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Day One

June 3rd 2006 11:53 am
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Dear Diary,

These people came to my house yesterday. The woman peered down at me and my siblings for awhile. I stared right back at her. Then she had the nerve to pick me up and examine me, and show me to the man with her! I let out a loud mew in protest and she put me back in the box. Then I saw her talking with my human mommie for awhile. Before I knew it she was scooping me up again and putting me in another kind of box!

I took one last look at my family and out the door we went, to this big scary-looking thing that sounded very loud. I'd never been inside one before. I started meowing in earnest, letting them know how unhappy I was to be leaving my family, but off we sped anyway. When we were traveling, she kept on telling me it's okay Pippin. I wanted to know what a "Pippin" was?

A few minutes later we stopped at a great big building and they took me inside. There were lots of new sights and sounds. I could hear her and the man talking about what kind of kitten food to buy me and also what kind of milk replacer that I had been eating with my food at home. Soon, we left.

It seemed like I was in the carrier forever, and I wondered when I would reach my destination. Next we went to a place where I could see other animals and it also smelled kind of funny. More people examined me and I suffered an indignity in my nether-region that shall go nameless. After they poked and prodded me, they gave me some foul-tasting liquid and told my new mother to bring me back in "two weeks for her shots and leukemia test". I am not looking forward to whatever that entails!

So, we got in that big noisy carrier again and soon we arrived at a strange house. They brought me inside and took me into a room, closed the door and left me there for awhile in my small carrier. I was really happy to be left alone and stopped crying, besides I pretty much was exhausted after my ordeal, especially at the "veterinarian".

After about a half hour or so, my new mom and dad put me in a sink full of water and gave me a bath! :( That was my first one. It wasn't too bad actually. The vet had said I needed one because I had fleas, but I can't have any flea treatments until I'm older, so all my new parents can use on me is a flea comb and baby shampoo. Now my new brothers and sister have to go on Advantage since they had no fleas at all.

Mom and Dad set up a crate for me with a litter pan, water, some toys and then let my new brothers and sister and I meet each other through the bars. I liked Bob straight away and reached out a paw to him. Taylor sniffed at me but she seemed a little scared of me. Tigger hissed at me.

After a time I got some yummy dinner and ate it all up! My new mom was very pleased at my appetite; I slso used the litter box on my own. My mom thinks I'm a genius! mol After that I really wanted out of the crate badly so Mom and Dad let me meet the other cats face to face. The first thing I did was rush up to Bob looking for a teat on his belly~I scared him so badly he hissed! Tigger and Taylor both came up to me and hissed at me and walked away. It wasn't the welcome I was hoping for, but Bob seemed glad that I was there, so I was happy.

Soon, I became sleepy after my long day and lay down for a nap in my kitty tee pee. Mom let me stay there until it was time for all of us to go to bed. Then it was back in my crate for the night.


I'm making my self at home!

June 6th 2006 10:47 am
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Dear Diary,

I'm loving it in my new home! :) I have a super big brother named Bob who likes me a lot. I just love him as you can see by the new pictures on my page.

When I'm not playing, I'm sleeping or vice versa. I learned something new, how to climb up the couch to get to my Mommie. She is my favorite purrson! She and I like to cuddle. Her hair is very fascinating to me--I like to burrow under it and sleep.

I'm doing well with using my litter box. Mom has been helping me learn when it's time to use it, after naps and feedings particularly. I mostly knew how to do that on my own already! The only reason it's an issue is because I can't have my litter pan outside my crate as the other cats could come in contact with it. You see, I haven't had my leukemia test yet because I am too young. So, when I am out and about Mom has to look for cues that I need to "go" and then she puts me in my crate. he he

By the way, the vet says that I'm a good weight for my age ~ 13.7 ounces. I have a tremedously good appetite; I love my food!

Well Dairy, I will sign off for today.



Born to Jump!

June 7th 2006 11:37 pm
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Dear Diary,

I can leap incredible distances. My Mom can't believe it. I must have springs in my little legs because I was climbing up the couch just yesterday and today I am almost jumping the entire distance to the top of the couch. Oh I know, us cats were born to jump, but Mom doesn't remember the other cats being so adventuresome when they were kittens.

I also like to jump at my mommie. Sometimes it takes her off guard ~ he he Bob has given me a lecture about doing this to him! I know he wouldn't hurt me but he has meowed rather sternly at me on occasion. I did rush at Taylor today and she hissed at me. I was a little more careful after that. I don't dare do it to Tigger *shivers*; he's a Grinch!

