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My vet Visit

My vet visit

June 28th 2006 10:35 pm
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Mom took me to what she calls a HOLISTIC vet on Saturday 6-24-06. I don't really mind going to the vet it's the getting in the &^%$ carrier and the ride THERE that I don't like.
I am going to copy and paste from Mom's LJ acct - it'll be a lot easier.

This vet is surreal. She does animal communication also. After filling out the forms we went into the exam room and got her out of the carrier. She mumbled something about her name not being Kylie before she came to me I said no it was Kylie I didn't change it - she said really? I said yes - I thought about changing it but I never did. She said she must have not liked it when the other people said it but its ok with you. I said "do I have to change it?" she said no she's fine with it now.
I explained what was going on (she has these episodes of like small TIA'S or something where things just go black for her and quiet. Vet kind of laid her hands on her and said yes her (vet) brain feels fuzzy with Kylie is in the room. O-O
She got out these things that have vials in them with words one them representing different things. She ran her hands over them feeling which one indicated a problem. We had autoimmune, Liver, and I want to say the 3rd was brain but can't remember for certain. Then she took qtips and rubbed them all over Kylie in different spots and put them in a test tube and laid them down. We were talking and the vial rolled a bit she asked if I saw it I said no - a bit later it happened again and then I couldn't NOT see it! Plain as day.
Then she had me take the tubes and hold them on her while she did some kind of things with her hands and had me breathe different ways. Then she left me for about 15-20 minutes while I held the tubes on her and while I did that the tubes got warm in my hand and kind of hummed/vibrated slightly.

The dr. said that her head was feeling clearer during this treatment. She also did the accupressure and chiropractic on her. Then after we were all done after Denise (tech) used her crystal wand on her and released the bad energy from her. Then they cleansed the room, Kylie and myself with some incense. When she ran the incense over my head the ember on the end turned black and the smoke darkened so she released energy from me too. She had me put my foot (healing broken one) up on a chair and she ran her hands over it in the healing touch method. And then told me to exhale and say I want this out of me. We did that like 3 times and it felt fuzzy and warm - which is typical in the H.T method and when she had me say it I literally felt a pop or pull on my foot. And she literally physically shoved it out the door. I had also been having some pain in my right foot where I hit it in the accident and she did the same to that foot and neither foot has bothered me since then! Every once in awhile when if I step wrong it often feels as tho it might break again but I haven't felt that since.
Then she had me stand by the window while she hovered her hands over me and she touched me on the left side and asked me if it hurt - I said not my side but my hip has really been bothering me she made a comment about this being a past life line or something. She did her thing and I literally felt a pull in that area and the pain is gone.
I bought a bag of food and she said it should help with keeping the hair INSIDE her hopefully relieving hairballs.
And that was my experience with the vet.
She was also given a vial of stuff I have to give her a few times a day.
When we did the breathing - releasing thing I had to think of negatives in her life. So I had to think of the black out episodes, Kloe - etc. I said something to vet about how I got Kloe and that I probably shouldn't have even gotten another cat but I was attached to her and so was Keegan and vet said that that Kloe belongs here - she can feel that. I said that Kloe and Keegan snuggle and Kylie and Keegan snuggle but sometimes I catch the cats together and she said "that's because Kloe isn't so bad - Kylie just doesn't want you (me) to know that!!" lol"

humph -
I am feeling better

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