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Aedan Sez...

Dad is Mad!

November 25th 2006 7:07 am
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Dad got up this morning and I wanted to PLAY! So I did my usual nipping at his ankles to get him to play and it worked. We were playing for a while and then I guess I got a bit too rambunctious and bit dad. This usually isn't a biggie - I bite dad all the time and he's used to it. It's a part of the play. But this time I bit a little too hard and it hurt dad. He yelled at me and said that it was "naughty" to bite that hard. I DON'T like being yelled at (I ESPECIALLY don't like that "n" word) so I yelled back at him with my meanest fang face: "MEOWWWWRRR!!!"

Then dad yelled.

Then I yelled.

Finally dad shook his head and said, "Aedan, you're too much!" (dad thinks I have a bit of an anger management problem). He turned and walked up the stairs to his room. With his back turned I could strike him easily. I waited till he was halfway up the stairs and then came charging. With my ears pinned back and my fangs showing, I meowed, "Yell at me, will you?!" I growled like a lion as I lunged to bite his ankle. But just before I could attack, dad turned around and hissed at me. He is the bigger cat and if he hisses, I stop. I turned around and slinked away with my tail between my legs.

Now dad is in his room with the door closed so I can't get in. I know this is his way to punish me but I want to say I'm sorry. C'mon, dad open the door! We're still pals!


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