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Nip Trippin', Receiving Mail, and Strollin' in the- Neighborhood!

July 12th 2006 5:08 pm
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I had a meowy good day today. Mommy had me out this morning and I sat near the patio door. I did not see any chipmunks this time, but I did get a nice furr brushing session in with mommy. Then she played with me for a little bit with this fishing pole toy I have and with some fuzzy dice toy too. After that, I pulled out my stash of Homegrown Wisconsin Catnip and had a very good time. I think I saw some little purple flying mice with blue dots on them. Oh the interesting birds and mice I see on my nip trips.

After I was done nip trippin', I went back to my room as my mommy had to go to work to earn money so I can have my nip and fun toys. Later in the day, mommy arrived home and she had a package in hand for me. Can you believe that? More mail for me and mommy just recieved junk mail. This time it was a cool little Hello Kitty handbag to put all my toys in, a Hello Kitty date book, and a picture sent to me by my good friend Rocky Ann in Cali.

After mommy was done eating her dinner, she fed me my supper and then took me for a stroll. We went down the street where we live. I saw a couple of birds fly over. Not too many people were out tonight. We did hear a frog in our pond too.

Well, that's all for now kitties. Meow with you all later.

Lots of wet, sandpapery kisses,



Happy Thursday!

July 13th 2006 5:16 pm
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I've had a meowy good day today. I was out this morning watching chipmunks by the patio door again. Then I had some more nip as well. Mommy went to work and I went back to my room to play with my toys. It was alot of fun.

Mommy came home tonight and made herself some Lasanga. Of course I looked interested, but mommy thought some cat treats would be better for me so she gave me those. They were salmon flavored and meowy yummy.

After mommy was done with her dinner, she took me out for a stroll down the block. It was a very hot, quiet stroll. The sun was out and it had to have been in the upper 80's. We saw a couple birds fly over. That was it though.

Right now I'm busy playing with my tater totter and telling mommy what to type in my diary.

Well I'll meow with all you kitties tomorrow night.



New Hot Water Heater, Food, and Wedding.

July 14th 2006 4:36 pm
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How are all you kitties doing? I'm doing fine.

Today we had a plumber come to our place to install a new hot water heater. Of course, I had to go down and and see what the plumber was doing. I watched him put down some drop cloths so that our carpeting wouldn't get all messed up. Then mommy decided it would be best if she put me in my bedroom while the plumber was here.

After the plumber left, mommy let me out and I went right to the patio door. I saw my little chipmunk buddy again. He was sitting ontop of our table. Unfortunatley, I didn't get out for a stroll as it was raining this morning and it is very hot and humid now.

Mommy made herself a brat for lunch today and I just had to come up on the kitchen table to check it out. However, mommy didn't think brats were the best thing for me so she gave me some of my cat treats. I seem to be doing alot of talking lately. I guess I'm just trying to tell mommy that she needs to feed me more.

Finally, I would like to say congratulations to my cousin (human) Kristina and her fiance Gabe who are getting married tomorrow. I wish I could be at the wedding, but mommy says that the hotel probably would not allow cats and it would probably be too hot outside for me. Oh well, I posted a special little Hello Kitty message on the my page and I made sure mommy put some kitty stickers on their wedding card. I'm going to make sure my mommy gives them the address to my Catster page.

I hope all of you kitties have a fun and relaxing weekend.



Mommy Is Back and I Have Two New Kitty Cousins

July 16th 2006 3:14 pm
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Mommy just got back a while ago from her cousin's wedding in Madison. She said she had a really good time. I even got a special treat - fresh farm grown catnip. It turns out mommy, grandma, and grandpa walked around the Square and there was a farmers market. Well there was this guy selling nip there and mommy decided to buy some from him for me. Mommy told me that the wedding ceremony was very nice. It was held in a beautiful garden and the food at the reception was excellent.

Mommy gave Kristina and her new husband Gabe the link to my site. They told my mommy that they just adopted two little kittens, Truman and Tasha. Supposedly they are about 4 months old. One is white and the other orange. Kristina told my mommy that she would be e-mailing us pictures of the kittens.

As far as my weekend, I've been very happy just to stay in my condo. The weather has been close to 100 or at least it feels like that outside. I've just been busy playing with my toys and I ate every last morsel of food mommy left for me while she was gone. Now I'm just enjoying laying in my mommy's lap and grooming myself.

I hope all you kitties have been having a meowy good weekend. I would like to say Happy Birthday to all you kitties and kitty parents who have birthdays coming up - my buddy Calvin and Rocky Ann's mommy. Also Happy Birthday to my uncles Dave and George (humans) who have birthdays this month as well. Have a purrfect day!

Wet, sandpapery kisses



Cranberry Juice Is Meowy Good Stuff!

July 17th 2006 5:06 pm
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I was kind of a naughty kitty this morning. Mommy got me up, gave me fresh water and food, and cleaned my litter box. Then she made herself some breakfast. Well, she poured herself a glass of water and a glass of cranberry juice. The cranberry juice looked meowy good, plus mommy drinks it all the time. She claims that it's supposed to be good for your bladder and kidneys. Anyway, while mommy was busy heating her pancakes on a stick in the microwave, I decided that this would be my opportunity to see what this cranberry juice stuff is like. I jumped up on the kitchen table and started laping this stuff up right out of mommy's juice glass. It was meowy good. Probably wouldn't hurt me either healthwise.

Later after mommy was done with work, she came home with a bunch of cat food and some treats for me. These were just delicious.

That's all for now. I'll meow with all you kitties later.



