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A Pirate's Quest To See The World

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The Reunion in Heaven

July 7th 2015 5:13 am
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Morgan awakens and looks up to see a beautiful brightly colored Bridge. On the other side he sees his friend Dr. Nero. He goes running over the Bridge. "I am so happy to see you, Dr. Nero. I have missed you. And I was very sick and couldn't find Mom to give me my shot, but I know you can do it"

Dr. Nero scoops up Morgan and whispers in his ear "you don't need your shot any more, Morgan. You don't have diabetes any more". Morgan claps his paws together in excitement.

Suddenly he sees a huge pirate ship in the distance, being manned by his rat friends that he also hasn't seen for a while. And standing by the rail is his beautiful Sarah. "Come on Morgan" she says. "We are off to sail among the stars, seeking treasures and adventures."

Morgan asks Dr. Nero if he will go along with them. "No. I am staying here to greet others that I know when they come to the Bridge. But you can stop and visit me whenever you want".

Morgan says, "What about Mom and Dad, Dr. Nero? Can they come with me?" Dr. Nero explains to Morgan that Mom and Dad are not ready to come with him, but that he can check in on them whenever he wants, from the crow's nest of his ship. And that he can also visit them in their dreams.

Morgan thanks Dr. Nero and scampers up the gangplank of the ship, takes Sarah's paw and gets ready to pull up the ship's anchor.

Gypsy and Amber help to pull up the anchor and off they go, in search of adventure, safe in the knowledge that they are forever loved.


Thanks for the Fun and Friendship

January 21st 2014 12:29 pm
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We'd like to say Thank You to all of the special friends we've made on Catster and Dogster. We've all shared so many memories together, celebrations, sickness, journeys to the Bridge, weddings, parties, contests.

You've all been a special part of my celebration of life, and you've been with me for a long time. You've held my paw when I had my eye surgery at Cornell, we played games at night when I would have to stay at the Cat Clinic. I will miss Dr Nero always - he left for heaven last year and now watches over me with his Angel wings.

I hope if you are on Facebook that you will come and visit us on my Morgan's Page: 29958

We do silly contests on there - not as much fun as Men In Pink, Babes In Blue, or Buzzin Into Spring - but maybe one day we could do something like that.

Thank you for all of your gifts, your special friendship, and your love for me and the Pirate Crew.

Love Morgan and His Crew


Please welcome the newest member of the Pirate Crew

July 16th 2011 3:42 pm
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I would like to announce the newest member of the Pirate Crew!

Last Sunday the Swabie adopted a little gray and white rex dumbo rat from Mainely Rat Rescue in Maine of course! His name is Screwshank. A perfect name for a Bilge Rat!

He is furry sweet and lots of fun! He has already learned to set the Eagles GPS, charge their cell phones, and his new role is to help the Swabie write the listing for Morgan's Beds!

I've cannot put up a picture of him because we don't have Catster Plus anymore But I hope you'll give him a warm Catster Welcome!




Thank Mews!

June 21st 2011 4:13 pm
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Fur my furry special Power of Paw today! You gave me giant pirate smiles!

I am good, and keeping busy keeping the Swabie in-line. She's been furry busy at work, and has not done the sewing I requested. I have told her to either be a good Swabie or I will hire a new one. She promised to have new beds done by this weekend - but I do not believe her.

I will be interviewing for Swabies if anyone would like to apply.

Purrs from the Ship

Morgan & Crew


I am GATO Hear Me Roar!

July 26th 2010 2:15 pm
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Somersaults in happiness, sets off a 21 Gun Pirate Salute, and hands out Captain Morgan's for all of Catsterland!

Today I am a GATO!!!!!!!! Look closely at my page and you will see MY BREED is GATO!!!!!!!!!

We Islanders are now a recognized breed! Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

If you go to the Breed Page on Catsterland, you will be able to read all about us, and see what awesome, incredible, fabulous, marvelous cats we are!

Thank Mews furry much to Mr Ted, Miss Lori and the Catster HQ Staff for all their hard work on making this happen!

There will be a Gato Party in the Forums for all to celebrate!


The Room Without A View Continued

June 9th 2010 3:47 pm
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Meows My Friends! Thank you so furry much for all the Gifts & Well Wishes! You are the best friends a Pirate could ever have!

I've been back home since Monday night, and I am still not feeling my true Pirate Self. I am still only nibbling food,and have missed a few of my insulin shots because of it.

Mom & the Doc decided it was ok for me to try a new Dry Kitty Food called Evo Chicken & Turkey for Cats & Kittens. It's lower carbs than even the prescription foods for diabetic kittys. Mom was all excited for me - finally I could have KIBBLE, and she thought for SURE I was going to be happily munching away. Nope - I nibbled a little - but not much.

