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Cats Rule /dogs drool and other finer points of life from me

I am...the queen!

September 28th 2011 12:09 pm
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For a year I was humbled to be in the close quarters with Cheyenne and and a,well I amout of that room,I have the whole house for me...and.....THEM! Not only must I share the home with Cheyenne or Thumper...but with Captain Big D,Mr. HC, Tommy Girl,Daffy and Magie,but also sisfer,Dodger....AKA...the devil.
Well I will not let any of them tell me anything,I will control them,I will instill fear into them all..I am,THE BOSS.
So how do I do this...simple. I will sit and not let any of them pass by me,I just look as they wish to bypass me in the hallway making them take the long way around,but seriously,all I am doing is just sitting there...MOL.....I will be at the food bowl first,they must eat my leftovers....and,oh this is the best part...I know how to take them snacks from the humans unlike any of them..accept that fatty Magie....I just sing to them,do not know why after awhile they tell me to shut up...HISSSSSSSSS
anyhow...I will give more tips and updates as I fine tune my skills.


Toys,Toys,Toys.....I hate them!

August 20th 2010 8:42 am
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In the wee early morning hours,or perhaps it was late last night,all I know is it was dark....and then,it happened,my toy attacked me!It is clipped to my cat tree, a pretty gray mouse with a green spring will spring about and make itself bigger if one is to pull on it....Well no more,that toy lost it's string and I almost lost my life,I screamed and screamed...and mommy released my back foot....How it happened...MEOW....I was on the cat tree and when I jumped off,the toy grabbed me and my leg was tangled and then I got more tangled...all I could do was voice my displeasure about this...AND LOUDLY TOO!...I was so scared,my toy attaking me,me all tangled up in the string....I almost bit my mommy in fear as she was trying to untangle me....

Finally I am free and I dove under the bed,and stayed there for that toy has been destringed,but..I hate toys!


I did it!

May 19th 2010 9:18 am
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I got this thing off..ooooo fffffff fffffff off! My collar,I hate it....I spent my most wonderful 9 years without one and I do not need one Thank You(stomping my paw)..
I wrote to my beloved and he told me how he does it, Well he uses a tree,outside...I am an indoor kitty and I do not have a tree to use unless you count a carpeted kitty tree as one. Now my beloved has years of practice I guess to get his collar off,me,this is my 1st time and being subject to Bellevue entree for banging my head against carpet,I will attempt anything to get this thing off!
Last night I went against the carpeted kitty tree, oh and I worked it,thinking any moment that crazy bell will give me away and the men with the white jackets will come and take me away,but I rubbed and hit that tree finally fell off, then I ran,well as far as I could in my room and hid.... What gave me away?
My mommy wanted to take a picture and send it to my beloved with my collar on...drats,that thing is back on....
So my Prince of Thieves,you shall so have a picture with me and my collar...and me,I am looking at the carpeted kitty tree with plans......



May 15th 2010 11:01 am
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In all my life,never have I ever had a collar on.....and was her meowday...Cheyenne's mewoday....and she gets a pretty red collar with a bell on it...hurray,it's your go away....I am sleeping.
I hear a noise,mommy was looking for something and she came across the collars she bought awhile back.....a red one for Cheyenne and a pink one for me....I heard the noise and promptly hid...nothing for me-thank you!
Cheyenne ever trusting went and watched what mommy was doing and next thing...she was wearing her new collar-for the 1st time.....her reaction....she danced. yup,on the window ledge she dance to the ringing of the little bell for a few moments,her front paws up and Then she went to sleep. No big deal. Heaven help me, I may faint!
Now me,I am still hiding,,I DO NOT THINK SO.....but last night I came out,silly me and now...I AM COLLARED!...the horror..the...the...awful shame....a collar on my beautifur fur.....just because it was my bratty sisfur's Cheyenne's meowday does not mean I must be subject to such torture! How can that fur,that girl danced, when she got her collar on; not me I rebelled,I still glare at my meowmy....I walk and the bell makes this ding-a-ling noise.....why?..I know how to walk and not make a sound.....oh this is most distressful..a collar on my beautiful neck. I must figure out how to get it off....HELP!


Dreaming upon a Star

December 17th 2009 9:50 pm
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How was I to know that on a trip to Australia
and even though I had to work at C & D Cruise Line waiting upon tables,I still would dance with a most handsome of all Tom's.
He was dancing with me,as I held dishes and something happened that night, I fairly floated upon air,thinking...what a Prince of all Tom's he was. My heart was captured by him.
I call him my Robin Hood,he has stolen my heart,my Prince of Thieves. I love him,my Menes.... and when we are apart I sit by a window,looking to the sky, day or night,casting my wish to the star that shines the brightest,our star, to carry my wish,my love to him,so he will know I am waiting.
I love you my Robin Hood.....
Your Lady Marian,Kisser


When......When I ask!

