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banished :(

January 11th 2009 4:28 pm
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Dad's roasting a chicken and he just banished me from the kitchen! He claimed I was getting under his feet and he's afraid someone will get hurt. I was just trying to make sure he doesn't forget me when he carves that chicken!

Mom and I are locked up in my room until the chicken is done cooking and my plate of chicken is ready. I get served first. :)

C'mon chicken!

gotta scoot . . .


Pee Ess

January 7th 2009 2:49 pm
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Calvin has a "Pee. Ess." in his diary today, and he seems to think I am flirting with him. He even called me a cougar! Here's all I can say to that:


gotta scoot . . .

Pee Ess:) Did you see this anonymouse diamond ring I received? That means someone wants me to be more than just a "friend girl," doesn't it? I wondered who sent it. Did you notice the date?

• Calvin made me his Pal of the Week on Dec. 31, 2008.

• "Anonymouse" sent me a diamond ring on Dec. 31, 2008.

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?


Starting the New Year Calvin's Pal of the Week!

January 6th 2009 9:32 pm
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Maybe you've heard that some old people are forgetful. Did you know it can happen to cats, too? YES, it happened to me!

Last week I received this trophy from Calvin, telling me I'm his Pal of the Week. Wowza! Was I excited! It's always fun to read Calvin's diary entries about his Pal of the Week and I was really looking forward to reading what he and I have in common.

Then I noticed the message said I was his Pal of the Week again. Again? Um, was there another time? I know I'm an Olde Furt, and maybe a little forgetful, but could I forget something that important? Surely not!

After reading this diary entry, which Calvin says "started it all back in 2006," I remembered. Okay . . . some of it was still a little foggy. I remembered Calvin having my badge on his page but didn't remember I counted 'officially' as his Pal of the Week.

In my defense (my excuse, in other words), there wasn't an official diary entry about me being his Pal of the Week that first time, so my forgetfulness can be forgiven, can't it? I'm happy to be reminded of it now, though.

I'm even happier to be Calvin's first Pal of the Week in 2009 with an entire, official diary entry! Dang! It feels good. Thank you, Calvin!

It just occurred to me, though. Pal of the Week twice? Do you think . . . is it possible? Does Calvin want me to be more than just his friend girl?

gotta scoot . . .


the missing lovable bit . . .

January 5th 2009 7:39 am
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. . . is back! I got my "lovable" personality back during the night and I'm sure my "spunk" will show up today, too. It's an overnight miracle from all the friends who were purring for me.

When we went to bed early last night, I curled up on the loveseat -- in the same room with Mom and Dad but not "with" them. The past few days I've been spending a lot of time on that loveseat -- by myself -- and haven't enjoyed the petting and attention Mom and Dad gave me throughout the day and night. I didn't hiss or growl at anyone, I just preferred to be left alone most of the time.

But last night when Mom petted me and said goodnight to me there, it felt so good I responded with a headbonk. More pets . . . more headbonks . . . then I started to settle down on the loveseat to go to sleep.

It wasn't long until I hopped up on the bed for more petting and love. That felt good, too! Then I settled into my heated bed at the foot of their bed, rather than going back to the lonely loveseat. It felt good being closer to Mom and Dad.

As the night went on, I got out of my bed several times to go stand on their pillows and purr, in hopes someone would pet me. They did! It felt great! I was feeling more and more lovable all the time.

At 4 a.m. when I crawled on Mom's chest to lie down and purr in her face while she petted me, both of us were about as happy as we could be. Mom even poked Dad to wake him so he could be happy, too. "She hasn't done that in a while," he said. Silly me! I've been missing out on some good loving. I hope I don't do that again!

After being awake getting love most of the night, I need a nap today before I continue the hunt for my "little-bit-of-spunk." I'll get it back, though, I just know I will!

Those were some powerful purrs to make that happen so quickly. Thank you to those who sent rosettes, gifts, pawmails or purred for me in Olde Furts. I'd send individual thanks, but, well . . . I'm about to start on that nap I need. ;)

Thank you:

Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabby and Lucy
Toffy and Vanessa
Merlin the Cat Wizard and Creatures
Arnold P.
Emporer Frankie Sinatracat
Chandle r Ray
Felix Mendelssohn

gotta scoot . . .


missing bits

January 4th 2009 5:24 pm
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The little-bit-of-spunk I still had seems to have disappeared somewhere, and some of the best bits of my personality are missing, too, according to Mom and Dad. They want to help me get them back, but we don't know who or what stole them.

I'm still eating and drinking, and my #1 and #2 systems are working well enough. I haven't even thrown up in a long while, although the so-called "sneezing" epidsodes have increased to about 3 times daily, so I'm real tired of those. Mom saw me staggering a little-bit-sideways a few times, too . . . and I wasn't even 'nipping!

Mostly, I just "vant to be alone" . . . and that isn't like me.

I heard "vet" mentioned, so today I made sure to let Mom hold me for several minutes while I purred on her shoulder, trying to purrge that vet thought out of her head. My little-bit-of-spunk was with me the last time I left the vet's and I know for sure I didn't leave the good bits of my personality there, either!! I'm positive there's nothing there I want. Nothing!

gotta scoot . . .


I resolve . . .

January 1st 2009 8:11 am
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. . . to purrfect the fine art of napping in 2009.

Gotta go start working on that right now . . .

gotta scoot . . .


get it straight!

