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To all my new friends

my first entree or how I wish it was some yogurt and Lobster

April 9th 2005 7:18 am
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Hello my purr-fect pals of mine;
I have just joined the online life that my mother always brags about! What is so exciting about it... Does anyone want a brother or two. My brother Kit-Kat is good brother most of the time but that brother Rascal is a holy terror.

Well I love my Mommy and my Grandpa like crazy! They rub my belly and my mommy doesn't get grossed out to share her yogurt with me. That is a special time together. I just wish my mommy wasn't into pictures and dressing us up for pictures. You know that cuts into my sleep time. Pretty bad when you have to sleep in a box on top of the dresser just to get some privacy.

Meow Meow! Time to eat now that my brothers are fast asleep. Hope to hear from you all soon and gain some friends that will take care of those hellian brothers of mine... :)


Munchkin had Passed away today

December 28th 2005 4:47 pm
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Our beautiful Baby boy Munchkin has passed away and we need to have an Autopsy done seeing he was fine in the morning. So we are pretty upset as you can imagine...

Munchkin Joe Gurley came into our lives July 1st 1998 and changed all of our lives greatly and his will be missed dearly.... He always knew how to charm his way in to peoples hearts and Mommy is gonna miss him greatly but will make sure he is laid at rest and we find out what happened... to make sure his brothers are in okay shape other than BROKEN HEARTS....

Munchkin Joe Gurley
May 5, 1998- December 28, 2005


still close in mind and heart

September 24th 2011 9:03 am
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WELL MUNCHKIN you have been gone for almost 6 yrs now. Not a day that I dont miss you. You had a great funeral service up at your grandpa's. You are buried in between the trees and have a marker there that everyone can enjoy. Also in a urn as well so you are always close by.
You are missed so much. May 5th and Dec 28th are very sad dad's for mommy still... Rascal and Kit-Kat miss you so much also. They are both taking good care of Grandpa.
Rest easy my munchie... I love you sooo much!!



December 28th 2012 4:51 am
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7YRS AGO YOU LEFT US MUNCHKIN JOE... Not a day I don't miss you :( Your brothers Rascal and Kit-Kat miss you too!! Hard to believe in April, Rascal will be 11...May you would of turned 15... :( you been gone half your life already :( July brother Kit-kat will be 15 which reminds me how you should of still been here..

I miss and love you always and forever Munchkin

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Munchkin-- In loving Memory


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