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Mommy brought home a...THING!

February 17th 2008 4:34 pm
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So my mommy went to the barn yesterday, and brought this cage home, and it has this weird thing that squeaks and chatters in it...mommy is telling me it's called a 'guinea pig,' whatever that is! I just know it smells different and looks weird! And she holds and pets it!! Mommy says not to be jealous , she still loves me, but still, that thing is WEIRD! Mommy says the barn owner needed to find it(mommy yells at me for saying 'it', she says it's a she...) a new home, and she couldn't say no...I kinda wish she did...but oh well, new sister I guess! Mommy calls it Miss Piggy since it was called Pig Pig at the barn...and I will be defiant and call it 'it' all I want! haha!


fun day, fun day

June 15th 2006 8:42 pm
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I went outside today! :-) Mommy put me on my harness and leash and we went on an adventure in the front yard! Those big things that woosh by kinda scare me though...I wish they wouldn't be so loud! But I checked out the pond. I didn't feel like swimming today, but I did end up slipping into this thing they tell me is called a 'slip and slide' I slipped all right! And I got wet! Not that I mind, of course. :-) I just didn't look dignified enough for my own tastes. After all that we came back inside and I lounged for a while. Then I played with Oreo for a while, romping all over the house, while my mommy was at the theatre painting the set for the play. Now I'm sleepy again, so it's off to sleep so I can grow some more!

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