July 17th 2007 4:35 am
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When will these humans stop teasing me,here,I had once again had visions of living,of being the only one within the domain of human and fur babies,I had thought,that they were once again,removing those filthy beast from the home,so,it would only be,alone with the bed,the home,the where ever I wish to lay my beautifur coat,,where ever I wish to sun bathe,where ever I wish to lay my toys...but no,I was once again lead to believe,they would be gone,only to have them return....I had to quickly find all my toys,lest they be found chewed up and drooled upon....I had to once more,relinquish my side of the bed,and resort to sharing Mommie's pillow...I have to once more,give up the super soft portion of the sofa,with all the blankeys upon them,that those creatures use....oh this is too much.....the teasing,,,I will...well I am going to Sulk....yes,that is what I shall do,and when they call me,I shall simply ignore them,,,yes,sounds like a perfect plan.....but 1st,I must eat something,oh and a quick bite of catnip too,then,I shall make it look like a hunger strike as well.....
Meow at you later,I shall let you know,if this plan works......


WooHoo,I love presents...

July 9th 2007 5:23 am
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oh they remembered....they love me.....and,best yet,they cater to my every desires and wishes......yes,I am the princess,the ruler of the domain...
I got a new bed...MOL,MOL,MOL...PURRRRRR.....a soft bed,with more room to stretch out...and,oh it feels like,I am sleeping on a cloud......and when mommy puts the blanket over it,it is dark and cozy....and,NO DAWGS!!!!
I also got a new toy,how fun to bat that fuzzy mouse about,bat it here,and chucked it over there,and then,um,Hello!!!! dog drool on it...that filthy beast stole my fuzzy mouse????The nerve,it's not like I would take their bones,or balls,,,well maybe the balls,kind of fun watching it roll about,but,hey,they leave their things laying on the floor,it's fair game,no??well back to my fuzzy stolen drooled upon mouse,there is no question about it,my owners simply must wash it before I shall touch it again,that is all there is about that!Now,where are those envelopes,,,I do not know why,but I must simply go lick them again,hehehe,pretty soon,my mission shall be complete,all the envelopes shall be sealed! MOL.


to sleep during the day,and prowl at night or do as they- do....

June 28th 2007 6:11 am
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Some humans should be sleep at night!

ahhh,that has been the subject of many humans....I tell them to forget it...we are nocturnal...we must prowl,we must howl and meow,just when they are ready to go to sleep,we must look out windows,and we must,at all cost,find suitable things to lay around,(just in case humans wish to join us in the middle of the night) is a delight,to hear them humans sound off,when they find,the delights we may....leave behind,clearly bare feet makes this even a better one time,a silly human had tried that with me,each time they saw me in the morning laying about in sleep,they thought that picking me up,ruffling my beautifur coat and saying,stay awake,was the answer,I quickly set them straight,and found places to lay,where they could not reach me or find me,add to that,the myth,that we ignore them,which,btw,is no myth.....and walla,you sleep during the day assuring you will be wide awake and fresh,just when they wish to go to sleep.


they have returned,

June 25th 2007 10:17 am
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Alas,my humans have returned,upon their arrival,I had noticed that drats,they allowed those to fiflty beast to returned with em....I had hopes,that they would leave those creatures elsewhere,now,I shall have to share the comfy place I had acquired as my bed,mine,mine,mine,for 2 days,so,I will have to just simply,walk upon those creatures,and retian my status as queen Kisser...kneel before me ,and do not touch my beautifur coat,I had spent a weekend getting the touch of you both off me....


Day 1

June 22nd 2007 12:39 pm
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June 22,2007
Those filthy beast dared to touch me,I had spent hours grooming my beautifur coat,getting it just right,and they touched me....oh the horror,the shame,the many hours to start over....
Which brings me to this fine tidbit of info and gossip...
clearly we beautifur wonderfur creatures,must be better and smarter then....them...we need not wait and go through the horrid details of "getting a bath" yes,I have seen them,(oh sweet kitty goddess),lick themselves,but,to what avail? clearly it is not bathing.....
so,my tidbit today is this...."quit touching me,it takes a long time to look this good".....tell that to those filthy beast.

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