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November 23rd 2009 10:28 pm
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Pardon me while I sneeze. Wowsers I hate tickles in my nose.

The other day the tickle was so bad I coughed. Mama jumped out of her chair and came over to the bed, thinking it was Sab having another asthma attack. That mean cough woke me up from a peaceful nap. It's a good thing I fall asleep easily.

Sneezes are not fun. They sneak right up on you and catch you by surprise, much like Sab when he's in stealth mode and attacks me from behind. One minute you're fine and the next minute WHAM! there it is!

Its not like it happens all the time, either. Good thing that sneeze has only shown up a couple times.

Bad news for me, though, is that Mama was around when they all happened and well... I imagine you can guess where this is going!

Mama calls Dr. David's office and talked to Rene. The first question Rene asked her was "what's going around the shelter these days?" because she knows Mama works at the animal shelter where she got me oh so long ago. Mama scratched her head and said nothing but the ordinary coughing that the dogs have but she doesn't touch the dogs. Then Mama remembered that she'd been hugging kittens last week and, what do you know....

Sab thinks I don't know, but I do. Mama is going to drag me to see Dr. David tomorrow, right before the turkey holiday. Poor Dr. David! I'm sure he's got things to do and needs to get ready. After all, I know he's got cats living at his house and someone has to cook their turkey! I can't believe she's going to interrupt Dr. David's food-making schedule just because I had a tickle in my nose.

She can't make me go! I would never sniff out a URI, I know better!


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