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Camp RA is Haunted!!!

October 31st 2009 10:54 am
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It is so scary today at Camp RA. I've seen this spook hanging around!!


Stay safe friends, wherever you are!!

I was honored to be mentioned in a blog today! Aren't they handsome? Thanks guys!

**Raymond and Busby: Cats by the Sea**


Rufus for the Orange Pumpkin!
Annie, Alex, & Bugsy for the Sweet Candy!
FC, Zuni, & Cauliflower for the Pretty Pumpkin!
Handsome Ripley & the gang for the Boo Boo Spider!
Count Phantula for the Meowvulous Witches Hat!
Ele', Gimme & Ambro for the Halloweenie Witches Hat!



Sock & Troop for the Lucky Black Cat
Cleo & Sabrina for the Handsome Dancing Halloween Skeleton. He sure knows how to do the jig. Thanks girls!


3 Day Holiday & Thank You's!!

October 30th 2009 10:57 am
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A 3 Day Holiday is coming up. How fun!!

Saturday = Halloween
Sunday = Hello Kitty's 35th Birthday
Monday = Diego & LuLu's Mommy's Birthday

I must catch up on my Thank You's. I guess there was trouble with some of our email addresses thinking Catster was spam so I didn't even know I missed seeing a few giftees come in.

BIG THANK YOUS go out to:

Elly, Emily, Jason, Angels Benny & Nikki for the ScArY cool Dancing Halloween Skeleton and for voting for me. That guy knows how to dance!! Very sweet of you :)

Ginger for the beautiful dozen Red Roses!
Tobey for the Extreme PINK Cupcake!
Sydney, Reno & Piglet for the Pretty Pumpkin!
My triplet Diego for the Spooky Jack-o-lantern!
Hippie ☮ Riley ☮ for the cool groovy PINK Rosette.
Ginger for the purrfectly cute Witches Hat!

I hope every Catster has a Spooky Happy Weekend!!


Pretty Pansy for the Skinny Ghost!
Hannah for the Hello Kitty Witches Hat!
Xena, Tallulah & Zeke for the Lucky Black Cat!


The Ceramic Pet Fountain Review

October 29th 2009 10:29 pm
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Recently Mommy bought me a ceramic pet fountain. After having it for a week, I wanted to do a review for those catsters who are interested.

I give this fountain a 5 Paw Rating.

We bought it from Hammacher Schlemmer and they sent it very safely packaged. It was very easy to put together. The fountain is a very simple style. Mommy likes the look of this fountain. She likes things white so this fit in our house perfectly. We had been looking for a ceramic fountain for awhile and had never found one until we saw this online. I can sometimes get acne from plastic (I am a teenager!) so that is the main reason Mommy was looking for ceramic because it can be cleaned so well.

When we first got it, I stared at it wide eyed. Soon I realized it wasn't just a pretty fountain, but my new drinking fountain. It is very quiet as the water stream softly hits the dish. The bubbling water at the top doesn't make a noise unless you let the water get low then it gurgles. But if you keep it filled, it is quiet. You just pour water into the dish. It has lower sides so I can lay next to it and watch the water. The fountain should be cleaned every 1 or 2 weeks. We clean ours weekly. The filter lasts 30 days. Additional ones can be bought online for $11.95. (NOTE: THERE ARE 3 FILTERS for the $11.95)

Today we took it apart to clean it for the review. We put the bowl and the top ceramic piece on the top shelf of the dishwasher. They came out sparkling clean. That was nice and easy compared to the Drinkwell Fountains. The motor is in a white plastic shell which protects it better from food and hair. That was easy to rinse. We took apart the motor (which is the same style as the drinkwell but smaller) and that came apart so easily. Mommy always broke nails trying to take the Drinkwell motors apart. It was very simple to put the whole fountain back together again for my use.

All the positives are listed above. This is really the purrfect fountain for me. The cons we could think of is that it is more expensive and can only be purchased at Hammacher. It is ceramic so it is heavier which is good for a fountain but Mommy is hoping she never drops it. I don't think she will. It matters what kind of fountain your cats like. The Platinum fountains are very good and fun fountains with their streams. We just wish they made them in ceramic and didn't have so many pieces to clean.

This ceramic fountain is made exclusively for Hammacher by Pioneer Pet Products in Cedarburg, WI. We do almost all our shopping online so haven't been in a Hammacher store in a long time. There are codes you can find for online. The coupon we used for buying the fountain and 2 extra filters was:
Hammacher coupon code "HSOCTFS" for Free Shipping with a $99 purchase. Exp 11/01/09

Of course with the purchase you get the famous Hammacher guarantee:
"Should any product fail to meet your expectations, for any reason, simply return it with proof of purchase. We will replace it, refund the cost of the item less shipping and service fees, or credit your credit card, depending on your original payment method." A UPS prepaid label is included in the package. (But they take off $10. from your return credit if it wasn't a defective unit.)

**The Ceramic Pet Fountain**

I hope this was helpful!


Rest In Peace Icy

October 28th 2009 8:21 pm
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Another Pawsome Catster & Friend makes her way to the Rainbow Bridge. She sadly passed away today on her Daddy's Birthday. Hugs go out to both her Mommy & Daddy and her fursiblings.




Knead On, Angel Calvin

October 26th 2009 11:13 am
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Such a sad day in Catsterland. Everycat's Best Friend, Calvin, has made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.


Thanks Calvin for letting us know the bridge secret of the Heart Basket. That sounds like a beautiful welcome basket. We for sure will act all surprised when it is our turn.

Take care our friend. We will love you forever!!