Well Diary, it's time to sign off.



Check up today

June 15th 2006 12:18 pm
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Dear Diary,

I go for my checkup today. I am getting my Feline Leukemia/FIV test and shots. Mom will know right away the results. She's been on pins and needles for days. In fact, she changed the appointment from tomorrow to today because she couldn't stand waiting even one more day!

Mom can't imagine me not in her life. Mom and Dad both have gotten so attached to me. It must be my winning purrsonlity and absolute cuteness! :) However, I'm a little devil too! he he I like to bite on my mommy and run across the keyboard when she's typing.

Anyway Diary, I will let you know the results soon.

Bye for now,


Test results

June 15th 2006 8:11 pm
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Dear Diary,

I was such a good girl at the vet! The tech really liked me. I had my leukemia test, shots and flea treatment. The test result was a faint positive. Which means, I could have antibodies present from my cat mom if she had the disease, or I might actually have the disease. They don't know yet.

And so we have to wait for three weeks to find out. Poor Mom and Dad! In the mean time they plan on savoring every moment with me and making lots of precious memories.

Meow with you soon Diary,


June 16th 2006 12:38 pm
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Dear Diary,

I've been trying to cheer up my Mom as she is very anxious about my upcoming leukemia retest. I love to put my face in hers for kisses and it seems to cheer her up, but it makes her sad at the same time. I don't want my mommy to be sad :(

My appetite is really good and I have a lot of energy. It's possible I could fight off the disease. But the vet doesn't really know for sure. I guess it's just wait and see.

Well Diary, that's all for now,



June 18th 2006 5:57 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom has been doing some research on FeLV testing and has joined an email support group. She is learning a lot. There is a chance I am actually negative for the disease. We are taking it one day at a time. I will be retested at three months of age and we shall go from there.

I'm going to be getting a new type of wet food that was recommended to help me stay more healthy, and a supplement to boost my immune system. I'm also supposed to have a low-stress lifestyle. Since I live indoors and have my own condo to go to rest, eat and potty undisturbed, plus lots of love from Mom and Dad, I don't feel or act too stressed. If anything I am causing stress to Tigger, Taylor and Bob by my constant playing and chasing them around! mol

I want to meow out a thank you to all who p-mailed me and my mom with supportive messages. It means a lot!




July 7th 2006 9:12 pm
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Dear Diary,

I did not get my Feline Leukemia test today as the research mom has been doing suggests that 16 weeks of age is the minimum age to test and I am just over 11 weeks old. I will be getting my second FeLV test on the 18th of August, at which time I will be almost 17 weeks old. It's all a bit confusing given the types of tests available and the recommendations she's read, but she's going to get me the Western Blot test if I test positive on the next ELISA test. It's supposed to be the most difinitive test for FeLV available.

Otherwise I am feeling well and running around the house after the big cats! mol I am a bundle of energy and a joy to my mom and dad.



New test date

August 18th 2006 4:49 pm
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the well-wishes regarding my second FeLV test. Mom did some more research and contacted a few organizations which recommend waiting anywhere from 90 to 120 days for the second test. So, I did not get my test today. I will let you know as soon as it's scheduled.

In the mean time, I am feeling well and am as frisky as ever--I love attacking my brothers and sister! Don't they know it's all in fun? Besides, it's my Mom and Dad's fault for not adopting another kitten so I'd have somebuddy to play with besides them. The old fuddy duddies Tigger, Taylor and Bob won't play with me!

I'm doing something Mom thinks is really cute. I've got a stuffed bunny and I like to suckle on it. Maybe I was too young when she got me or maybe this is just something I like to do. She's not sure. Anyway, there's a picture of it on my page. How embarrasing!

I guess that is it for now.



Website Contest!

September 1st 2006 11:54 am
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Dear Friends,

Mom has been working hard on our website and would like you to visit it. There is a new Cute Kitty Contest feature for October 2006. You can enter from today until the 15th of September. Please see the site for contest guidelines. (The link for my Tigger Tales site is on the right sidebar of my page.)

In the mean time, I am doing fine. I feel healthy and spry. Mom says I drive her to distraction running all about the house, knocking things down onto the floor and causing general havoc. I figure it's my job as a kitten! mol

My brothers and sister are doing fine. My Bridge brother Buddy is getting married to his love Muffy. We are all very excited about the engagement!

Take care everyone, I will meow with you soon!


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