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Picture of (In Loving Memory) Sasha-Ama, a female Persian/Domestic Long Hair

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Home:Knox County, Maine, ME  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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"Sashama", "Sash", Sassa, Saucy, Sassy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

January 30th 2004

Shaded Golden

She liked to go bonkers, tearing around the house, attacking nothing. She loved to watch the mice and rats in their cages and loved to eat a lot.

She was not big on her kitty toys, being herded, having her face cleaned, taking medication

Favorite Toy:
The mice and rats, herself and her "hallucinations", occasionally her cat sib Bethany.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Likes to sleep near the window or ontop of the rodent cages, also wherever she might be in the way (on the floor)

Favorite Food:
Diamond Catfood (Hairball formula) recently mixed with Royal Canin

She was good at avoiding me when it was time for me to wash her face and put up with harrassment from the dog.


Arrival Story:
Sasha was adopted by me on Feb. 15, 2006 at the local Humane Society. I had to put my cat Alila to sleep as she had been very ill. I had originally wanted to get a kitten. Unfortunately, the Ragdoll/Maine Coon kittens I wanted to purchase were all gone so I sought out the internet to check out the local shelters. There on the BHS site was a little white Persian face and for some reason, regardless of her "old" age of 2, I was stuck on her as becoming my next cat. The day I had Alila put down, I went to the shelter to inquire about her and to look at the other cats. They said I could not adopt her until I had my other cat, Bethany vaccinated. They wouldn't hold Sasha for me either. Right then I made an appointment for Bethany for 45 minutes later, just enough time to run home, round her up and get to the vet. We then rushed back to the shelter and finished the adoption, even though they then told me that Sasha would have to stay at the shelter for another week so she can get fixed first. "Do you still want to adopt her?" Yes I did. And so here I am a day later counting down the days til I get to bring Sasha home to her forever home. After the adoption was complete, I ran out and bought one of those small dog collars with the satin asian needle design on them and the gold heart hanging off (had them take the heart off as it was too heavy), made up a heart shaped ID tag with her name on it and rushed it over to the shelter to give it to Sasha before the shelter closed. I was a bit nervous after the woman put the collar on Sasha as it appeared like she had never had a collar on her neck before. She was trying to grab the collar strap that hung from the other side of the buckle and was attempting to grasp at her name tag too. I didn't want her to get her little receeding chin stuck in the collar over night. I never did hear anything from the shelter, so I guess Sasha did just fine with the new collar. Sasha was a delight to have! She was playful, adventurous and was slowly getting more affectionate with us. She got along well with our other cat and didn't mind if the dog played with her a bit. She must have been showered before, because when we showered her, she was always incredibly mellow... though quite unhappy, and would try to get away if left without a firm hand there on her for too long.