And Now There Are Three!!

October 24th 2009 4:37 pm
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Now there are 3 of us!!!




We are all ready to celebrate Hello Kitty's 35th Birthday one week from tomorrow!


One Happy Camper

October 21st 2009 8:02 pm
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I now own 3 campgrounds!! I have a tent on each level of the house and each day I make sure to visit every one of them and take a nap there. I started off today at the 3rd floor campground and right now am napping on the 1st floor campground. They are all Hello Kitty campgrounds. Pink slippers with pink HK blankies covering them. You are all invited to stay at Camp RA!!

Fish is served at Camp RA. What is a campground without fish!! I've been really good at taking my new fish oil. It came in a capsule that Dr Dad felt was still too big to go down my throat. So Mommy transferred this oil to our own small capsules. I've been taking the fish oil 3 times a day like a good little camper.

This week Mommy bought me a heated bed. She thought that would be good for my joints in the fall/winter. (Even though it is in the 80's here this week!) It is very comfy. But I prefer my tents. I use my heated bed as a massage table. That is where Mommy gives me my massages. Very spa-like. I get in there and just purr away.

Mommy had looked at the wrong link for my waterfountain. It hasn't come yet. It is coming tomorrow. I will be sure to let you know my reviews on it for those who are interested.


I'd appreciate your vote!!


*Turns Hello Kitty PINK* (& Thanks!)

October 20th 2009 12:53 am
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Daily Diary Piggie, that is what I am!! Thank you Catster HQ for the Daily Diary Pick Honor AND the Silly Skull Giftee you gave us all for Halloween. What a sweet treat. I really apologize to my catster friends for being such a DDP Hog. And I catgratulate all the other cats who are honored today.

I'm expecting a package today! Right now I have the plastic Drinkwell water fountains. I absolutely love them but Mommy always has to keep an eye on my chin since I've been known to break out with plastic dishes. She was really happy to actually find a ceramic pet water fountain on the Hammacher Schlemmer website. She had never seen one before. Mommy ordered me one and it is suppose to be delivered today. I'm very interested to see what it is like. Mommy is thinking it might be easier for me if I can drink out of the top portion of the fountain instead of bending way over to the bottom part. Also it can be put in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. I will let you know how many paws I end up giving it.

**The Ceramic Pet Fountain**

Thanks go out to these friends for their sweet comments, group announcements & pmails:

Hazel Lucy, Ivan WLC, Buddie Always Loved & Family, Mikki, Bestest Violet, Sugar Bear, Ember, Angel Sam & KiKi, Kneader Calvin, Detective Samoa, Edgar, Diego, Super Stroller Ambro, Hello Kitty Fan Ele', Robinton

Thanks go out to these friends for their cute giftees:

Hannah & Family for the Purrfectly PINK Rosette & cute love!
Oliver & Dewey for the Yummy PINK Shwimpy!
Tate & Tonka for the Sweet Candy Corn!
Homegirl Mercy for the Pretty Pumpkin!
Violet for the Bestest Ghost!
Sampy & Family for flying over a Black Bat!
Angel Sam, KiKi & Ember for the Pointy Witches' Hat!
Miles for the Lucky Black Cat!
Not - Chubby Pansy for the Celebratory Bat!
Ele', Gimme & Ambro for the Tasty Candy Corn!
Baby-G for the Pumpkin for the Piggie!
Gordy for the Nummy Candy Corn & bonks!

Lil' Muppet for the very Spooky Jack-o-lantern giftee AND for giving me the more honorable title of DDP Queen!!

Thanks to the Kitties who put treats in my treat jar!!


Thanks Catster HQ & BGF Sugar!!

October 19th 2009 8:01 pm
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OMC!! Thank you so much Catster HQ for giving us all a treat of a Silly Skull on our Catster pages. How silly and cute!!

Happy Mrowl-O-Ween to all of you at HQ too!!

Wow! Thank you BGF 4ever Sugar so much for the cool Dancing Halloween Skeleton. Ok, Lady RaRa is now shaking her tailfeathers!!

Thank you to The Penguin Brothers... Halftone, Ezra Lusk & Ra for the Halloween Bat they flew over to my page!!


Daily Diary Pick.....COOL!! (& Thanks)

October 16th 2009 1:00 am
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Thank you Catster HQ for the honor of being a Daily Diary Pick today. I will use my entry to get more cats to enter & vote in ....


It's the 5th annual contest. It's fun to enter and you earn free zealies for voting!! Remember to hit the "Vote" button after giving your paws.

Ok, time to plug my own entry:


Thank you and I hope you all have the coolest day!!

Thank You! for giftees go out to:

Rusty & Family who left a Falling Leaf yesterday
Teebo & Callie for the PINK Rosette yesterday
Tate & Tonka for the Black Cat
Sampy & Family for the Black Cat
Angel Sam, KiKi & Ember for the PINK Rosette
Homegirl Dorothy for giving Homegirl Kitty a PINK Shrimp
Baby-G for the Flying Fur Football...caught it
Bestest Violet for my first new Halloween Rosette - Candycorn!
Emily Felicity for my first Ghost - she scared me!
LuLu & my Twin Bro Diego for my first Witch's Hat!
Chubby Pansy for my first Bat!
Lil' Muppet for my first Pumpkin!
Luci for giving RA Kitty a scary ghost!

Thank You! for comments & announcements go out to:

Sugar Bear, Hazel Lucy, Bestest Violet, Buddie Always, Super Stroller Tully, Kneader Calvin, Detective Samoa, Emily Felicity, Luci

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