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new places and things

November 27th 2013 8:34 am
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Action-packed. Fun. Adventure. New places. New things. These are the words that describe what have been happening lately. My mommy cat has been moving me, my brofurs, an my sisfurs from place to place. I thinkz dat i likes the hoomans that live in the place where the sheltered deck is. They come and gives us petz and kisses. i loooooooooooooooove petz behind the head, it makes my tail wagz back n forth. my brofurs and sisfurs thinks i'z crazy which i'z fine with.

it is frozen outside so my mommy cat haz been moving us from place to place whichever one's warmer. i thinkz my mommy cat is very warm,and as long as my brofurs and sisfurs lay on top of me, i'z warm and a little bit squished,but that ok. it isn't easy being the runt, but i lovez my brofurs and sisfurs and they love me. MOL!!!!! right now we are staying with these really nice hoomans that let us stay in their garage, we are staying until it quits being really cold either way is fine with me though!

well that's my diary for today!!!!!!



November 30th 2013 6:43 pm
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I am Diary of the day to day! Thankz so much to all of my kitty furiends and catster please with treats on top visit these cool kittie's pages.

Smiley Cassanova 1178389
Thanks so much for the gift!!!

Casey 841357
Thanks for the awesome gift!!!

Baby 755973
Thanks for the awesome pic!!!

And many more of you catster kittayz, thanks so much fo makin dotd special.

Well, another update on my traveling wif mommy cat..... we is staying in the nice sheltered garage and relaxin'. the cold snap is almost over so we can start travelin again, i can't wait for more hunting lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!! well anyways...... got to go, mommy cat's calling me!

That's my diary entry for today!


My Christmas Wish.....

December 13th 2013 7:16 am
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Hello everykittiez sorry i haz not been writing lately, but I have been sooo busy lately! I am doing well wif my mommy cat and my other brofurs and sisfurs, and I am so excited about Christmas this year!!!! I want to see Santa Paws soooooo bad i can't stand it, to tell him my one Christmas wish.

But since he won't be visiting the forest until Christmas, i'll go ahead and say it now..... this Christmas, all i want is a home. I know i stay at the garage, but i don't even know if dats where i'm stayin! i want a family who will love me and pet me behind the head, and even though i'm the runt, and a little weird, (well thats what my brofurs and sisfurs say atleast.) i hope that either the family wif the sheltered garage adopts me or those really nice humans that found out my tail wagging trick. MOL!!!

well anyways..... that's my diary for today.


My New Name

January 13th 2014 5:45 pm
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Hellooooooooo to all of my kitty pals! Sorry i haz not beens writing in a while, but i haz been super busy. So you probably guessed from the title of this entry that i probably got a new name. Well i did. My new name is Squeaky, which i lovez almost as much as Snowby. They named me that because i would climb up a tree and squeak a lot. Also other things have been happening besides the name thingy.

The first week of the really cold snap was not so fun. My mommy cat and my brofur and sisfur left the warm shelter of the garage and ME, for a couple of days. And it was coooooooold and i missed them so much. i wondered if i'd ever see them again, hoping that they just accidentally left me behind and were coming to go back and get me. I was so happy when they returned a couple of days later. I was a little hurt, but i was also just glad they were home and i could snuggle wif my mommy cat again. Speaking of my mommy cat she got "fixed" which she won't tell me what it means, but my brofurs and sisfurs say that it means she can't have any more babies which i'z fine with. They say it will keep her from running us off like she did our other litter. And guess what! I'z not the runt anymore!!!!! I is as big as my brofurs and sisfurs maybe even bigger and now i like playing this game where i jump on my mommy cat and play wif her. it is sooooo much fun! Well i'd better go, my mommy cat's calling.

And that's my diary for today!


So sad..... Catster leaving?

January 16th 2014 5:05 pm
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helloooo everyone. I'z as sad as can be about catster and am trying to make sense of all of this. This is soooooo upsetting, that i don't know what to do! I am just so sad that i can't share my diary entries and paw mails, and groups with you. i will miss all of my wonderful kitty friends! We should do something about this to help catster. I just am not sure what to do! I will miss all of my kitty furiends.

That's my diary for today.


My new home :):):):)

May 13th 2014 2:37 pm
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Hi all!!! Snowby here, and with good news too! Sorry I had not been updating lately but here I am now! ~Purr~ ~Purr~ weeeell I have all purty new collar now, and i'z grown some too. Finally!!! Oh yeah, I totally forgot about good newz.... Wait for it.... Wait for it..... I GOT A FUREVER HOME!!!!! Can you believe it?! Me, and my mommycat and my siblings are all TOGETHER. My ownerz are the same onez I had befur and yep they still have that cozy garage. But it's a lot hotter now so I can play outside wif my brofur and sisfur. I am so thankful that mommycat and my siblings are still together! My Christmas wish came true!

And that's my diary for today. :)

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