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Group Administrator Again!

February 6th 2012 12:05 am
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Hello Friends!

My pawrents can't believe it was 2 years ago that I left for the Rainbow Bridge. In some ways it feels like so long ago to them and in other ways just like yesterday. I am so glad that I can continue to keep in touch with all my friends thru Catster.

I wanted to let you know that I am back to being administrator of a group. Zack, Zoey and I are the Administrators of the Pets for Obama Group! I was the original founder of the group back on January 09 , 2008. I'm very grateful to PfO members Beckham & Family and Lucy & Family for stepping in to administer the group after I passed to the Bridge. They did a great job keeping it going all this time. Now both their families have things going on in their lives and I offered to take the position back again, knowing that Zack and Zoey are old enough to be political and to run a group. If you are interested in joining please request an invite on the group page or pmail one of us. We have members from all over the world so you don't have to be in the U.S. We would be really happy to have you join us, even if you are too busy to be active, but just want to support President Obama. We had a lot of fun leading up to the 2008 election and we are planning on it again leading up to the 2012 election. I have a lot of friends across the aisle that I love and respect. They are use to me being political. MOL!


Catgratulations to all the New York Giants Fans on their Super Bowl win! Us Angels had quite the Super Bowl Party at the Bridge :)

Peace & Love,
Angel Rocky Ann

Thank you Angel Friends and Earth Friends for remembering me on my Rainbow Bridge Day. You all have such big hearts. XO

For the beautiful giftees:
TAZ - Furever Heart of Gold
Ginger - Kiss
Captain Morgan - Heart
Kaci Sunshine & Angel Miss Mittens - Heart
Homegirl Angel Mercy - Furever Heart of Gold
Angel Dude & Da Tabbies O Trout Towne - Furever Rainbow Star
Angel Garp, Hilda & Family - Heart
Bestest Friend ITWWW Violet - Rainbow
Angel Wally - Rainbow
Monster - Heart
Bobbie, Brucey & Betsy - Heart
Angel Skids Kitty - Heart
Teebo, Callie & Rose - Heart
Nuk Anuk - Heart
Angel Kayleigh - Rainbow
Angel Missy Mups, Gunnarr T & Peekie - PINK Ribbon
Angel Sam, Kiki & Ember - Furever Heart of Gold
KiKi, Jack & Kosuteh - Rainbow
Colleen - Furever Heart of Gold
Baby-G & Little-One - Purple Candle
Kitty Pryde - Furever Heart of Gold
Milo, Mallee, Sam, Timmy & Ziggy - Dozen Beautiful Roses
Angel Blade - Purple Candle
Tigger - Heart
Mouse - Furever Heart of Gold
Rusty, Skylar, Mrs. Murphy & Family - Rainbow
Xena Princess Warrior, Angel Queen Tallulah & Family - Heart
Angel Alex, Annie Angelpants & Bugsy - Rainbow
Hazel Basil & Farrah Jaqual - Furever Angel Star
Delyte & the Grays - Dozen Beautiful Roses
Murray , Willie , Pearl & Cindy Lou - PINK Ribbon

For the sweet comments & pmails:
Pharaoh Purrince Tao
Angel Mittens
Homegirl Angel Mercy
Angel Wally
Angel Calvin
Angel Raincloud
Angel Skids Kitty
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne
Angel Alfie
Angel Sam
Kally Kat
Adam Dylan & The Gang of Furs

Party thrown by Angel Raincloud at the Angel Inn
Party after that thrown by Angel Alfie on PINK Party Cloud 99
See you at the parties wearing your PINK Angel wings!


Gotcha Day

May 7th 2011 9:01 am
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Today is Eric's 35th Birthday. Happy Birthday Eric!! I was a birthday present to him 20 years ago. I remember all the fun times we had together. I hope he and his boyfriend Paul and their furkids Casper, Yoshi, Jasmine, Cyane & Bandit are having a fun celebration today.

Catster Furever Friends, thanks for thinking of me!

