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The King

The girls are tunneling out!

March 27th 2006 9:27 am
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My Mom and Dad spent a lot of time and money to make the fence in the back yard “escape proof”, which allows us cats the pleasure of a yard to play in. Going over the fence is out of the question, so, the girls decided to tunnel out.

There are three girl kitties in our house and all three were in on the “great escape” each one dug a little while and the other two ran interference. I watched and couldn’t help but wonder if the hole would be big enough for me, not that I want to run away from home, but because the idea of exploring beyond the fence is very appealing. You know what they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!” I don’t know about “greener” but there are more squirrels, lizards and birds to play with.

The girls almost had an escape route dug when Daddy caught them. Naturally, I offered my sympathy at their embarrassment at getting caught and I was careful not to laugh at them for being covered in dirt. They really were filthy! I think that’s what tipped Dad off on their exploits. All three of them had to get a bath. Now, I try to be a gentleman cat, but even I laughed at the soggy little things as they sat trying to lick the dampness out of their fur! I am sooooooo glad I wasn’t involved with the digging! My fur would take forever to dry and would be a major mess for days! Just between you and me….I tried to fit under the fence and got my tummy dirty! Shhhhhhhhhh, no bath for me!!!!!


I'm here!

March 19th 2006 8:09 am
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I was born in my Mom and Dad's house 10 years ago. My cat mother was 17 years old when she had me and my brother and 3 sisters. My Mom helped my mother give birth to me because she was so old and was tired and I was the first to be born. I was the biggest and best of the litter and was born into my Mom's hand. She cleaned me up and petted me until I was breathing and active.
At 4 days old I manage to get out of the box where my brother and sisters were. My mother looked for me and accidentally knocked a heavy plastic box over on top of me nearly cutting off my back foot. I was rushed to the emergency vet's and my Mom was told that I would lose my leg. My Mom broke down into tears and the attending vet said he would do all that he could to save my leg. $200 and 22 stitches later, my toes turned a delightful pink indicating that the surgery was a success!

I cost my Mom a $100 an ounce! I know I'm special! My Mom says so every day and pampers me continuously!
I grew up without a limp and show no sign that I was ever injured as a kitten.

I am King of the house and nobody is allowed to forget that!

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