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August 5th 2006 7:15 am
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As you know from Merl's entry, the windows are open. Mommy will keep them open until the temperature gets higher. Right now it's starting to get a tad warmer (*%$^^#@). I tried sitting in the window and with all the fur on me, I had to jump down. Also, when Mommy let Sampy back in, I wanted to sneak out. She didn't let me, but she carried me out and we sat on the porch chair for a few minutes until I started wiggling. I wanted to run through the grass! But no, she brought me back in.

So much for my meowting for the day.

I think the AC's going to be turned back on before too long. The temperature is starting to get back up there.

Anyhoo, I think I'll take a little nappy.

Later and breep to all my Catster friends

Bail ~!~~~^. . ^~~~~



August 4th 2006 8:21 pm
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Now there's a title!

First of all, Congrats Sampy on Diary Pick of the Day. I knew you could do it! I'm proud of you!

Secondly, I went into the computer room to see what all the commotion was. I heard a lot of thumping coming from up there. It was Sampy jumping for the ball on a stick. He was showing off to Merl. I then proceeded to do the same thing.

Lastly, I'm in love with my plume tail! It is getting more full and longer. I walk around the house with my tail full mast because it is my pride and joy!

I got to go now. I'm keeping my entry short and sweet.

Breep to all my Catster friends and good night.

Bail ~~~~^- -^~~~~ (sleepy kitty)



August 3rd 2006 7:29 pm
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It's hot again and I hope it cools off. I'm still longing for those evenings and early morning window sill sittings. We haven't used our kitty perch in the past couple of months because the hammock part is made out of sheepskin and that's too hot to sit and/or lay in.

I am staying downstairs a lot because the heat rises to the upstairs. Downstairs is the coolest and because of this, my ruff is COMING BACK!!!! HURRAY!!! The AC fools the hair growing chemicals in me and my coat grows back before the fall.

Well, most of this evening I was laying in the big cat tree downstairs. I really like it up on the top shelf. Mommy says Bentley preferred the top shelf too.
This was originally the tree he won at a CFA cat show at Timonium Fair Grounds back in 2003. I went to the same show earlier this year, but didn't win a tree; I got a bag of toys.

Anyway, as to Friday, I'm not sure if we'll have the big cruising party. We're down to one rosette and we don't get a new batch until Sunday. Maybe we'll have an Sunday afternoon Catster cruise/rosette giving party!

BREEP to all my Catster friends




August 2nd 2006 7:17 pm
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Hey, everyone, it's the Bail and I am happy today as I was invited to another group!!!!

This time it's Maine Coon Lovers group. I wrote the group a little thank you note and introduced myself. That makes me feel really good . . . purr . . . purr . . . breepity breep!

Of course, you already heard about the salmon party.

Also, Cammie is still in because Mommy won't let her out in the nasty 100+ record-breaking nasty weather we're having. All of us wish it would cool off so we can open the windows and not have the AC running.

Push for late September or early October. . . that's when I like it (Mommy too). We also like around the April/May time of year.

I only like early summer before it gets too hot and late summer when it starts cooling down.

Well, I got to go now I feel a sleep coming on and this entry is not a spacey one like last night. That was surely something else.

Bye, bye, breep, breep to all my Catster friends,

Bail ~~~~^. . ^~~~~~~~~



August 1st 2006 7:35 pm
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I'm the last to go tonight and I ate the MOST salmon. Yes, I'm a glutton when it comes to salmon! This stuff gets my mouth watering and me singing pretty musical breeps to Mommy. I made sure that I stole some of Merl's share too.

Tonight is a very lazy night and I was noozing on the dining room chair earlier.

I don't feel like playing either as it's getting late and while Mommy's typing this for me, she's ready to fall to sleep. It would be funny if she started typing in French . . . je suis ici . . . ooops there she goes . . . tet tois chat . . . ooops again . . . gordo gato . . . now she's doing Spanish. I think Mommy's so tired she doesn't know what Country she's from . . . oui monseur . . . help!!!!! excuse moi . . . . Good night Mommy!!

Got to go now.

