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Russian Blue/Breed Unknown
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Home:Grimsby, Ontario, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 13 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Kitty Kazoo, KJ, K-Joy, Kazoomster, little girl

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Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

October 23rd 2001

me, my lap, the sun, afghans, oriental rugs, sleeping, looking out the window, catnip, philosophizing, belly rubs, kneading, being told she's a good girl, waking me up and smelling my morning breath (weird, I know!)

vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, firecrackers, thunder, missing the window ledge when she jumps, hearing the word 'no', not having me around all the time

Favorite Toy:
feathers, dangerous toy mice, tin foil balls, cork tied to a string, anything I wave in front of her

Favorite Nap Spot:
my lap, my bed, anywhere on the floor where the sun hits

Favorite Food:
salmon and tuna juice (the only human food this mean mom will feed her)

it's probably not a unique skill, but my little girl knows how to steal my heart every single day


Arrival Story:
I first noticed Kazumi Joy hanging around the neighbourhood about two months before my other cat, Adrian Mole, passed away. She appeared out of nowhere, and was the skinniest and most frightened cat I had ever seen. I left food out for her, and would crouch down low while talking to her in friendly tones, but she always ran away. This continued after my cat had died, and while I was still grieving. One day I called out to her as usual, and to my surprise, she ran over and rubbed up against me. I stroked her and she rewarded me with loud purring. It was at that point that I realized how emaciated she really was. All her bones were sticking out, and all I could feel while petting her were ridges. Before I realized what I was doing, I picked her up and took her inside. She proceeded to eat three bowls of food, and I proceeded to fall in love. The funny thing is that I had decided I wanted two longhaired male kittens, and ended up with a shorthaired female adult. Kazumi was so weak from starvation that she almost kept losing her balance whenever she walked. All she did for weeks was eat and sleep, and it broke my heart. She was extremely frightened, and was startled by any sudden movement or noise. I also noticed that she never slept with her eyes completely closed, and acted as if she always had to be on the alert. In fact, when she did finally sleep with her eyes completely shut, I cried because I realized she finally felt safe. I like to think that Kazumi Joy's predecessor would approve of this cat. And that somehow it was no accident that she crossed my threshold two months to the day that Adrian Mole died. I also relearned the important lesson that if you're open to possibility, what you get may be far better than what you had hoped for.

Kitty Kazoo has come a long way. At 12+ pounds, no one can accuse her of being skinny, and while she initially didn't always like to be touched, she now enjoys her belly rubs (but only by her mom!), and isn't afraid of human contact. She's also stopped following me around wherever I go, and now feels secure enough to stay put when I leave. I love Kazumi Joy with all my heart, and can't believe that someone would abandon her. She is the sweetest and gentlest cat I've ever met, and definitely lives up to her middle name! One thing that I am sad about is the fact that when I tried to get another cat so that she could have more company, she became very scared and skittish, and I had to let the other cat go back to her original home. I'm hopeful though that one day Kazumi will welcome a sibling. I love to watch two cats getting along!

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The Feline Philosopher

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*Stop Animal Testing*, ban declawing, Canadian Catsters, End Animal Testing, Gray is GREAT!!!!!!, I Knead You, Love 'em? Fix 'em., Russian Blues Lounge, The (Endless) Summer of Scooter, VEGAN/VEGETARIAN


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One can learn more from a stationary cat, than from an industrious person.

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May 26th 2005 More than 10 years!

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The Feline Philosopher

Update: Yay, They WERE Kidding!

March 2nd 2014 9:22 am
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Well, not kidding exactly, but they've reconsidered, and we're so glad. One of the reasons mom was so upset is that like a real family, Catster is the kind of place where you should be able to come back even if you've been gone a while. And as in a long-term relationship, interest and activity may fluctuate, but that doesn't mean we don't care. Doesn't mean we want out.

Plus, mom has always thought of Catster (besides being an information resource for all kinds of kitty-related problems in the forums) as being my final resting place. Where she can share her grief and pay honour to my memory, especially as she doesn't intend on saving my ashes. When my predecessor Adrian Mole was put to sleep, and as mom was holding his lifeless body, she realized that his soul, spirit or essence wasn't in that physical container anymore. His body felt both heavy and light at the same time, but it was no longer Adrian, and saving those remains didn't make much sense to her. Obviously, that was a personal perception, and mom fully respects the decisions of folk who feel differently.

But we certainly don't want to dwell on death here. And March 3 (tomorrow!) is no longer the end of the Catster community either, so whatever the changes in store will be like, this site has had a reprieve, and for that, we can all be grateful. :)


OMG! Seriously? For Real? Are You Kidding Me? WTH?

January 16th 2014 3:43 pm
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Catster will be shutting down (because without Community there IS no Catster) on March 3?

Did we read that right? Well kitts, I can't remember the last time I saw mom this angry. There are words flying all around me that I can't repeat (and even a few I hadn't heard before) cuz this is supposed to be a family-friendly site, but you can bet we'll be back to have our full say about this.

But some of the non-expletive words I CAN share right now are: tragedy, betrayal, sadness, kick-in-the-teeth, where's the loyalty? :(


As My COTW Reign Comes to a Close (no, say it ain't so!)...

January 12th 2014 4:36 pm
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...I just want to say that it's been a real honour, a ton of fun, and an awesome way to begin 2014. Imagine, little old me, KJ, being COTW!

Now I did try to explain to mom that 1 cat week is about the equivalent of 52 human weeks, meaning that COTW is really COTY in terms of mom needing to spoil, pamper and meet my every desire and demand, but for some odd reason she didn't buy it.

(Plus, she just made a snarky comment about one-sentence paragraphs that I don't quite understand, but I definitely heard snark in her voice.)

Anyway, I want to thank all of the super nice kitties who remembered me from the good old days (eek! we signed up way back in 2005, which in Internet years is about a century ago) AND all of the new (but also super nice) kitties who were kind enough to notice the honour bestowed upon us. Your Rosettes, Stars, Special Gifts, lovely pictures of the special occasion and catmails were ALL appreciated. Thanks so much!

It was cool to catch up with some of the Oldsters (remember how this site used to look and feel?), and a hoot to go back down memory lane. It was on this site, so many years ago, that mom learned how to take better photos, and where I tried to show mom how to write. Um, excuse me, mom is making a strange choking noise at the moment, so I'd better check and see if she's okay. Hmmm, her colour's a bit off, but I think she'll live. Snort.

Where was I? Oh yes, the years gone by. One of the sad parts, unfortunately, is that kitties don't get to live as long as human beings (a particularly unfair failing methinks given that felines tend to live greater moral lives than humans do), which means that tears and heartache are part of the Catster package. But where better than this site to share both the joy AND pain?

Speaking of pain, if I can complain about one thing this week (I know, I shouldn't, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't), it would be the number of times I ended up in Fallsview Niagara Casino while I don't even gamble. Our mouse kept accidentally hovering in the wrong spot, and cue the annoying music! Mom grumbled (no surprise there as in some ways she's quite the crotchety old cat) about the evils of sites selling their souls to advertisers, but I chastised her and told her that No, the soul of Catster still belongs to the cats that come here. THEY are the ones who built this community, and no ad dollars can change that.

So here's to all the kitts who put the Cat in Catster! And thank you again for making this week so special for us. :)

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