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Tommys Tales

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Hanging out with Maggy May

October 22nd 2007 6:31 pm
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See my primary photo? Thats me and Maggy May hanging out under her favorite bush. She was kind enough to share it with me. So I was kind enough to share Pams lap with her ( see pic lower down) She's not so bad once ya get to know her. :D


Across The Rainbow Bridge

October 22nd 2007 6:07 pm
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Well, Tommy went across the rainbow bridge this morning at 9:30 am. He went outside this morning at 1:50 am & was fine. He came in at 4:50 am as usual for his breakfast & could barely walk.
I'll spare you all the details except to say he had a full and comfy life for the years we were blessed to have him in our lives.
He is in Belva & Gregs yard so we can still be near him. He can go be with his other daddy, the one who originally took him in, Ralph.
Thank you Tommy for gracing us with your presence as long as you did.


Where'd Everyone Go?

October 8th 2007 9:44 pm
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Well, I dont know whats going on around here. Everything was fine till one day I was shooed away & there was boxes everywhere. Mommy Belva & Uncle Greg took all their stuff & just left.
They said they were afraid to take me cuz where they moved to isnt very far, but ya have to cross 2 roads to get there. They're afraid I'll try to go back & forth between them and Dale &Pam.
I really miss them alot. I miss Greg holding me & I miss the people food Belva used to give me. Once in awhile Greg will come by, but he never stays long.
Now Dale & Pam tell me they are moving too! They said they want me to go with them (its even closer than where Belva & Greg moved to) I guess I'll make up my mind on that later. Ive been on my own before. Of course Im alot older now.....
Maggy isnt too bad of a pest when I come in the house as she used to be. I think she may be getting used to me finally. All I wanna do is get to my nap. She will sit & stare at me for a bit then go away.
Well, I guess Im outta here for now. I'll keep ya updated on what goes on & what I decide to do. Till then my kitty friends......


Down to 4 Lives Left

October 8th 2007 9:37 pm
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Well, I had a real nice scare the other day! I was minding my own business laying in the driveway when boom, right out of the blue Uncle Darrells HUGE truck came barrelling up! I was too scared to move! Luckily that was the best move cuz he went right over me! I think that definitely was one of my lives gone.
Later I heard everybody talking about how it scared THEM to death! Wow, what nerve! How'd they feel if THEY were under the BIG old truck?!
I didnt let them know how much it scared me tho, I went right back to my spot the next day. (Tho I didnt stay long,Ill admit to you)
Well, I just wanted to share my harrowing experience with you all. I'll be around later. Meow!


Still an old mouser!

March 5th 2007 9:09 pm
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Well, the folks have been seeing mice here & there for awhile now. They said I was too old & lazy to bother a mouse. Even said Id probably curl up & sleep with em! Can you believe that?!
Well I showed them! I caught that mouse the minute I decided to. Ya shoulda heard em bragging on me! LOL
Ive been called Mr Mouser, Mr Thomas and Mr Morris! Ive got a few extra treats too!
Dale let me have my prize for a few minutes, but then decided HE wanted it. I guess he figured I did it for him. And truth be told I guess I did. They had a little chuckle because my pupils were dialated for awhile. Dont they know about adrenalin? What a rush! Took me back to my young and wild days.
It felt so good that just a couple of days later I was hot on the heels of another one. I decided to play it cool this time. Dale picked me up & put me right beside the mouse who just sat there staring at me & mocking me! I let him think he had the upper hand. For a minute. I got my head within 6 inches of that silly mouse & when he least expected it, I pounced him! Ha ha ha!!! Inferior little things!
Of course Im not a cruel kitty! No way! I put him out of his misery in a split second. Just cuz I have to rid the world of them, doesnt mean I have to hurt them!
This time Dale decided I could have the prize myself! Finally!! He just picked me up & put me outside with mouse in mouth! I didnt eat it, but lets just say thats one mouse body that'll never be found!
I guess mousing may be for the younger after all, cuz I got sick shortly thereafter. Oh well, it was well worth it!
Im just biding my time, a mouse doesnt have a mouse, they have MICE! Yeah!! I'll get the others, you just wait & see!!!
Time for a catnap


Just catching up

January 15th 2007 7:55 pm
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Hi there. Havent been here for awhile cuz computer problems have prevented it. Of course nothing new has really happened.
Still hanging out in the basement and garage. Although, there is a mouse in the house & they started letting me stay in the bedroom for long intervals to attempt to get it. Little do they know, I just go in there to sleep real good! Oh well, whatever it takes. Meow ya later.


The Christmas Tree

December 5th 2006 8:53 pm
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Wow, they finally brought the outdoors in for me! Yay! It took awhile for them to get it all done, but it only took me a minute to get under there & get comfy. I dont know why they brought me a tree, but Im glad they did. Ive been looking up into it & thinking of trying out the branches, but I havent gone that far yet. Something tells me Id get into trouble for that. LOL Maybe I'll practice self control, but thats yet to be seen. After all, I AM a cat! Meow ya later.


One Cool Cat!

November 15th 2006 4:31 pm
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Well, I was snoozing it up in the basement. Luckily Pam hasnt put away the Halloween stuff. So I found me a nice soft place in one of the totes.
I had a real nice long nap, then here she came. She said I had to go outside for awhile. But she also decided I was way too cute to boot me out just yet. So here she goes-Maggy,the dog had told me about this hobby of hers. I just had never been a victim of it. She put goofy glasses on my face & took pictures! If that wasnt enough, then she put a hat on me too! Oh, the shame! Then after she told me how cooperative I was & thanked me (like I had a choice) she still put me outside. I do have to admit however, I did look sorta cool! :D And now she tells me I got Cat Diary of the Day! Wow, if they liked me already, wait till they get a load of my new pic with the glasses! LOL Well, its catnap time for me. Catch y'all later.


Cat that got the canary... errr pigeon

November 7th 2006 9:58 pm
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Well, I did what cats do. I got me a pigeon. Usually Im afraid of em if I tell the truth. But I got this one. I only meant to play with it, but it died. I was carrying it across the yard when Pam & Maggy were leaving for their walk. Pam saw me & came it check out what I had. I had taken it up under the bush by her back door. As soon as I saw her, I left it & came out. I was meowing, telling her about it. She scolded me & took the pigeon & threw it into the yard next door. (No one has lived there for a couple of years) Then her & Maggy went on their walk. Halfway thru their walk, she saw me at the pigeon & told me to get away & leave it alone. I told her no! LOL I later heard her telling Belva that it sounded exactly like I actually said 'no' Well, I did! It was MY pigeon after all.... But deep down, I didnt really want it after all. I was just checking it out. Now theyre calling me Pigeon Breath. Oh well, a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do, right? Meow ya later.


Lots of boxes to play in!

November 7th 2006 9:52 pm
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Well, a few days ago my people came in with a huge box. It had what they were calling a pool table in it. It took em forever to do what they were doing, but that was fine with me. I had bunches of boxes to investigate. Pam took pics of me of course. There is one on this page, but you can see em all on my yahoo page. The funniest thing, a couple days later, they took that thing out, and brought in a new bunch of boxes & did it all again! I was in kitty Heaven! This time they even leaned a huge box up against the wall & I had me a little fort! It was really fun. They said Im not allowed up on the 'pool table' but we'll see..... lol Plus I know that Pam will let me up there at least once to get a picture. Shhhhh Meow ya later.

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