Love Always,
Angel Rocky Ann

Thank you friends for the comments on my diary. And thank you for sending me all the Share the Love Hearts. Also thanks goes out to:

Alex, Annie & Bugsy for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Little Bit & the SF Gals for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Bellsnickles & Family for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Milo, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy 'n Ziggy for the lovin' Heart
Bruce (The Boss) & Family for the beautiful Bouquet of Flowers
Dude K and DA TABBIES O TROUT TOWNE for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Pal 4ever Tony & Family for the PINK Rosette
Homegirl Mercy for th Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Queen Tallulah Angel in PINK for the pretty Tulips
Little One & THE GANG OF FURS for singing the Gotcha Day Song
Taz for the the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
KiKi, Em & Angel Sam for the PINK Rosette
Tigger for the loving Heart
Murray, Willie, Pearl & Cindy Lou for the loving Heart
COTW Siggy for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Ginger for the pretty Tulips

Also a big Happy Birthday Wish goes out to Bellsnickle's Mommy today!!

Happy Mother's Day to all your Mommies tomorrow!!


May 17 Update: I am still celebrating my Gotcha Day! Thanks to Zoe & Family. They just sent me a big yummy Gotcha Day Cake for my Gift Box and said that "sorry it is late, but we still wanted to celebrate your life with your wonderful family, and beyond at the rainbow bridge". Thank you Zoe & Family!!


Born This Way

April 7th 2011 12:05 am
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Angel RaRa turns 20 today at the Rainbow Bridge!! I invite all my angel friends and earth friends and Zack & Zoey to celebrate with me. We are having Hello Kitty cake and pink lemonade at the Bridge. Zoey & Zack have cake and icecream for catsters there. Put your paws up, because we are listening to Lady GaGa's Born This Way.

You were born this way, baby. Love yourself for who you are. Each of you are beautiful (or handsome). In fact each of you are purrfect just the way you are. Make sure your mama(s) and/or papa(s) tell you this everyday (and themselves too!)

Thank you to my Homegirl Angel Mercy for being the first to remember my Birthday and for the Furever Birthday Emerald. She suggested we meet on my PINK cloud to figure out what tabby trouble we could get into today. Sounds like a great start to my Birthday!

Thanks friends for stopping by to celebrate. Save your zealies and instead think PINK in my honor.

Peace & Love Always,
Angel Rocky Ann

THANK YOU so much for all the sweet comments!! I love reading them. Thanks for listening to GaGa, thinking PINK and strolling thru my pictures. Special thanks to the Catster Angels for celebrating at the Bridge with me. And to all of you for thinking of me today.

A purrrrr of thanks (even though they didn't listen..MOL!) goes out to:
Sock & Troop for the cool Party Hat
Angel Sammie for the pretty PINK Rosette
Taz for the Furever Angel Star
Zoe for the beautiful Tulips
Garp for the yummy chocolate frosted Cupcake
Captain Morgan & Crew for the loving red Heart
Angel Calvin for the lovely lucky Ladybug
My Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World for the pretty PINK Flower
Tilly for the Furever Angel Star
Bellsnickles for the pretty PINK Flower
Dude K & Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the succulent Shrimp
Angel Lola & Family for the pretty PINK Rosette
Smudge, Sissel & Family for the colorful Rainbow
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the pretty PINK Flower
Queen Tallulah Angel in PINK & Family for the beautiful Tulips
My Pal 4-ever Tony, Ashley & Angel Callie for the Peace On Earth Dove
Adam Dylan & The Gang of Furs for the loving red Heart
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy for the pretty PINK Flower
Baby-G & Be-Little for the Peace On Earth Dove
Murray, Willie, Pearl & Cindy Lou for the pretty PINK Flower
Angel pal Ava for the Bunny Rabbit
Annie, Alex & Bugsy for the colorful Rainbow
Tobey & my doggie friends Afro Ken & Chloe for the pretty PINK Flower
Ming, Nikolai, Angel Moppet & Family for the excellent Egg
Luci for the beautiful Tulips

Extra special thanks goes out to Catster HQ for having this great site where I can meet up with all my wonderful friends. If it wasn't for Catster we would never have met in the first place!

xo Angel Rocky Ann xo


Five Years - No Foolin' !

April 1st 2011 12:41 am
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Today I am not only celebrating my Catster 5th Anniversary but I am celebrating Angel Milo's Birthday. And every year on this date Angel Mercy and I look back fondly on the Catster jail time we served together on April 1st, 2007 that helped seal our forever friendship. Wow, I noticed today that my Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World is named ... Gleek or is it really Violet?! I think I have been fooled!