TRAGIC UPDATE 5/23/2007: This afternoon at about 2 pm, when I came home from an outing, I put my stuff down by the door and found Sasha dead in the same general spot she was in this morning when I left (just before noon). This was TOTALLY unexpected as I had goofed around with her this morning as I got ready to leave. She was laying on the floor next to the dog kennel purring away loudly, and before we left, even Rosie had to check out the loud purr and she gently reached down and sniffed her before we walked out the door. I wish that I had known that that was going to be the last minute I would see my Sasha alive. Coming home, I blew on her to get her to acknowledge me and try to get her to purr again. No movement. I blew on her long fluffy fur again and there was still no response. I looked at her and saw no rise and fall of her chest and just knew. I shook her before dragging her out of her last napping spot, and then just lost it. She was only 3 years old and had been in my life so briefly. I had always hoped that she would be with me a long time and looked forward to our life together. I never in a million years would have imagined that this would be anywhere close to the day she would die. My little smooshy-face is gone to the Rainbow bridge without me and joined my other feline loves that had departed so soon in their lives. I never thought of getting a Persian or even a Persian-looking cat. I was looking for a kitten as well, but there was Sasha's face on the internet, two years old, and by God's grace, I adopted her. I will never regret adopting Sasha-Ama, even though our life together was very short. Sasha had indeed found her loving, forever home with me. I do not yet know why or how Sasha died, but I have taken her body to the local University for a necropsy in hopes to find out what killed her. I can't help but wonder, did I knock something over on her? Did I accidently step on her when I walked around her to get something? What did I do? What did I NOT do? But I remember her purring when we left. Was she sick and I didn't know it? Why didn't I? Please stay tuned for the results to Sasha's necropsy. (The next day, the Doctor at the University called me to tell me that Sasha had died of a massive heart attack. It was sudden. I am glad she did not have to suffer.) SASHA-AMA... I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH BUT KNOW THAT YOU ARE NO LONGER ITCHY, YOUR EYES ARE NO LONGER YUCKY AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO GET SHOWERS EVER AGAIN! Sasha-Ama's name is a combination name consisting of the name she came with and a bit of humor on my part. The day I adopted her, I had to see my doctor. I told him how I had to put my cat down (Second one in less than a year) and how I planned on adopting a cat later that day. He told me that he would advise me to wait a while so that I could take time to grieve properly (Okay, he's a psychiatrist). The "Ama" part of Sasha's name stands for the words: "Against Medical Advise", a standard medical term used to describe when a patient goes against the advise of a medical doctor. This Catster page was always a work in progress as I was still learning about Sasha... only having her with me for 1 & 1/2 years too short. The information began with information on the description page from the shelter left by the previous owner... Oh, and then there is THAT story. She was surrendered to the shelter because they "couldn't afford to care for her allergies anymore. " She had a severe flea bite allergy and they were getting cortisone shots... or were and stopped. All they needed to do was invest in some Frontline and Sasha would have been fine. As a result, Sasha did not look like the glamor cat she should have been (but became more and more of each day). Her coat was thin, she still had some flea dust on her and she needed her eyes cleaned, not to mention, she was scrawny. When I adopted her, Sasha's coat should have been fluffier than Bethany's. I always strived to get her looking as beautiful as possible, and give her the love and attention she deserved. I made sure she got everything she needed and that she was always content. Post -Adoption at home: Sasha ate like a Hoover Vacuum cleaner! She ate like it was her first or last meal! She gained a healthy amount of weight after I brought her home and filled in very nicely. Her coat was longer looking and fluffier too. She hated it when I had to clean her eyes and face and tended to not be a cuddly kitty but very aloof. She did however respond by purring loudly when her humans were nearby. She was very sweet and very curious. She had mischief in her eyes all the time... big round gold eyes with dilated pupils that searched the room for a good time. Her adventuresome nature had made me a bit nervous as she is not one to have a lot of grace. She moved across the floor like a big shaggy bear, and her excessively furry feet made it dangerous to climb up to all the places she wanted to go! Her face is just smooshed enough that her purr had an unusual sound to it. I have one bad ear and this morning I stopped what I was doing to listen for where that electric humming sound was coming from. It was her purring... and I hadn't even pet her yet!

Forums Motto:
I left paw prints on my mommy's heart.

The Groups I'm In:
♥ Steve Irwin Memorial ♥, *~In Loving Memory~*, CATS ON GLUE, Maine Street, Persian, Rainbow Bridge Kitties, Smushy Face Cat Club, ^*^Over The Rainbow^*^

Sasha's adoption Dates::
Sasha's birthday is January 30th, 2004. In 2006, only a couple of days before her 2nd birthday, she was turned in at the humane Society where I met her. Sasha became my Valentine on February 15, 2006. Though her health was a bit up and down, she was doing super at present and we looked forward to celebrating another year together. She and her 10 year old kitten sister were both playful kitties and often got goofy together. Rosie the dog likes to keep them both in line and tattles on them.

