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May 30th 2015 2:17 pm
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Today would have been my birthday if I was still on this earth. I was 12 years old in 2004 when I made my journey to the Bridge. If I was still on earth, I would be 23 years old. That's very old for a cat. Mommy's oldest cat, Camille Rose, made it to 20 years old.

Anyway, I thank all of you who have given me gifts.

Angelic purrs,




May 30th 2014 7:24 pm
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Today is my birthday at the Bridge. I thank my friends for their lovely gifts as follows:

1. ANGEL REBBY - pretty red rose;
2. RAINCLOUD - kitty hugs and balloons;
3. SMILEY & LUIGI - lovely heart.

We are having a big party at the Angel's Inn all day today. Camille Rose, Isis, and i are the best of friends at the Bridge. On earth, Cam chased me when she first saw me and the next time when I was bigger, I chased her. Isis always hissed at me, so I backed away every time and let her have her space. At the Bridge, we all get along great.

Anyway, there have been a lot of angels arriving here. They were all sick and/or old before they journeyed here. Now, they're younger a d pain free just as I am.

Anyway, I send my love to Mommy, Sampy and the rest. And, of course, concats To Joss on her diary pick today!

Purrs & Breeps,




February 21st 2013 10:35 am
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On February 20, 2004, I made my journey to the Bridge as many of you know. Mommy still can't forget that sad day.

On February 20, 2013, "Daddy Rob's" cat Maxx made his journey to the Bridge because of heart failure like I did. Both of us knew Daddy Rob as he used to visit Bentley and I during 2001 - 2003. Now, Maxx is with us angles and is young again.

Mommy and all of us send purrs and prayers to Daddy Rob at this sad time. Words alone cannot convey the sorrow he's feeling right now.

Meanwhile, Mommy plans on putting up a wing picture of Maxx on Bentley's and my pages.

Rest in Peace, dearest Maxx.

Love & Angel Kisses,




June 10th 2012 11:51 am
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First, of all, I extend belated thanks to HQ for the birthday card and to my dear friend, TABATHA, for the lovely bluebird present! Mommy wasn't feeling too well (recuperating from knee surgery) and dealing with the physical pain and limitations that comes with it. All of us angels sent her many purrs to help her pull through this.

I'm sure everyone's heard that she's back to work and it's a challenge, believe me. She was having backaches from sitting at her desk on Friday so she's borrowing the boss' back support thingy for her chair. He's out of town for a few more weeks, so hopefully, her back will feel better by then.

Mommy's fixing up our summer pages and it's taking some time. If they're not finished today, later in the week they'll all be done.

We've had excellent weather at the Bridge (spring/summer type weather all the time with no humidity nor heat at all). We have many birthday parties too.

Anyway, I'm going to flap my wings and fly back but before I do this, I'm going to sprinkle some angel dust on Mommy's new knee. She needs it to get stronger so she doesn't walk like a peg leg anymore.

Purrs & Breeps,

Beeta (or any of my other nicknames: Beeta, Betra, Bette, Jazzy, Jazzita, Jazzy B, Min-Min, Torbie, Torb, and Torbeeta). Can anycat top all these nicknames???



May 30th 2011 11:48 am
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I'm a birthday girl today! Can you believe that? If I were on the earth, I'd be 19 years young which is the same age as Camille Rose! Unfortunately, I had heart problems in 2005, and was called to the Bridge at the age of 12.

I have received some pawsome gifts, and I thank those friends as follows:

1. MILO & SMOKEY JOE & Family - lovely rose;
2. MS. ALEX & Family - Share the Love rosette;
3. CHEF ROOSTER & Family - Share the Love rosette;
4. BLIZZARD & Family - Share the Love rosette;
5. RIZZA - Share the Love rosette;
6. ANGEL REBBY - lovely rose;
7. THOMAS - American flag;
8. WILLOW - cool comment;
9. TABBIES O TROUT TOWNE - Share the Love rosette;
10. RIVER & SIMONE - Share the Love rosette;
11. TIGGER - cool comment;
12. GIMLI - purrty tulips.

Lastly, we've been pawtying at the Bridge, and I must go back there to continue to pawty some more.

Take care, everycat who is earthbound and/or at the Bridge.