5 years of smiles, laughter, tears and sadness. But mostly lots and lots of fun and friendships that will last forever. I'm glad that Zack and Zoey are here to continue on with the good times.

I want to send Happy 8th Birthday Wishes to my best friend Tobey Hawk. Now let's eat cake!


Thank you so much to friends leaving comments. I am enjoying reading them outloud to the Angels at the Rainbow Bridge!

Thank you to Angel Mercy for the beautiful Tulips. I really enjoyed tip-toeing thru them with you Homegirl! Thank you to Birthday King Tobey for the Furever Diamond and Red Heart. I miss you too, have a purrfect year ahead! Thanks to my pal 4-ever Tony & Family for the beautiful Rainbow. *stands with Angel Callie and throws kisses down to Tony & Ashley*


Daily Diary Pick!

February 12th 2011 9:11 am
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Hello Friends,

It seems odd to see my face as a Daily Diary Pick. Thank you HQ! I was also honored as a Rainbow Bridge DDP on 2/13/10. Exactly a year ago. Maybe I will get honored around each time this year. MOL!

This gives me a chance to wish all my Catster friends a very Happy Valentines Day full of lots of love! I see that little Zoey picked out her Special Valentine. I approve of her choice! I was so proud that Zack made Samoa's list - Dreamboat-in-Training #13. Way to go Zack!

From my Resting Shelf I can watch Zack & Zoey running around. They were totally wild this morning. Rest? Not with these 2 energetic kitties! We don't get much rest either at the Rainbow Bridge. Between our welcoming new angels, purring for our sick friends and of course our celebrations, we are kept very busy.

Thank you to Tate for the Kiss and to Eddy & Family for the Rose. Of course, as always thank you so much for taking the time to comment or pmail. Love hearing from you. Thanks to Prissy, Harley, Tao, Teddy, Slater, Tori & Tyler for the Furever Star. Thank you to Pansy for the Heart. Thank you Ginger for the Rose.

Zack picked out a Special Valentine and she said yes! What a pretty girl she is. Zack has good taste in Valentines just like Zoey does.

Happy Valentines Day!

Peace & Love,
Angel Rocky Ann



February 6th 2011 8:05 pm
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My First Rainbow Bridge Anniversary is now complete.

Catgratulations to the Green Bay Packers!! It was an exciting fun close game to watch. We had such a great Super Bowl Party here at the Rainbow Bridge. Way to go PACK!

Thanks friends for sharing this Anniversary with me, my pawrents and Zack & Zoey. I will never forget any of you.

Peace & Love,
Angel RA


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary - GO PACKERS!!

February 5th 2011 7:54 pm
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Sunday, February 6th marks my First Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge. Of course once a Cheesehead, always a Cheesehead and I will be cheering for the Pack from the Rainbow Bridge. Sort of cool that the Packers play in the Super Bowl on this date. We are planning quite the Super Bowl Party here at the Bridge and all the Packer and Steeler Angel Fans are very excited. May the best team win!

A year sure goes by fast. Last year at this time was one of the saddest days my family had ever experienced. It was like them losing a 18 year old child. But I am so glad to see that Zack and Zoey have brought so much joy and happiness to the house again. I truly can rest in Peace.

I want to thank Sofie and her whole Catster Family for the giftee of the beautiful Bouquet of Flowers for my page. And to their Angel Sis, Mercy, for the Forever Rainbow Star. We are homegirls forever & ever. Except Mercy can't decide if she wants to go for the Packers or the Steelers! I think we have about 1/2 the Angels going for each team.

Thanks Catster Friends for all the memories. Thanks for still thinking of me when you happen to see Hello Kitty or a pet stroller. Thanks most of all for looking after Zack and Zoey for me and befriending them also.

We are all purring hard up here for all our Catster Friends who are sick. Special purrs go out to my Bestest Friend Violet and his brother Gleek. I hope they are feeling better soon.


XO Angel RA XO

Thanks to my friends commenting in my diary. So good to hear from all of you. Thanks for thinking of me!

Thanks to Hazel Lucy for passing me a Football. Nice pass HL! I caught it.

HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! Are you ready for some football?

Continued thanks for all your sweet comments, cheers for the Packers and your friendship.

