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BLog bout that Delaware (PA) Cat Hoarder on the COmmunity- Page

September 19th 2010 3:28 pm
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*It brings much joy to see the cats in good hands. There is a time to say no more!! STates have laws on how many animals You can own at a time, then have to get permits to have more then the allowed kind (kennel License). What this lady did was wrong, She did not have the space or time to take care of them as the living quarters were not fit for human habitation. * You have to be on top of a cat double time. Cleaning boxes out 2 to 3 times a day depending on amount of cats. They should be fed twice a day unless Health issues etc. * You have to take into consideration Financial situations. It takes alot of money to fid an entertain cats You have ot have time time and Money. Food for a household of cats let say 5 a 16lb bag will last You if YOU Are feeding the cats right atleast a month or less. Litter a 30lb box or bag will fill two extra large litter boxes Twice with enough to freshen boxes up inbetween. Having 5 or more cats You need to make sure YOu have enough litter boxes 5 cats=3 Xlarge boxes if not 4 etc. Also have to get their shots weither they are inside or outside cats. that cost $$$$$$$ even with discount programs.##### 1 thing to do is FIX YOUR PET. we dont need over population of animals. *The lord created the cat, He did not intend for Them to overbreed. OverBreeding is wrong and 90%i of offspring born die due to being hit by car, animal curalty, internal parasistes, internal illnesses (feline FIV) etc. Im an animla advocate, I speak for those that cannot speak. Please think before You adopt. If You dont have the time or money to take care of them, DONT ADOPT. (folks come into hard time in their lives YES, and that is known, there are orginazations that can help, Please Seek those out.) Cats cannot speak and tell us whats wrong, They only know us humans feed and love them. We are their voice, SO please If you Can Adopt Please do so. Millions of Cats are seeking homes across the UNITED STATES and OVERSEAS. If You take on a stray Know please that once You start feeding them they are Your responsibility. Take it in if YOu can and love it, Get the care it needs to live out its life in peace and happiness. Cats did not ask to be put here on earth, so lets not add to the population. Dont be like this hoarder, Think Before You react. Use Your mind over Heart.. Cats look cute but if You dont hvae the time or Money to spend on them Its gonna turn bad in the end for You or them. ***Look into Your furbabies eyes,,,,, What do You think they are thinking??


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