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Bunka's Thoughts

Thinking of Miss Bunka

April 18th 2016 9:26 am
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It has been 16 years since you left us.

Your life and love was so special to both Daddy and me.

For you were my first kitty and first pet that was truly my responsibility.

When you feed and care for an animal, it is different.
Mom was that person when I was a kid.

Now I was "Mommy" That is a special bond. Caring for you when you became sick.

Thank you sweet Bunka for making me a "kitty person".

Your charcoal drawing is in our room prominently displayed on the memorial cabinet. We say hello to you everyday even after all this time.

We know you watch over us all. Even the brothers and sisters that you never met.

You are still Daddy's first and favorite girl. He loves all his furkids.
But you are still the one and only Bunka, and that is okay. You made him the kind and loving Dad that he is today. Even after he said he couldn't love another kitty again. He would feel hurt and pain again and he couldn't bare that. He did love again. It was because of you.

As we remember you today sweet Bunka, we know you will always be in our hearts and memories. We will see you again someday.


Mommy and Daddy


15th Bridge Day Anniversary

April 21st 2015 11:00 am
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Dear Sweet Bunka,

With each passing year, the small details fade.

The exact sound of your meow, the number of whiskers you had, and
even remembering the shade of white on your little sweet feet.

But what never fades is the love we feel for you sweet Bunka girl.

That is always strong and clear in our hearts.

We love your always and miss you every day.

Mommy and Daddy


Remembering you sweet Bunka

April 18th 2014 8:42 am
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You are very much in our hearts and minds today, Bunka.
As you are each day since you have been gone.

14 years is such a long time. But we remember you like you were here with
us only yesterday.

We love you so much. You were Daddy's baby and I would never of known
the joy of sharing my life with a kitty if you did not come into my life.

We miss you Bunkadoo.


Mommy and Dadddy



April 20th 2013 8:41 am
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I am so honored to be chosen DOTD !!

It is my Grand Dad's I celebrate this day for him.

Thank you so much...


13 years

April 18th 2013 7:28 pm
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Daddy and I just talked about you and that we can't believe it has been this long.

We still think of you often. You will always be with us.

Luv you Bunkadoo.


11 Years Ago

April 18th 2011 10:43 am
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It has been 11 years since we helped our dear Bunka to the Bridge.

So much has changed in the time that she has been there.

We can't imagine having just one cat. Bunka was an only kitty until the last year of her life. Then Buddy and Biggles moved in. The house would be just too empty.

We have rescued and saved numerous kitties that have been born in the neighborhood or have helped others find homes for their stray babies. Sometimes I think Bunka is working from heaven to guide us in helping other kitties have the wonderful life like she had.

There are still sayings and reminders of her in our lives. Her urn and memorial is in our bedroom and we say good morning to her every day. We sing silly songs that we changed to remind us of her. Her blanket that was used to bring her to Tufts on the day of her journey still sits at the bottom of our bed. I finally washed it a few years later and her brothers and sisters now enjoy it's warmth and comfort as Bunka did.

The emptyness and deep dispair that was felt has been replaced with smiles as we remember our time together.

We hope you are spending your Bridge Day as you enjoyed your life. Curled up on our bed in safe and comforting slumber.

We miss you Bunka.


Mommy & Daddy


AOH Nomination

July 8th 2010 9:45 am
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My sister Wriggley was nominated for Top Pet Honors and now I am nominated for the AOH Photo Contest Best Eyes catogory.

How wonderful. Daddy always said I had the most beautiful green eyes that he had ever seen. Photos really don't do them justice.

I am truly honored to be nominated!

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