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December 19th 2010 1:59 pm
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Another snowy day and a day where mom was pulling her hair out again. It was time the tree went up......and, well, nearly came down several times. Thai was first up the tree before mom put any decorations on it, he was closely followed by Fox and Cairo. The twins even had a go, Tommy loved going up the tree. Mom has tied all the bits to the tree so she (hopefully) wont find everything all over the house when she comes home each day, the tree is also attached to the ceiling, so, fingers crossed it wont fall over when someone is in the tree. We all enjoyed playing in the box the tree came in and when we were tired we all went to sleep in the box, at one time there was 5 of us asleep in the box.
All this Christmas stuff is very tiring and we still have wrapping of the presents to help with yet. There is no rest for the hard working feline at this time of year!!
6 sleeps to go!


December 17th 2010 2:31 pm
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The snow fell and the decorations went up (and down). Its been a mad day which ended with mom pulling her hair out.
We woke up to a dusting of snow and we had snow showers all day so the snow would melt a little then it would be all white again.
Mom started putting up the decorations, as soon as she brought the box in, everyone was awake and ready to investigate. With tinsel all over the floor, everyone jumped in, tinsel flew everywhere. No sooner had mom attached one end of a piece of tinsel to the beams, someone was pulling on the dangling end and it would come down again. It was like Catmas Olympics here, we had tug of war, chase the baubles, hide an seek in the tinsel and of course everyone's favourite, chase and pouch on anything that moved. The twins had fun and Cairo and Thai got so wound up they just raced round the house as fast as possible. I, on the other hand was very well behaved, I sat and supervised. Mom decided that she could not cope with putting any more decorations up today, she will do the tree tomorrow.
Everyone is fast asleep now, after today's excitement, and the snow is silently falling. All dreaming of what Santa Paws might bring.
Mom is busy making Cat Nip Pouches for the cats at the sanctuary that she works at, and peace has descended on the house once again.
8 more sleeps and its Christmas day!!!!!


December 16th 2010 3:35 pm
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Well, Christmas is just around the corner and no sign of a decoration in the house yet, mom is so behind this year, she has put up the outside lights and has a few days off now to get the rest done. The camera will be on stand by because its the twins first Christmas and they are getting excited and we all like to hep with the decorations, mom says we are better at taking them down. A very large parcel arrived this morning, it was huge and heavy, mom said Santa paws dropped it off early as it was too big for him to deliver on Christmas eve. We were all giving it a good sniff trying to work out what it was but we are not allowed to know until Christmas day, dad put it away so we cant peek. Cant wait to find out what it is.
All the snow and ice has gone, it took 2 weeks for it all to go but after a weeks respite we are forecast some more snow in the next few days. Maybe it might be a white Christmas, how cool would that be!
I am doing well but my remaining back leg doesn't seem to be as strong as it should be by now, I manage better when going at speed than I do going slow. Mom keeps checking it and I have full movement with it. Mom says I could be carrying a little too much weight, I don't know what she means.
We would like to thank Auntie Mom for doing all our Christmas pages, we think they are great.
We would also like to thank Queen Tallulah's mom for sending us some of Queen Tallulah's cancer awareness ribbons so we can help spread the word about feline cancer and share Queen Tallulah's story.
I'm off to take prime position on the bed before mom gets in and hogs it.
Take care.


November 29th 2010 1:31 pm
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OMC We got more snow during the night and most of the day and we also had a rare phenomenon happen most of the morning called 'Thundersnow'. We had very loud thunder, bright lightning and very heavy snow, it was really strange and when the thunder was really close it was a bit scary. Mom couldn't go to work because the roads in and out of the village we live in were closed. This is so weird for us this time of year. Dad wanted to put the Christmas decorations up but mom persuaded him to go for walk instead.
Mom is hoping all the thunder today hasn't set me off again and make my sore patches worse. Even the twins were scared of the thunder today.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


November 28th 2010 2:34 pm
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I've been a naughty boy. Mom found 2 new bald patches where I have licked myself raw. One large long patch on my left side and one small patch on my other side. She wasn't very happy and she cant think what the trigger was this time and she hadn't seen me overly washing. I have learnt to be very sneaky.
We have had more snow. It snowed Friday night and it was all white outside Saturday morning. I wasn't allowed out in case I skidded on my bottom, which is fine by me as I prefer to stay in the warm.
The road outside our house is like a sheet of glass still. Its very unusual for us to get snow this time of the year or for it to be so cold. Mom and dad went out this afternoon to look at a new car for mom and mom said they got stuck on a back road home with other cars going the same way. They slipped back down a small hill and the car ended up doing a 380 turn, luckily there was no one behind them but the car in front got stuck sideways and it took 6 of them to move the car. So tonight we got late tea, which I don't think was very good, I don't like waiting for my tea, but on the good side mom and dad are safe.
Mom has got her new on-line shop up and running selling gemstone collar charms and soon to be added to the shop are very special charms named after Queen Tallulah who sadly lost her fight against breast cancer 3 months ago. A donation will be made to charity for each charm sold.
I have to go and have soon cream applied to my bald patches now. Take care everyone.