Will be remembered for::
Being so aloof that she would lift her leg to allow a large breed puppy happily sniff her. Her unusually loud pur. Peeing or marking when angry. She loved the window seat in the bedroom window and the one in the living room by the rat cage. She loved the pet rats and mice... and the mouse that lived wild in our home for a while. She enjoyed raising tadpoles. She was a great travel companion and traveled by car very well. Not much phased her. She walked around like she owned the world. No fear. She had an awesome personality. Never had a cat like her before, and may never have another. She was never a cuddle bunny, but it didn't matter. A few nights before she died, she spent the whole night on the bed sleeping right next to me. She purred loudly when we were around her, so we knew without the cuddling that she loved us. More later.

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February 16th 2006 More than 10 years!

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Catster's 2006 Holiday Picture Party!

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Good-Bye My Dear Friends and Family...

Where Are You...?

May 23rd 2008 7:44 pm
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Where's Rudy (In Loving Memory) my male persian companion? I can't find him! Can't find his handsome Catster page...
and it is the anniversary of my coming up to the Rainbow Bridge! I was hoping to invite him to be with the rest of my family to watch the special falling stars tonight. I love my family, but it won't be the same without Rudy!
If anyone finds him, please tell him I am looking for him.



February 4th 2008 7:18 pm
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I have been tagged by Rudy #481436.
That means I now have to write 7 things about myself. Then I will tag 7 other lucky cats who will do the same!


So here's 7 more things about me-

1- I was a very laid back kitty and let my human dress me up and pose me, and lifted my leg for a St. Bernard puppy to sniff me on a visit to Petco one day. I was not afraid of any dog or cat. Mom called me "Aloof". Whatever.

2- I was very allergic to fleas and for the first year of my life, my people didn't take care of that. I didn't have much of a coat when I was brought to the shelter. (Don't tell anyone, but I had kitty acne on my chin too!)

3- I was adopted by my human mom just after my first birthday. Can you believe my first family did that to me? They dropped me off at the shelter a few days before my birthday.

4- My human's goal was to take me home and turn me into the beautiful princess that she knew I was. She wanted to pamper me and take great care of me... flea allergies and all.

5- A few days before I died, I slept right next to my humans the whole night. I never cuddled before but something told me to sleep close to them that night.

6- My human's loved my unusually loud purr. My human's last memory of me is my purring before she left for a few hours.

7- I only got to live in my furever home for a bit over a year before I died. My mom says she wasn't done making me a princess, but she did. I had a full coat and a pretty collar and a great fur-sister and dog fur-sister too. There was even a mouse loose in the apartment I enjoyed stalking.

Ruru #64931
Precious (In loving memory) #70657
Sarah Joe #180592
Cassie #62541
Carma #256723
Antoinette #580769
Jacqueline #154891


A Poem: (Thank you Smokey!)

November 2nd 2007 10:23 pm
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*a poem*

HI Mommy it's me Sasha-Ama writing to you from Heaven
I'm sorry I had to leave so soon before I even turned seven.
But mommy I am running now and boy look at me go
and all this love there's always a steady flow.

Oh mommy I know you miss me and I watch over you night and day.
I keep the evils all at bay and hear every word you say.
So in the times you hurt the most just close your eyes and know That I hear your every word and I hear your special voice. Mommy I know you love me and you always will
Wow look I just met a cat named Jill

Mommy when your missing me just pretend your holding me and know that I can feel that hug you send to special me.
I'll always be your baby and I'll be here waiting for you.
When your turn comes to come to Heaven I'll come running to you and meet you at the gate and I'll walk you into Heaven and I will introduce you to Jesus and all my friends I've made.

So mommy Just remember no matter what may come
I am up here waiting for my special mom.
So live your time on earth to the fullest you can give
Adopt and care for any other furbabies like they were me
And remember I'm here watching out for my family.

I love you mom but gotta go now cause Jesus and the other angels are calling me. I have a part in a musical up here and Wow you should listen to me sing..

Bye for now your special fur baby Sasha- Ama

(give that to your mommy Sasha ok?)

Thanks Smokey! My Mommy loved it very much!

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