Special thanks to:
Tigger for the Rainbow (thanks for watching over Z & Z)
The Drifter, Mouse, Purdie & Family for the Rainbow
KiKi, Ember & Angel Sam *hugs Sam* for the PINK Rosette
Pumpkin, Missy, Willow, Oreo & Max for the Rainbow
Little Coqui & the Janesville Cheeseheads for the Rainbow
Pals4ever Tony, Ashley & his Mom for the Forever Angel Star
Bellsnickles (always makes me laugh) for the Forever Rainbow Star
(PINK sun rays to melt your snow are on their way)
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the Rainbow
Smudge & Family for the Rainbow
Bestest Friend Violet (get better!) for the Rainbow
Chai Latte & the SF Gals for the Hero Rainbow Ribbon
BK & Angel Teddy McLovin *hugs Teddy* for the Heart
Zeeke & the Crew for the Rainbow
Brucey for the Rainbow
Hello Bobbie for the Heart (LOVE your catster page & toilet pic!)
Betsy Boo for the Forever Angel Star
Luci for the Football
Nikolai - Dreamboat # 24 for the Football
Cleo & Sabrina for the Football
Angels Cole & Kayleigh *hugs* Kassidy & Family for the Rose
Angel Yoda *hugs* Kibbles & Francis for the Forever Lucky Emerald
Zachery, Zoe & Family for the Rainbow
Luke, Tully, Sammy & Natasha for the Football
Adam Dylan & The Gang Of Furs for the Football
Siggy for the Rainbow
Angel Ava *hugs* Andy & Family for the Rose
Nikko & Scooter for the Rainbow
Taz for the Rose
Angels Scooter, SooLing & Lola *hugs* Ashlynne & Beepers for the Rainbow
Tasha for the Rainbow
Angel Blade *hugs* for the Champagne Glasses
Alex, Annie & Bugsy for the Rainbow
Tigger for the Football
Baby Girl, Baxter & Angel Zipper *hugs* for the Rainbow
The Bush Angels *hugs* for the Rainbow
Angel Arnold P *hugs* for the Football
Ginger for the Smooch Lips
Zoe for the Rainbow
Xena, Angel Queen Tallulah *hugs* & Family for the Heart
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the Champagne Glasses
My Best Girl Friend Forever Sugar for the Big Hugz
Elise & Genny for the Rainbow


Angel Mercy

July 18th 2010 10:01 pm
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I keep looking over at our newest Angel...Mercy. I still can't believe she is here. Mercy and I are homegirls and I missed her terribly but I really did not want to see her anytime soon. I am only 1 of Mercy's over 19,200 friends. She is the First Lady of Catster and has been on the site since near the beginning of its creation. She has a 5 candle anniversary cake on her page. She has always been a star of Catster and always will be.

You can't help but notice Mercy's beautiful family. There are alot of them and they are many times dressed alike for holiday themes. They have a wonderful photographer that writes the purrfect captions for their pictures. They each have designer pages. You can't help but stop and check this family out and think how cute they all are. Their family adds so much to Catster and makes it that much more fun.

Mercy and I became friends in 2006. On April 1, 2007 we became really good friends after serving time in the Catster jail together. What could have been a bad point in our Catster lives instead started a wonderful close friendship. All because some cat thought it would be funny to report our pages and send us to the kennel overnite as an April Fool's Joke. We owe her our thanks.

Mercy and I will continue our friendship at the Rainbow Bridge. It is sad for our families that we both passed within 6 months of each other. Homegirls Forever.

I was so honored to be able to hold up the new PINK welcome sign with Angel Calvin when Mercy arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. She was welcome by all the many Catster Angels. Please read Calvin's diary as he describes it so well. And little did we know that Catsters on earth could feel the welcome too! Please read Samoa's Diary as she explains what you might have seen or heard.

There are so many beautiful diary tributes to Mercy. I know that will bring her Mommy & Daddy much comfort at this sad time. Thru Catster, Mercy lives on. That is one of the great things about this site. Mercy is back together with her Angel siblings Milo, Cosmo and Butch. Plus she is surrounded by all her loving Catster Angel friends. Mercy is again climbing trees, running thru the grass and taking time to smell the flowers. Mercy is a beautiful Angel.

Now I want to wish a very special Angel, a Happy Birthday - his very first one he will be celebrating at the Bridge. He has made a huge impact at the Rainbow Bridge from the day he arrived. He makes every angel feel welcomed and loved. He gives comfort to their families on earth. Our thoughts are with his family on Monday, July 19. And boy are we going to be throwing him a party!