Mom & Dad have been opening all kinds of cans trying to get me to eat - I don't even want my favorites - Fancy Feast Medleys.

Tomorrow I am going for a Sonogram - hmm - I thought they only did them on pregnant ladies - but I guess they also do them on sick little Pirates?

Tomorrow is also the Doc's day off - so Mom called back and said - How will this work? The Doc is giving up his day off JUST FOR ME!!!!!!!!! That's why he's Dr Nero, My Hero! He loves me as much as my pawrents do and he really wants me to get better.

Mom is doing a Morgan's Bed Raffle to help pay fur my expensive bills until I get better. And today we found out that our special friend Samoa is also doing an Auction fur me!

The Information for the Morgan's Bed Raffle is here: ges#!/pages/Morgans-Beds-Fan-Page/144969429958?ref=ts

The Information for the Auction is here: -item-4-calico-cat-earrings.html

Thank Mew SO much for everything! I cannot tell you how much everyone's support means to this little Pirate!

Purrs & Love

Morgan the Pirate Gato

Comments from Mom: Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! It's been a really scary month with Morgan - I know he's unique, and sometime medically makes no sense, but this has really been scary. I am praying they can find out some answers tomorrow with the sonogram. Right now for the first time - he is eating like MORGAN - inhaling his food! Meanwhile, he nibbled his breakfast, and nibbled his lunch.


The Room Without a View Update

June 6th 2010 11:10 am
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Meows from the Cage without a View. I am still here at the Kitty Spa, and all is quiet.

Luckily I have the Doc's password, so I'm using his laptop again.

I am still not feeling my Pirate Self, but I am feeling better.

I refused to eat again on Saturday, and I have the famous Dr Nero, My Hero stumped. I didn't get my shot, which was fine with me, and my sugars were in the 400's. Dr Nero took another X-Ray and when Mom called he hadn't read it yet.

Mom & Dad have been furry worried - because a day without food, and I should have been trying to eat the humans! Being the Pirate that I am, and liking to remind them of that, I sat in my cage chuckling about it.

They tossed and turned last night, worried how I was doing through the bad Thunder Storms. Me? I slept like a baby lamb. I woke up ravenous, and decided to eat the food they left in my cage. Nothing like a Midnight Fancy Feast snack!

This morning Auntie JJ came in to feed me, and I was my loveable, ravenous, purring Pirate Self. Stealing her heart, and making her snuggle & kiss me. (The parents of course were freaking out - not knowing how I was doing!)

Finally Auntie Terry called Mom and told her I was doing better, I even ate breakfast so I got my first shot since Friday. She told Mom I was being a snuggle, and more my debonair handsome self, which was a HUGE relief for her!

Since I cleaned out my medical account in the last month with all of my "Morgans", Mom is doing a Morgan's Beds Raffle for me. The details are on the Facebook Morgan's Beds Fan Page. Or feel free to paw mail me.

Willow is doing a good job on the Buzzin Into Spring Contest - which is being extended. With all the Catster Changes, and me being sick we want every fur to have a chance to enter.

I'll keep you updated on how I am feeling.

Purrs from the Room Without A View

Morgan the Pirate Gato


The Room with No View

June 5th 2010 6:31 am
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Well it's been a fun three weeks fur me! First I didn't eat cause I had a toothache - so after I tried to bite the Doc - he took out 4 of my teeth.

A week of pills in yummy pill pockets. Kudos to whoever invented them!

I was still fighting my shots unless Mom scruffed me and held me - my parents were not happy. And I was eating normal.

Yesterday I refused breakfast - even when I got a second one of Chicken Mouse! Mom said enough - To the Kitty Spa you go Pirate Child!

When Mom called to check on me - my sugar levels were good, and an X-ray showed food in my belly. I had no fever either. The Doc was at a loss - other than maybe I don't need as much food? Mom & he talked more - and they decided the Doc needed to see what I was up to in a control situation. Sooooo the Swabie left me here!

I spent the afternoon being a very irritated Pirate, hissing and showing my displeasure. I refused to eat dinner, and so I didn't get a shot. YAYYYYYY

This morning I am still refusing food, and the Swabie is even more worried about me. The Doc is going to do more testing today, and doubts I will be coming home today.

Since I am locked in this room without a view, Willow will be in charge of the Buzzin Into Spring Contest while I am here.

Please be sure to tag your photos, and play our Trivia Games for extra prizes.

Purrlease do not leave me Rosies - comments are greatly appreciated and loved!