Breep (at least I can still speak Main Coon!!)

~~~~^- -^~~~~ (signing off as sleepy kitty) BAIL



July 31st 2006 6:02 pm
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Well, how shall I begin to state my good feelings? Hmmmmmmm . . . .

1. I got accepted to the "Cats and Music Group";
2. I got 3 emails today asking me to join 3 more groups;
3. I got a "Let's be Friends" request;
4. Mommy bought some salmon and we're going to have a salmon party
tomorrow night;
5. One of the groups I belong to has a kitty named Sinead O'Kitty and she
wrote me and she and her Mommy and Daddy like a lot of the same music
as my Mommy and I;

6. I'm floating in a state of euphoria right now . . . no one can bring me down
from my cloud right now;


Kansas' "Dust in the Wind" is playing now and the violin portion of it adds to my groovy feelings!!!! Mommy shook the feathers on a stick toward me and I swung at it in time to the music. I feel beyond great!

Got to go now, I got brothers and a sister who want to say something.

Bail ~~~^ . .^~~~



July 30th 2006 11:50 am
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I'm exhausted right now. Mommy and I got our heads together and scrolled through the forums and groups. I joined two more groups that have to do with musical cats, rock & roll cats, etc. I also put in a request to join "Cats and Music". I will know if I get accepted or not some time soon by an email from the administrator of that group. I don't have a rock name. I love to ROCK though.

I also dictated to Mommy a couple of things to go into forums today. I'm striving to gain some pawpularity like Merl has accomplished. I want to compete with him so badly.

Sampy, on the other hand, isn't getting as worked up about it as I am. He's an older guy and belongs to one group already. He'd like to join another 1 or 2 groups. Cammie already belongs to two groups - both invites. I never got invited so I have to do it myself. I'm a very independent boy!

Well, so much for Bail on his "Pity Pot". Call me the "Pity Kitty". I just want the attention too.

Anyhooo, breep to all my Catster friends and I hope everybody is having a nice weekend. It's a good sleep-in type day.

Bail ~~~~^. .^~~~~



July 29th 2006 9:31 am
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My day was going nice and peaceful and I took a nice long nappy under Mommy's bed in the computer room until . . . .

It was nail trimming time. THE HORROR!!!!!

Mommy grabbed me from my safe sanctuary (under the bed) and proceeded to trim my nails and surprisingly . . . I was good . . . I let her do it without any fuss! I was better behaved than Merl and Sampy. Merl gave up a little fight although some of it was not his fault and Sampy was being a clown with his drooly tongue!

I WAS A GOOD BOY! and I read Mommy's mind . . . . she's going to buy me some more salmon tomorrow and perhaps a treat or two!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hurray for the Big Good Bail With the Fluffy Tail!!

I must go now and I understand Mr. Pawpularity, Merl has gotten 12 emails a few minutes ago, all invites to 12 groups. Go Merl!!

He told me he's going to give rosettes out to these guys and girls who invited him when Mommy gets back from Daddy Rob's tonight.

Anyway, Jose, be good and of course, BREEP to all my Catster buddies!

Bail ~~~~^. .^~~~~



July 28th 2006 5:13 pm
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It's another Friday and we are going to have a small party. I don't think everyone is going to stay up that late. We have only a few rosettes left so we will not make a night of it. I'm ready, but Sampy decided to take a stroll around the house. Cammie's sitting on the porch waiting for him to come back. Merl and I are just about ready and same for Mommy. We'll probably do this around 9:oo p.m. Maryland time.

Early this morning there was a Siamese cat on the back porch stealing Cammie's food. I don't know who's cat he is, but he sure has pretty blue eyes. There is another cat that comes by and that's the polka-dotted one. Mommy and the neighbors believe the polka-dotted one is a stray.

Sampy, Merl and I looked out the back door window at the Siamese who looked back at us and wasn't scared at all.

Not much is going on around here today. It's a rather quite Friday. It would be nice if there was a big party somewhere like the one Monkey had last weekend.

Well, I got to round up everyone. Mommy's going to rattle the catnip canister out the back door. A lot of times that brings Sampy running in.

Later and breep to all my Catster friends.

Bail ~~~~^. . ^~~~~



July 27th 2006 6:13 pm
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This morning when Mommy had the door open in order to get the bee out of the kitchen, I pulled my first escape. I ran all the way down the back steps and toward the neighbor's yard . . . . and then Mommy caught me and brought me back in.

Grrrrrr. Just when I was really getting to like this adventure, she put a stop to it.

My next plan to escape will be tonight when Mommy feeds Cammie.

TONIGHT: As soon as Mommy opened the door for Sampy and to feed Cammie, I escaped. She only saw a streak of gray (blue) as I flew down the stairs. At first, she thought Sampy had changed colors! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

She was right behind me too, and I kept running and then I stopped. She grabbed me and brought me back in again. She told me I was a bad boy.

I did enjoy the two minute adventure as it felt good to have the grass tickle the bottoms of my feet and to hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing through my coat. Mommy, why, oh why can't I be allowed outside?

This is my third escape. My first one happened when I was a little guy pre Catster days.

Today was the first time that I tried it since then. Mommy says, "I hope this won't be an ongoing thing with you now".

Sampy is a part time outdoors cat (a little outing in the morning before Mommy goes to work and a little one after she comes home from work). Cammie is totally outdoors unless the weather is bad. She hates it indoors and will hide the whole time she's indoors. Merl and I are totally indoor kitties. Merl has been pretty good. He has never walked out the door on his own. Mommy held him in her arms a few times, but that was it. He's not very interested in the outdoors.

What else can I say. I wanted to escape for a while. I wanted to see what it was like beyond the walls of this house. I wanted to see what Cammie is raving all about!!

I don't know how to end this one. I guess I'll have to deal with being an indoors kitty. I have so far done it before today.

Got to go now. Sampy has something to say.

Breep to all my Catster friends .

Bail ~~~~^. . ^~~~~

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