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March 11th 2014 11:49 am
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I was thinking last night about all the cool stuff I get to do, now that I live inside. I mean, I got ta play with the wild outside, but nothing compares ta having a warm bed and sisfur and mommy to cuddle up too. Plus Da sparkly thing was NOT outside ta catch! And I get ta catch and play with it with my mom everyday!

I was watchin the news with mom last night too, once she got home from class, and this poor kitty was on the news. And this poor kitty reminded me so much of myself (and Mommy said so too) I was such a scared little dude when I came inside. It took me months ta learn that it's ok, that I won't get hurted inside. And even now sometimes I still get scared. Kitty, she lets Mommy do anything to her, cept when it's time ta wash her chin from the acne she gets sometimes or ta put eye drops in. But this kitty was so cute, he was black n white. And he was just terrified.

So...why was he terrified??? 'Cause he has bad hoooomans. I don't even wanna call them his mom and dad, 'cause no mom and dad kick their kitties. This hoooman called 911 because the little hooman, who was only 8 months old, was allowed ta play with the kitty (and we all see tha cute videos online of kitties and babies, but you have to be careful too 'cause babies don't know stuffs yet) and this baby pulled the kitty's tail. So the kitty got scared and scratched it. So then the hooooman kicked the kitty by the tail!!! Which means, the kitty was walking away!!! And no kitty deserves a kick in the booty, EVER EVER!

And of course, like any scared and attacked kitty, this one was trying to hide in the video (which was obvious 'cause that's what I did and Kitty did when she had her brofur Harrison) and it was meowing loud and hissing and making growly sounds. I feel so bad fur this kitty because he doesn't deserve to be frightened in his home or kicked. And the baby too should be more pawrotected from the animals, just in case ya knows, until it can learn how to be good to them.

So this kitty is still living at the house, which confused Mommy 'cause one story she saw said that "authorities caught the cat and didn't know what to do with it.." but then they said the cat was caught and left with the furmily, who don't know what to do with it. I think purrrrsonally, that this kitty is no stranger to kicks and yells and bad hoooman behavior. And I know after seeing the news story with Mommy, so many people would want to love him and cuddle him and treat him right so he won't have ta be so scared and look fur hiding spots like in the video.

I am just feeling sad fur this dude. He didn't ask ta has his tail pulled, and it was an accident, but the kicking was deliberate. Mommy tries to put food bowls in front of me, that's deliberate and sometimes I hide at furst, and then realize, it's my yum yums, and I go in fur a pet-which I control by letting mommy reach her hand out and I walks into it. I had ta learn the trust, just like Mommy had ta learn to give me time to trust.

So anyways, I know that this diary was gonna be more about my daily stuffs, but I guess it is in a way. Daily, sometimes I hide, but I know I won't get kicked or my tail pulled, and daily I eat yum yums and play with Da Sparkly thing. And daily I get so much loves. And I just wanna send that loves to this kitty from tha news.

Wanna send him some POTP with me furrriends??

Jumpin Jack flash (cause that's my nicknames when I flash into my safe spot, under the table, on top of the chairs, where my little lamb cuddly bear and soft bed are.

Purred by: Ozzy (Catster Member)

March 11th 2014 at 4:08 pm

I give your diary entry a ^paw. Well said my friend.

ozzy (harriet sends her purrs too)




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