Love, Purrs & Breeps,

Jasmine Bibette (Beeta)



February 20th 2011 11:16 am
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On February 20, 2004 I made my journey to the Bridge before I turned 12 years old. I had what the vet believed to be congestive heart failure; he had found fluid in my lungs. I was supposed get a chest tap the next day to find out if the fluid build-up was due to my heart not functioning properly, and if that was true, Mommy was to take me to a cardiologist. God took me several hours before any of that could happen.

I am young again and pain free! I can breath without coughing and wheezing! I also have lots of friends at the Bridge, many of them are from Catster! We have parties and all kind of social activities that cats love.

To memorialize me some more, Mommy added two newly framed pics. These pictures, without the frames, were taken when I was almost a year old. I was a very beautiful young girlcat then and that's how I look now!

I send angel kisses to any kitties in Catsterland with health issues to help them feel better while they are on earth.

Purrs & Breeps to Everycat at the Bridge and on Earth.

Jasmine Bibette (Beeta)



February 8th 2010 2:30 pm
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Rocky Ann is at the Bridge with me now. I made sure to greet her and comfort her. Our Bentley, Max, and Isis joined in too, followed by Catster friends she new well, CALVIN, MILO, SIMBA, ALFIE; the list goes on and on. I stood amongst them and recited the below poem that Mommy originally wrote for me when I flew to the Bridge:

The wind sighs and the sun shines.
Life goes on and on while
Rocky Ann lives in heaven.
She is released from her pain.
Catster's Hello Kitty angel flies
above the wind and the sun

I hope this little poem makes sense. Mommy thought it did when she wrote it.

Prayers and purrs and angel dust and everything comforting is sent to her parents at this oh so sad time.

I see Mommy crying her eyes out now. She feels the pain strongly too as my brother Bentley had CRF and had to have the sub-q fluids daily. He didn't care much for it either. Eventually, Mommy had to let him go as his quality of life had diminished and he only had about a week at most to live and that was in pain.

We're all at peace at the Bridge and young again. Rocky Ann's prancing around like a kitten now and her lovely "M" on her forehead is a dark, dark black. She's picking pink flowers and making cute little headbands for all of us.

Catster will never be the same without Rocky Ann and at the same time the Bridge has agained another lovely angel . . .



Mommy's Note: Jasmine Bibette made her journey to the Bridge on February 20, 2004.



December 15th 2009 3:56 am
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My angel on earth is HANNAH. She has included me in her "Angel Stroll" and I feel greatly honored. Thank you so much Hannah! I will be watching her family, my family, and other families in Catsterland. I also thank her for the lovely, shinning star on my page and her tribute to me in her Diary yesterday!

I also thank EDGAR & Family for their lovely rainbow & kind words!

I miss Mommy so much. Yes, I did give her lots of eyelid taps. It was my way of telling her I loved her! Yes, I will see her again when her times comes.

Well, I must flap my wings and be on my way back to the Bridge. Meowy Catmas to all!

Love & Hugs & Breeps,




October 25th 2009 2:07 pm
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A flew to earth and noticed that Mommy found an old picture of me sitting in front a computer. My paw was touching the edge of the mouse. She fixed this pic up nicely as it had some scratches on it.

Now, this is a great pic to put onto Catster . . . I was messing with computers way before I joined Catster. Also, this pic is added to the Cool Contest. You can vote for me here:

Vote for JASMINE BIBETTE (1992-2004) in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info

Also, I've been doing well at the Bridge. I have lots of angel friends, my sibs included. I miss Mommy and Sampy (even though he picked on me when I was on earth).

I'm sending angelic purrs to CALVIN as I understand he's not eating recently. Purrlease, CALVIN, eat and feel better!

Luv & Purrs,

Jazzy Beeta



April 21st 2009 3:40 am
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I flew to earth and found out I received an email from MAX (a doggie). He informed me that I was the Fur Angel of this week at The Pawty Palace!

I'm so honored! Thank you so much MAX!

I also noticed that Mommy's going through a tough time at work and offered her a lot of angelic purrs. Also, I told all fur persons in our family to send her some purrs. They are doing so!

She's been at the same place for 18 years today and has been given NO consideration for her devotion and great attendance record. A few mistakes she made were blown out of proportion, and she was asked to be more committed or look for another job. She lost a lot of sleep because of what transpired yesterday.

I look over her shoulder at this moment and see tears running down her face. I've also called in BENTLEY, MAX and ISIS to join me in helping Mommy heal from this most awful event.

Well, I must go now. Again, thank you MAX.

Angelic Purrs,


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