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Pheline in Phoenix

Is that a rat or a cat?

October 28th 2008 4:14 pm
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Oh, help. Mom brought home something that looks like a gray rat the other day. Unfortunately, it smells like a kitten and sounds like a kitten. I can't believe she did this to me. We were doing so nicely just the two of us. I had her all to myself! Now she's gone and ruined everything. What am I gonna do? She's let me look the little thing over, but I'm not impressed. Thank goodness it's not noisey, but it's so....what's the right word.....bouncy! And it wants to attack my tail! Mom keeps telling me it's my new baby sister, and that she needs my help to raise it. I have my doubts. I've never had much of a maternal instinct. Why should I start now? This is all very disruptive, but at least I have my days to myself while Mom takes the little critter to work with her. I suppose this will all work out, but my nerves may get frayed in the process. I also have my door out to the balcony. It's too tall for this little squirt to crawl over, so I plan on escaping to my hammock as much as needed. This story is not over yet....


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