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Yo Wazup?

August 5th 2010 5:45 pm
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I know I've been AWOL lately; please don't blame me. It's all Mama's fault. I just don't know what to do with her! After all, I can't win another "diary of the day" title if I don't post in my diary MOL

She's always got a reason to keep me off of Catster. Right now its "I've got to do birthday shopping for the nieces" and now she's got a new toy: this fancy super-dooper lens that a friend gave her for her camera that Mama says is super expensive and more than she could even dream about. Mama's been taking lots of pictures lately and this isn't going to help!

At least Mama's knee is feeling better and she can move around again. I hate to see Mama in pain. The bad part about her feeling better is that she's not home as much! So I've done my part to make sure she knows I'm still around.

I've been leaving her regular dingleberries about the apartment. Unfortunately she manages to find them before she steps on them, but at least when she does find them, she comes over and bats me on the head with a "keep it in the box, Sab!"

When she's not taking pictures she's been at the animal shelter. She tells me that there's hardly anyone to work in the bunny room so she's been putting a lot of hours there. I tell her "hey, they don't pay you enough to work that hard!" and she says "silly Sab, I'm a volunteer; I don't get any money at all!"

We've had another foster bunny living with us for almost a month now - I haven't even had time to tell you about that! He's white with floppy ears and has a bad head tilt. Mama says he's getting medicine for a parasite infection that cats could catch so Bongo - that's his name - has to stay behind the fence and not come out and play with us. How come she doesn't do this with every bunny?

The not-so-baby nieces have been coming over to visit, too. I guess that they think Mama's the coolest person in the world to come visit and Lucy comes over alot. She likes to try to play with me by putting my boa feather in my face. Mama shows her how to swing it in front of me, but I don't want to encourage this behavior. They got me yesterday, though: Lucy threw my favorite ball at me and before I could think, I was out of my Morgan's Bed and chasing after it. This made Lucy laugh and jump and get all happy. Last time she was here, Lucy stuck her face in the pet carrier where Mackenzie was hiding and Kenzie striped Lucy's face. Mama was angry about that b/c she just missed Lucy's eye, but hey Lucy stuck her head where it didn't belong - even I know better than to do that! Now Lucy's afraid of Mackenzie and I get more preschooler attention!

It's been super hot here; Mama's kept the air machine on for us. Ah it feels so good!

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August 6th 2010 at 9:54 am

Glad your momma is feeling better! It's super hot here too - glad I'm inside!


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