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Muses of a Great-Great-Grandma


October 19th 2014 8:32 am
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I passed away earlier this year after a good, hard battle with renal failure. Please read my story section to get the whole picture.


Old Age

December 18th 2012 12:55 pm
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Well, I'm nineteen years old now. I'm deaf. I have bad teeth. And I'm spoiled rotten! I stay in the living room now, only venturing into the kitchen for my own personal bowls of canned food and dry food and use of the litterbox. I've been squawking a lot lately, though--I don't meow, mind you, because I can't hear myself. My owners are wondering if perhaps I'm in pain. Their daughter, who is staying at home now between undergrad graduation and vet school, is paying for us pets instead of paying rent. She'll be taking Patty to the vet tomorrow for a checkup and is thinking about scheduling an appointment for me. In the meantime, I sleep and eat. And squawk at seemingly random times.


Thank You

November 18th 2006 8:07 pm
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Thanks for the rosette, Tippy!


Thank Yous, Collars, and Beijing

November 14th 2006 2:53 pm
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I'd like to thank Ally and Polly for the beautiful rosettes they gave me. *purr*

A little while ago, Katie boughts all of us cats collars. I got a hot pink collar--it was meant for Beijing, but it was too small for the fatso's neck. So I got it instead. *purr*

Recently, Katie's mom decided to wash all of our collars. That was fine with me. And when she was putting the collars back on us, she realized there's a LONG loose end from my collar 'cause my neck is so tiny. So she cut the loose end off.

Only she cut TOO MUCH off. So now I'm the only cat that doesn't have a collar. And my next one's not going to be pink, because pink just doesn't go with my fur. Only the best for me!

And Beijing is fat. I've been chasing her out of my room a lot lately. Because she's fat. And she's laying on my bed and cuddling with my human, and that's just not allowable. *hiss*


Training the Young'uns

April 17th 2005 5:16 pm
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Last night I, I lay under the coffee table, watching everything as usual. The adult humans watched TV, along with the younger male human, and the younger female human was on the computer--actually, I believe she was on Catster. Patty sat next to her human at the computer and meowed loudly for her mouse. Her human searched a bit, but to no avail. She found the treats, however, and decided to train Patty. Patty agreed to this, and life went on.

Now, as Patty and her human began the short training session, which would review four tricks Patty knew, Buddy wandered into the room. He spotted the treats immediately and began rubbing up against Patty's human's leg, begging in his pitiful, definitely not manly, meow for treats. Patty's human ignored him, instructing Patty to sit and lay down, which she did with practiced ease and was rewarded for. Her human dropped a treat into a box setting on the floor and commanded Patty to jump off of the bookshelf she was sitting on and into the box. Patty hesitated, made sure Buddy wasn't going for her treat, and jumped in after it. Next, her human walked away a few feet, held out a treat, and called Patty to come. Patty looked at her, then at Buddy (who was trying to snag the treat with his claws), and jumped back up onto the bookshelf. Her human had to make the adult female hold Buddy until she was finished training Patty.

Because of his obvious eagerness, Patty's human retrieved Buddy to train him next. Patty circled below, watching jealously as Buddy went through the same routine that she did. It's quite humorous, watching those two vying for attention from Patty's human.

After training the 'sharks', Patty's human only had two treats left. She made me sit and fed me one, then woke Sylvester up, called him, and fed him the last one after he came. I do like those treats, but it's disrespectful for Patty's human to make me do tricks for them. I don't need to earn them. I've already lived most of the years of my life on a farm, delivered two litters of kittens, and watched my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren grow up. I don't need to work to be rewarded. By definition, I am a 'queen'.

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