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Pheline in Phoenix

I apologize

October 30th 2008 5:27 pm
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Forgive me for being whiny, everyone. I was just so shocked that Mom brought home another cat...I didn't know what to do! Mom was all in a panic this morning because the kitten wasn't to be found. She ended up being curled up in a blanket where we could't see her. Fortunately, the kitten came out of hiding and everything was okay. Whew! I knew she had to be somewhere in the vicinity, but after I saw how panicked Mom was, I reconsidered my position on my new roommate. Ends up, she's not so bad afterall. She's still overly bouncy, but I've decided to let her play with my tail, and I won't hiss at her unless she gets out of line. Besides, I needed a home at one point and this little sprat needs a good home, too. I know she'll be loved and well taken care of. I speak from experience. ~P


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