December 19th 2008 3:43 pm
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I've been taking a potassium supplement for a couple weeks now because my last blood tests showed my potassium was low. Mom's putting the potassium powder in my food and I'm being a good girl (are you reading this, Santa??), eating the food as usual -- maybe even better than usual!

Lately, I'd been walking diagonally, with one back leg crossing over the other, steering me off to the right when I meant to go straight forward. It didn't happen all the time, but Mom and Dad definitely noticed it. They feared it was just a progression of the skinny-butt/wobbly-legs/muscle-wasting thing we Olde Furts get. BUT, they haven't seen me doing that for the past few days. I'm walking straight again! It must be the potassium helping my legs. They're still 20-year-old legs, but slightly less wobbly 20-year-old legs.

One thing I can't keep straight, though, is my mom. She didn't mail any Christmas cards or gifts to Catster friends for me this year! :( She's surely getting COAL in her stocking!

gotta scoot . . .


Another 20th!

December 17th 2008 12:44 pm
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Don't know if you ever noticed my "Arrival Story" gives the date Mom and Dad brought me home to live with them. It was December 17, 1988 -- 20 years ago today. I was a mere 8 weeks old and as lovable as could be, if I do say so myself! :)

Early this morning when I hopped up into the bed and climbed on Mom to purr in her face, she said, "Happy Anniversary!" Dad said, "Is this the day we got Scooter? Let's have cake!"

Hmmmm, I'd much rather have Liv-a-Littles freeze-dried chicken. I ate so much food overnight and this morning, though, Mom said she doesn't think I'll have room for freeze-dried chicken. Oh yes, I will! Just try me!

I haven't written in my diary since I had that anti-biotic shot almost 2 weeks ago. It's almost time for my 2nd shot! I did fine with the first one -- no problems at all. I've even been eating more the past few days and Mom and Dad thought I was a little more alert than usual. I'm not feeling 19 again, but I'm working on it.

For the past few days, Mom had not seen me have any of the awful sneezing attacks I've had daily, for several months now. She hoped the anti-biotic was somehow helping my sneezing, although it's unlikely because the vets believe the sneezing is caused by allergies or some other dastardly thing I won't even mention. Anyway, a few minutes ago I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sneezing, which just goes on and on and on. This time, though, I let Mom pick me up and hold me, then I sneezed and sneezed in her face! I want Mom near by while I sneeze -- I always head for her as soon as I start sneezing -- but I won't let her pick me up. This is our anniversary, though, so I want to share everything today. We've shared a lot in 20 years!

I'm heading off for another nap now, so . . .

gotta scoot . . .


A... B... C... D...

December 5th 2008 9:34 pm
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E coli.

Well, poop! The urinalysis and culture shows I have a urinary tract infection and E coli is the critter causing the problem. The Internal Medicine vet wanted me on anti-biotics for 6 weeks!! Well, he saw first-hand that I can be a little contrary to handle, plus he has some respect for my age, so he and my regular vet agreed I could have a long-lasting anti-biotic injection instead of having to take some nasty medicine every day. My first shot was today. MEEOWCH!! I won't have to go back for 2 weeks, though, and should only need 3 shots altogether.

So far, I've been fine, with no bad effects from the shot. It could give me nasty diarrhea like every other anti-biotic seems to, though, so I'm already eating pumpkin just in case.

My blood test results were very good, except my potassium is a little low. No one -- my mom, my dad, my vet -- thought I would accept the potassium supplement in my food. I fooled them! Mom's been putting the powder in my food and I don't care. She hasn't put a full dose in yet, but we're getting there!

I might feel so good after the infection is gone and my potassium is back to normal that I'll start going backwards -- back to 19 again!! Well, I still have those kidney stones, but maybe I can handle those little buggers, too!

gotta scoot . . .


Can you hear me now?

November 26th 2008 9:08 pm
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I was wired for extra sound today, so you should really be able to hear me now. Being a meezer, I thought I was loud, anyway, but Mom and Dad thought I needed extra sound. Or . . . maybe that was ULTRA sound. Yes, that's it. It's a little foggy, but I think that's it. I had an ULTRASOUND today. *stares at nekkid belly*

Maybe I shouldn't have kept Mom up all night and shouldn't have peed 30 times in one day, a few drops at a time. I probably should have tried to cover my pee in the litterbox so they couldn't see the spots of blood in it. Too late.

So I had an ultrasound, my belly was shaved, my blood AND my pee was sucked right out of me and I had x-rays.

The preliminary results are that I have small kidney stones that are passing through my bladder, causing pain and blood on their way out. The specialist vet said my bladder looks great -- no tumor -- so it seems to be the kidney stones causing the problem. I've had problems with painful cystitis off and on for a few years but no "cause" has ever been found before. When the blood and urinalysis tests are back, the vet can determine if infection or anything else is also involved and whether any treatment is possible.

They x-rayed my lungs, too. A few months ago, my regular vet took some x-rays and found spots in my right lung. Something showed on the x-rays today, too. It could be a tumor, or it could be my lung folded back on itself (I don't remember what the vet called that -- I should pay closer attention!). But he didn't feel it would ever be a problem to me. Further tests might determine if it's a tumor, but I'm 20 with not-so-great kidneys, so surgery or chemo wouldn't be good options anyway.

I'm thankful that's all over with! I'm home, I can pee again without it hurting, and I'm feeling pretty good, considering. I'm looking forward to some turkey tomorrow -- Dad's cooking the turkey on the grill. I better get as much as I want!

gotta scoot . . .

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