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Mikayla: The Long Whiskers Princess

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January 12th 2008 10:42 pm
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Hello everyone,

It seems I had cancer. I was really bad off. My lungs shrank and my liver enlarged. It was time to go. I was euthinized today. Mommy, Daddy and Grandma were with me. I was petted until the end.

(I miss you Mikayla! Mikayla was a loving cat who loved pettings. She was shy and quiet but when all were she would cuddle with you. She had very long whiskars and grinned her teeth when she was getting the pettings she loved. Her favorite place to lounge was the windowsill by the bath tub or the tub itself. She had amazingly beautiful blue eyes. I hope you find Enkil. May you find happiness over the Rainbow Bridge.)

Whiskar kisses to all my kitty friends on Catster!

January 1, 2004-January 13, 2008



Please pray for me

January 12th 2008 9:14 pm
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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was fine. At least, I felt fine. Yet today it seems I'm very sick. I had heavy breathing all day and then diareaha. So Dad took me to the emergency 24 hour hospital. Mom stayed home as she has the flu.

After some x-rays they found out I have fluid in my lungs and my lungs have shrunk down to size of quarters. It doesn't look good.

Pray I either go to heaven and meet Enkil soon or that I make a quick recovery and live many more years with my family.

Mom is leaving now to see me and talk with the vets now that she knows it's more serious. Let's hope all goes well.

Long whisker kisses,



What about me?

July 27th 2007 11:50 am
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Okay now, I know things get busy when a couple get married. Take my owners for example. They’ve been running around like their heads were cut off at times. However, that doesn’t excuse forgetting me.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

My parents got married July 7th. They had some friends stay with us at home during the whole thing. I shared the bed with Mari, the Maid of Honor during her stay. Well, when she left and my parents left they closed all the doors upstairs so us cats wouldn’t wreck anything.

Mom asked Mari to double check her room for any cats before closing the door. Well, I’m a good hider. I love to be upstairs and am constantly found hiding under beds, laying on tubs or in the closets.

Well, they left. And our neighbor cam over to feed us and give us water. Well, he was told that I was a scaredy cat and usually hid from strangers. So he didn’t think of anything when he didn’t see me. And he never called my name so I never meowed for him to find me. I only meow when being called.

I was locked in that spare room for 10 days! No water, no food, no litter box!

Mom came to my rescue. She was home and did a head count and didn’t see me. She called my name and I meowed. I was a proper lady and didn’t meow unless she called my name. She found me withered away to nothing.

I got fed right away. The whole room is a mess. I tore up the whole carpet trying to free myself. And I used the bed as a litter box. The bed covers, mattress and boxspring are ruined. But luckily my parents don’t blame me.

I now follow my family everywhere, I don’t like being alone. Also, I haven’t stepped one paw back into that room.

I’m just glad my family is back and I’m safe and sound. I’m slowly trying to gain my weight back.

I keep thinking that it should have been fat Drusilla locked up there. She could have stood to loose the weight. Not me, I was so skinny to begin with. But I’m trying to make up for it now.

Glad to be alive!

Whisker kisses,



Making peace

June 4th 2006 7:05 pm
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Well, yesterday I tried playing with Arwen. She was trying to bite my tail again and instead of running away I laid down and batted at her. I played for only a minute, but I didn't hiss. I did end up running away. I mean, who wants their tail chewed up? But at least I'm trying to befriend Arwen some. But I won't make any promises.

Whisker kisses,



Rosette for my good behavior!

May 18th 2006 1:54 pm
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Sweet Owen Maxwell gave me a rosette for taking care of my sick Mommy! Awww! He said, "You're a good kitty to stay with your mom when she doesn't feel good. You just let all the pups know that you can cheer up mom too. Hope she's feeling better." That's just the sweetest thing! Thank you Owen! He's a great cat, as well as his brother! I can't wait to see your new portrait!!! He has a portrait done by Kathy Weller of him and his brother. Now he will get one soon of just lil' ol' him! How cool! Thank you again!

Whisker kisses,



Taking care of the sick

May 16th 2006 11:58 am
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Mommy is sick today, and I've been loving on her, trying to get her to feel better. Mainly the pups have been snuggling with her, but I made sure to be brave enough and ignore them and tell Mom for myself I love her and want her to get better. She petted me and let me watch Catster for a bit. I'm glad she's home with me, but not glad that she's sick. Hope I don't catch the bug!!

Whisker kisses,



I'm a lovely girl!!

April 13th 2006 9:46 am
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At leat according to Cassie I am a lovely girl. Thank you so very much for the Rosette, dear Cassie!! Your quite the lady too.

It was so scarey yesterday. Mommy brought over kids! She was babysitting and they begged to see us. No way was I going to put up with that torture! I don't even handle adult guests! I ran away and hid where it was nice and quiet! I'm not for any of that stuff. The other cats can enjoy all they want. I don't want any part of that, thank you very much.

Whisker kisses,



Quiet visitors!!

April 2nd 2006 6:56 pm
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Now Owen Maxwell and Sullivan are visitors I can handle!! They just gave me rosettes today and said they'd be quiet for me. If your in for a trade (our current visitors for you two), I'll take care of all the details!! I don't think you're mom would miss you that much... would she?

Well, the storm is very close and the computer has to be turned off. Thank you agian!!

Whisker kisses,



Visitors for a week!

March 30th 2006 8:45 pm
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Daddy’s sister has dropped off her babies for Mom and Dad to baby-sit while she goes to Florida for Spring Break. So for a week I’m sharing my home with a longhaired chocolate Chihuahua named Amigo. And a Sheltie with freckles named Derby. (Pictures of them will be up soon on the Dogs’ pages.) I’ve stayed clear of them completely! I hate noise! I’m avoiding at all costs. I will never see them or learn anything about them. Out of sight….out of mind!!

Whiskar kisses!



Awarded a Rosette "Somewhere In Time"

March 21st 2006 10:47 am
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For all you movie fans, McKenna (yes named from "Somewhere In Time") awarded me a rosette today! How cool is that? And check out her lovely necklace. She's such a strikingly beautiful kitty cat!! Thank you so much McKenna!! I'm purring with delight!!

It snowed today... so I'm staying out of the dogs' way! I don't want their wet paws all over me. And now the floor is wet in some places! Eeeew! I hate wet! But I suppose most cats do! I'm staying far away today, more than usual.

Whisker kisses!


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