Will keep you posted from the Room Without A View


Morgan the Pirate Gato


All I want for Catmas is my 4 Back Teeth

May 25th 2010 4:20 pm
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The life of a Pirate is never boring. Two weeks ago Mom was worried I wasn't acting right - so she took me to see the Doc. Sure enough I had another "Morgan" which was a low grade fever, and my sugar was high again. 10 days of yucky meds and I still wasn't my old Pirate Self.

I wasn't eating well, and I started fighting my shots. So, this morning after I finally ate - Mom decided I needed to visit the Doc and she dropped me off on her way to work.

Boy was she surprised when was sugar was 386, and I had a fever of 102.8 The Doc said I was back on meds again - and call later. Mom thought about it - and called the Doc back. She told him maybe we should run blood - a high fever and one so close - we need to get to the bottom of this.

Mom got a call a half hour later - the Doc checked me stem to stern - and it turned out I had an absess tooth! Hmmm - now that explains a lot! The Doc wanted to fix me right up, and of course Mom said - YOU BETTER!

When she called to check on me - I was hanging out making sure the Doc was giving everyone good care - BUT - I was now minus FOUR TEETH! I lost all my back molars. The Doc said it's those bad genes I have again.

Heyyyyyyyyyy I don't have bad genes! I am MORGAN THE PIRATE GATO, and I am not happy unless I am issuing challenges!

Purrs from my reserved cage at the Kitty Spa! Thank heavens I know where the Doc keeps his passwords!

Morgan the Pirate


Buzzin Into Spring Contest - Officially Opens 05/25/2010

May 24th 2010 3:29 pm
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Buzzin’ into Spring - Contest Rules

This pawsome photo contest is open to all Catster members (International included)! There will be three fun categories to enter. All entries must be real pictures of real cats! Photos will be judged on the “Ahhh factor” as it relates to the category.
Entrants must be cats and must have either a Catster profile page or their own blog
One entry per household per category
Photoshopped or fake pictures will not be eligible for prizes

Categories and Prizes

Bee-in Cute:

Grand Prize - Morgan's Bee Bed, One year Catster Plus Membership, Laser Bee, Bee Collar, Skull Toys, Buzzin’ Hedgehog, Temptations, and a couple of surprises for the winner’s parent, including a pawtographed Homer’s Odyssey Book!

2nd Place - Bee Crate Pad, Buzzin’ Duck, Temptations, surprise for the parent

3rd Place - Bee Crate Pad, Buzzin’ Bunny, Temptations, surprise for the parent

Bee-in Silly:

Grand Prize – Hello Kitty Gift Set with items for winner and family (Calvin Collar - Hello Kitty, Ring-a-Ding toys, Hello Kitty Egg with surprise cat toys inside, Hello Kitty Surfin Splash Sprinkler, Hello Kitty Wristlet Key Fob, Hello Kitty Notepad, Hello Kitty Backpack Clip) + 100 Catster Zealies and a pawtographed Homer’s Odyssey Book

2nd Place – Calvin Collar – Two Bees and Ring-a-Ding toys

3rd Place – Calvin Collar – Buzzy Bee and Ring-a-Ding toys

Bee-in with my Best Friend (animal, human, or toy allowed as “best friend”)

Grand Prize – The Cat in the Clover Snooze Sack and Ring-a-Ding toys, Catster T-shirt, pawtographed Homer’s Odyssey Book, surprise goodies

2nd Place – Bee Keeper Hat from Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets

3rd Place – What’s the Buzz Collar from Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets

Each participant will also be given a link to a Buzzin’ into Spring certificate that can be downloaded to print and a page badge that can be added to their Catster page!

How to Enter

Upload photo to your Catster page. Tag the photo by going into “Photos/Manage Photos”. To the right of your uploaded photo, there is a box to tag a picture. It currently has the word “cat” in the tag area. Tag the photo according to the category you are entering:

Bee-in Cute: BIS Cute
Bee-in Silly: BIS Silly
Bee-in with my Best Friend: BIS Friend

Entry Deadline:

Contest begins on Tuesday, May 25th and runs through midnight, Catster time, on Tuesday, June 8th.


Michael Kloth, Michael Kloth Photography – famous pet photographer

Kat e Benjamin, creator of Modern Cat blog – a resource for cat owners with a modern style

Homer the Cat and his owner, Gwen Cooper, author of Homer’s Odyssey -amazing-blind-cat-called-homer.aspx


Morgan s Beds

The Cat in the Clover

Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets


Hope you have lots of fun!!!!!!!!

Morgan the Pirate Gato

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