Just a Quick Update

July 19th 2006 2:16 am
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Mommy got busy last night and did not have time to help me type my journal entry.

Basically I had a meowy good day. I watched chipmunks in the morning and played with my toys most of the day.

Mommy gave me some cat treats in between meals as I was hungry.

Tomorrow night I go to the vet. I've been itching at one of my ears and shaking my head some. Also mommy notices me sneeze once in a while, not all the time. It might just be allergies, but mommy wants to make sure I'm not getting any ear or upper respiratory infection. I will let all you kitties know the outcome. It's probably not anything too serious as I'm just as active as ever and am eating well. It's nice to know that I have a mommy who takes good care of me though.

Meow with you later,



I Gave Mommy A Nice Little Present Today!

July 19th 2006 4:15 pm
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When my mommy came home tonight, she opened up my room to let me out and noticed a nice hairball with some little pink rubber pieces in it. She came to the conclusion that those pieces were from my pink rubber mouse that I like chewing on downstairs. Mommy ended up throwing that out on me. She said she didn't want me swallowing anymore of it. I guess the hairball is early payback for her taking me to the vet tomorrow. I really don't want to go, but she keeps telling me that it is for my own good. She just wants to make sure I'm not getting another ear infection or that I'm developing a real wax build up again.

Anyway, I've been avoiding the strolls lately because it's either been way too hot and humid or in the case of tonight, raining. Maybe when I go to the vet tomorrow night mommy will put me in my stroller. We'll just have to see how the weather is.

Right now I'm just waiting on the pizza delivery person to come. Mommy just ordered a chicken and black olive pizza (both some of my favorite foods). I'm just hoping she shares some chicken, black olives, and crust with me.

That's all I have for now.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,



A Poem I Wrote About Catnip

July 20th 2006 3:32 am
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Confessions of A Niphead

Nepeta, Nepeta, Cataria, Cataria
You bring me hysteria when I'm near to ya.

Nepetalactone your so much fun when I'm alone.
So much better than chewing the phone.

Nepeta, Nepeta, Cataria, Cataria
You bring me hysteria when I'm near to ya.

Chewed, Licked, or sniffed,
I'm never miffed.

Never snappy, oh you make me so happy.
Whether I have you in the form of a plant, spray, or mice,
You are oh so nice.

Nepeta, Nepeta, Cataria, Cataria
You bring me hysteria when I'm near to ya.

There it is, my little ode to catnip. I hope all you kitties have enjoyed reading it.



The Vet

July 20th 2006 5:26 pm
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Meow all you kitties, Colleen here. I just got home from the vet not too long ago. It turns out that I might have some wax buildup in my ear or possibly a polyp which are usually benign. I'm going to go in on August 3 and the vet will clean out my ear and clean my teeth. If it turns out I do have a polyp in my ear canal, they said they would refer me to a vet in Waukesha who can remove that. The vet did have to do some blood work just to make sure my kidneys and liver are alright before they would put me under to clean my ears and teeth. The funny thing was, I was real good while they drew the blood, but when they were going to put me into my carrier, I let out a very angry meow. The vet tech who was at the desk went running back to see if everything was alright. It was. I was just unhappy having to get into that carrier. Mommy decided not to take me in the stroller as it was still hot and humid out. While I was at the vet I saw a real friendly Collie there that had a problem with fur loss.

Once I got home, mommy gave me my supper and fed me some extra cat treats. I was happy to be home and most important, out of the carrier.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Catster for making me The Diary Pick of The Day and to thank all my kitty friends who left me some extra treats. I really appreciate it.

That's all the news I have for now. I'll meow with all you kitties later.



This Ones For You Catster

July 21st 2006 4:48 pm
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I'd like to thank Catster once again for choosing my diary entry as The Diary of The Day yesterday. I was so honored. Also thanks to all you kitties who stopped by and gave me treats and Rosettes. I'm enjoying eating the treats and am wearing the Rosettes proudly.

Right now I'm just lying in my mommy's lap and telling her what to write in my diary. I'm saying to her "Make this one another winner."

Anyway, I had some extra time on my hands today and I wrote 3 more poems. I thought maybe you kitties would enjoy reading them and Catster staff too since the first one is dedicated to the site. Here they are:

My Ode To Catster

I love spending time on Catster
It's better than creating disaster for my master

Every day a new friend
So much time to spend

I love all the treats
So very good to eat
And the Rosettes
Are so nice for us pets

All the kitties are so nice
Alot of them also love nip and mice

I love Catster
I love when I'm voted a diary master
I hope this site continues to grow faster
Without it I'd cause a great disaster
Much love goes out to Catster

Toy Mice

Next to the real thing,
Nothing compares to toy mice

Rubber or stuffed with nip
Playing with you is such a trip
Just as good as fresh catnip

Just like pretty flowers,
You come in so many colors,
Purple, Orange, Green, Black, and Pink
There are many more than you think,
There is also traditional white or gray,
Whatever color,
They are sure to make your day

So many toy mice,
Just the thought sounds so nice.


I keep on rollin' while I'm strollin'

Such fun I have
While strollin' in the sun

So much merrier
Than those cat carriers

While I ride,
I can play or hide,
In my lovely cat ride,

While sitting or laying under the stroller hood,
Strollin' throught the neighborhood or by the lake,
I'm always awake

Strollin' in the sun or watching snowflakes,
Strollin will always be so much fun.

There you have them, my poems. I hope you've enjoyed them. I worked very hard on them while my mommy was at work today.

All you kitties take care and I hope you have a purrfect weekend.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,


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