her usual routine.

I don't run, I trot!!! I'm gaining weight and mom noticed my neck is gone so I'm getting a lil' of my muscle mass back! Poos are still meh, but main thing is my thigh-roid is better! And Pansy seems to be doing well on her meds since Murrman infected her MOL!!!

Happy thanksgiving friends!!! Mom had Chinese takeout 'cause she hates thanksgiving food (she likes turkey but not the other stuff, especially stuffing and cranberry sauce).


DDP again!!!!!

November 19th 2013 2:36 pm
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Again?! Apparently so!!!

Not much to report since my last entry yesterday but I know mom saw Santa Paws 'cause she came home and his gifts!!! See?! I've been a good kitty this year!!

Mom posted a pic of me and Ethan on FB. Lately me and the dog have become buds and if he's laying on the sofa, I'll join and sit next to him :)

Mom also met a friend for lunch, and unfortunately she didn't bring me a kitty-bag :(


DDP again?!

November 18th 2013 7:47 pm
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Yeah I know right??? Thanks to my friends for the paw mails and rosettes :) I got extra snackies today and some of mom's turkey lunch meat to celebrate!

The weather was so nice today!! In the 70's!! Alas, it'll cool down in the next few days. Ethan wanted to go for a long walk but only went for a short one. Mom was pooped 'cause she had worked out hard for an hour prior and wanted to just relax. I don't blame her, excercise sounds terrible!!!

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