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My Tail of Devotion for Sebastian

June 7th 2009 7:22 pm
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In honor of his 10th birthday, I'm moving this post so everyone can read how special he is to me! ~Mama

Baby Boy, you are so full of life, vim and vinegar! You are a precious gift from Jesus - I couldn't have asked for a cat more entertaining than you. I know you know the story; can I tell it again? When Mama moved out on her own, she went from a house of 6 people and 4 animals to just her. A couple nights after she moved to her first apartment, she had a dream that Jesus came down from Heaven and put an orange tabby kitten in her arms. Jesus told her that your name was Sebastian and that she was chosen to take care of you. But when she went to the shelter to find you, she found Mackenzie instead. And while I love Mackenzie, she couldn't take your place!

You finally came to me via a childhood friend, whose two "female" cats, Honey and Elmo, had kittens together. She knew I'd always wanted an orange tiger, so she pleaded with me to take you before her husband made good on his threat to toss you on the side of the road. Do you remember that? You were just 8 weeks old then, and so tiny. You fit right in the window sill. Maybe that's why the window is one of your favorite places to hang out.

You seem to go from one trouble spot to another, in relatively short order, but I love that about you, even when I scold you. I love how you carry your feather stick or Rosie Rat around, howling like you're dying, then drop them at my feet and look at me with that mournful look of yours, as if to say, "you aren't really going to say no, are you?" Your face is so expressive. I love your wild, intense, playful look - the one you give when you've focused all your attention on play. It's as if if I look close enough in your eyes, I can see the wheels of your mind moving!

I know you love it when I say goodnight to you. I do this just because I need to make sure I see you and know that you haven't gotten stuck somewhere. (Remember getting stuck in the shower stall for 17 hours while I worked a double shift? Or left out in the hallway all night because you snuck between my legs at the last minute? I just don't dare leave or go to sleep unless I know where you are!) Within five minutes of turning out the lights at night, you begin to call out from the kitchen, so I meow back to you. I hope I don't mess up the translation, but you never seem to mind, or is that the reason you come to the bed and check on me? You can be aloof about attention, but you never seem to mind running up to the bed and laying at my feet, making sure you can touch me with your body.

I don't need a dog; I have you to play fetch with. How nice of Memere and Pupah to come back from Canada with the little maple bear that you claimed as yours! You still drop it on me during the night and I just throw it, not thinking fast enough that all you want to do is play the fetch game.

It makes me feel so good to see you in the window, waiting for me to come home. You are so cute when you press your head into the window and call out to me; you make me the envy of the neighborhood! I am especially proud of you when you start your welcome home greetings of waving a paw at me before I even put the car in my parking spot and turn it off. You are such a smart boy! I also feel blessed when you meet me at the door, giving hellos and begging for food and attention. I cannot feel bad about being the only human in the house when I have such a devoted boy... even if you are situational about being devoted!

I love you to pieces, my Sab! The world is a brighter & happier place because we were blessed with you.

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Purred by: Monty (Catster Member)

June 7th 2009 at 8:16 pm

A lovely tail for a kitty. Thanks for the shrimp and a very happy birthday to you! We celebrate my 1st birthday on the 9th! :)


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