19th Birthday at the Bridge ( & Thanks!!)

April 7th 2010 7:46 am
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Today I would have celebrated my 19th Birthday with my family. I'm celebrating my first Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge. I feel very lucky that I had 18 Birthdays with my family. Mommy still remembers my very first Birthday celebration so long ago. We always made a big deal out of my Birthday. The Catster Angels are very happy to have a big party at the Bridge to celebrate all the Angels having Birthdays today.

My Birthdays became even more fun after I joined Catster. My very favorite celebration had to be my Sweet 16th Birthday! You all made is so very special.

I want to thank Sock and the whole Troop for the Furever Crown they had on my page when Mommy woke up. What a great Birthday surprise! Thanks Sock for remembering me.

I made my Birthday Wish but I can't tell you what it is.

Thank you so much to Friends who are stopping by with Birthday Wish comments! Thank you to Friends who are filling my treat jar! A special shout out of THANKS! from the Bridge goes out to:

Bestest Friend Violet & Family for the Bestest Party Hat
Bellzy & Family for the Pretty PINK Rosette
Kitty Pryde & Indiana for the Colorful Rainbow
Tobey & Afro Ken & Family for the Forever Angel Star
Angel Mei Li & Wendy for the Pretty Rose *hands Angel Mei Li another piece of cake*
Brucey, Bobbie, Betsy & Family for the Beautiful Vase of Flowers
Alexis Tippy & Abby Sweetpea for the Bunny to play Pin-the-tail-on-the-Bunny...MOL!
Teebo & Callie for the PINK Frosted Cupcake
Ele', Gimme & Ambro for the PINK Frosted Cupcake
Sandy, Angel Squeakers & Family for the Nummy Num Rainbow Cupcake
Homegirl Mercy for the Birthday Champagne *cheers to all my Friends*
Ginger for the Lovely Red Heart
Angel Sammie, KiKi & Ember for the PINK Frosted Cupcake *gives Sam a big lick of frosting*
Tilly for the Forever Angel Star
Adam & Eve & Family for the Lovely Red Heart
Sidney for the whole Big Birthday Cake
Baby-G & Be-Little for the Red Rose for my Mommy
Nikko & Scotter for the Cool Party Hat
Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabby & Lucy for the Beautiful Rainbow Birthday Ribbon
Sampy, Bail & Family for the PINK Frosted Cupcake
Pansy for the Lovely Red Heart
Buster, Buddie & Little Girl for the Blue Frosted Cupcake & Hau'oli la Hanau Wishes
Miss Zoey & Master Zack for the Furever Diamond
Elise for the Forever Crown
JoJo, Ariel & Osiris for the Pretty Red Rose
Hannah for the PINK Frosted Cupcake


My Catster Anniversary!!

April 1st 2010 1:37 am
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Happy Anniversary to ME!!

Today I celebrate 4 years of being on Catster. I just checked and HQ had my new cake delivered with 4 candles on it. I will be celebrating with my Angel Friends at the Rainbow Bridge. All my Catster Friends are invited over to my page for cake.

Thank you for 4 years of fun. Joining Catster was one of the best things I've ever done!! Thank you to the Catster Angels for celebrating with me. Thanks to my friends for stopping by with sweet comments and Anniversary Wishes and sharing some cake.

Special thanks goes out to Ele', Gimme & Ambro for the PINK Yummy Cupcake for me and the Easter Eggs for Zack & Zoey, to my Bestest Friend Violet for the giant PINK & PURPLE Egg filled with love & hearts, to Birthday Boy Tobey for the Loving Red Heart, to Sock & the whole Troop for the Glorious Glowing Easter Eggs, to Sacha for the Beautiful Blooming Sunflower, to Angel Sam, KiKi & Emmie for the Big Red Heart! *gives big kissie to Angel Sammie for his family* Special thanks goes out to Nikko & Scooter Cottontail for the Colorful Easter Egg, to Hilda for the Big Loving Heart, to Teebo & Callie for the Beautiful Blooming Sunflower, to Apollo Cream for the Big Red Heart and to Homegirl Mercy for the giant love & hearts Anniversary Egg!

Thanks to Catster, us Angels can still play with our Earth Friends!!

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