November 25th 2010 2:13 pm
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Thank you all for my Birthday gifts and wishes.
I had a good day doing what I like best sleeping and being grumpy, but we all had some chicken for supper, which went down well.
I live in a mad house, but its my home and I love it, I may be grumpy but I know I am loved. The kittens drive me mad at times but I am their uncle and sometimes they need a bit of discipline, mom and dad are too soft with them.
We had some snow today, it didn't stay long down this part of the UK, but its very early for us to have snow and its supposed to be like this for 2 weeks, im pleased im an indoor cat where its warm.
We hope everycat celebrating Thanksgiving has a happy and safe day.


November 14th 2010 3:29 pm
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I haven't updated my diary for ages so I have pestered mom to do it.
I'm doing OK, I am not being sick very often (only when I eat my food too fast). I am more mobile now I have got the hang of things but my remaining back leg gets tired and it sort of gives out on me, guess its not strong enough to hold me up for too long and I end up struggling to stand up properly and I have to climb back up on to the sofa to rest it. Mom gives my leg massages which makes it feel better. I hadn't self harmed for a while until last weekend when it was Guy Fawkes night here in the UK, when lots of people let of fireworks. They scare me and i got stressed out with the loud bangs and flashes that were around are area. I made my face and my neck bleed but I have now calmed down and have been leaving them alone.
We got excited when the Catster photo comp was launched again and some of us have been entered, my sisfur, Circles won wet cat category last year. Good luck to all those that have entered.


October 17th 2010 12:56 pm
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Gosh...DDP again, and mom hasn't had the time to update my diary since last weekend.
Last Sunday was the last time I have been sick, I sicked up my breakfast and dinner, since then mom has fed me very small portions but more often so there isn't too much food lying heavy in my tummy and it seems to be working. My weight hasn't changed much but I haven't lost any more which is good news. I have been more mobile as well and I can really get some speed up but when I go fast I have a small problem stopping so I have skidded on my side a few times. I haven't self harmed for a while either so at the moment all is good. One thing has changed and is getting worse is that I am very clingy when mom and dad are home, I am always desperate to clamber on to one of their laps and if I cant get on a lap I will keep tapping them with my paw for attention, but then mom says I'm bound to be feeling insecure because of what I have been through and will settle down when I am ready. I have been moms inspiration this week, I have given her a new idea for her handmade crystal collar charms, so will be helping her to make them, I like batting the crystals around, mom isn't impressed though. I am drawn to the amethyst crystal, so I have an amethyst near where I sleep, mom says its my perfect healing stone and I picked it myself.
Thank you again for reading my ramblings and sending purrs of healing. Me and my family love you all and each and everyone of you are an inspiration and every feline is precious.


October 8th 2010 5:10 am
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When mom got home last night from work, she checked catster quickly before going to bed. The first thing she saw was the sad news that Louis LeBeau had made his journey to rainbow bridge. Our purrs and thoughts go to his devoted family and to others that are going through such a sad time, there are so many at the moment.
(These wonderful animals are only on loan to us for such a short time and show us so much unconditional love and will always remain part of us. Treasure every moment).
On waking this morning, I find I am DDP again. Im not doing too bad, I was sick yesterday after breakfast but so far I have been fine today, its working out that I am sick once a day but no particular time, I have no other symptoms. I am moving around more and if I concentrate I can make it up stairs without landing on my bottom on the way up, I still wobble but can keep my balance. I have also had a little go at my self harming spot, so I hot plastered in cream, yeuk.
Thank you guys for your continuing support, Catster is such a great place for love and support, with so much going on in life, its nice to know there are friends like you in this our very own place.


October 6th 2010 5:28 am
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I have been a bit more active today but I fell over a few times when I tried to get up the wrong way, I have to try and remember which leg is missing and not try to get up using that side first.
I haven't been sick so far today and have eaten all my meals, which is only two so far. mom is on late shift at the animal sanctuary so dad will be giving me my next two meals, so mom will check in on me later. Most of us have been lying in the warm rays of the sun this morning, making the most of it.
Mom has, at last got round to putting the mint twins on catster, so if you have time pop and check out their pages. ( Tommy Mint and Timmy Mint).
I have to go pester mom now, I have that annoying itch behind my ear that I cant scratch.
Have a safe day.

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