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The Kitty Cat Diaries

G'day Purrr friends!!

July 19th 2013 10:15 am
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Hello Luvsters!
How is everyone today? I'm sorry that I've not been around here much lately. That makes me sad because then I miss you, my new fuurrriends on Catster! I got some nice purr mail, thank you so much! You know who you are! Thank you to my nice and kind furriends who sent me the fireworks and the other rosettes and stuffs!! You are so kind and generrrrous!
As for me and my mommy (and daddy too..he's home for the Summer because he's an elem. teacher and he teaches 4th gr)...we have been just hanging out together. I am getting more and more affectionate and trusting with each passing day. One day I know I will sit on my mommy's lap or maybe near her at least....But for now I let her put her head on top of mine when Im in my...."uh hemmm" er..her lazy boy chair! (It's becoming mine more and more daily! I let that kitty bed go in a heartbeat when I saw this big soft green Lazy boy recliner that I knew I could claim and I have!! MOL) ...I also let mommy pet me and I flop down on my side and that means how I trust her so much and she will only love me forever! I am now allowed to sit at the table in a spot where their youngest daughter used to sit for dinner etc. but she moved out so now it's "my spot". I can see out the window well and I like to be closer to mommy.
I have let mommy know that I love to have my back rubbed and my forehead and under my chin is the "cats meow"!! I am actually eating my wet food from mommy's hand....I'm so spoiled! You see I don't love putting my face down into the wet food in the I eat the most of it from the kitty food bowl and then mommy gets a blue plastic spoon and feeds me the last 3 bites or so and the part that gets on her hand, I just lick it...and I like it too! MOL.. It is making mommy and me just bond all that much more!
I've not been sleeping with mommy for a good long while now...I'm not sure why? But every now and then, I pop upstairs and jump up on the bed and lay my head on her arm and stay for awhile...then I jump down! The other day I jumped on top of the refrigerator!! YEP...I am the great "Huntress, LUNA"!! I followed a bug that was flying and it was up in the light fixture in the kitchen. It was driving me nuts and I finally called for mommy and she got daddy and he "got it" out for me. Lucky, for me or they'd not have found that it was a "Wasp"!! Yes, indeed...they found about 20 of them so far and daddy's been spraying with a special "pet friendly" spray all around outdoors and he found a nest too...He got rid of that and if this doesn't work, we are ordering this "waspinator" from online at Amazon. It makes the Wasps think there's already a queen nest and they go away..our friends in Scotland says it works! I just know that mommy and daddy are so worried about me being stung...They've not gone out in a few days for fear of me being stung because I love to run after bugs! I have a little black dot on my snout or on my's not swollen and it's not seem to be bugging me...but mommy's watching it because it just popped up at the same time as these darned wasps! I'm eating, drinking a lot and playful and sleepy...all the things I am supposed to be...luckily!
Well, I just wanted to let you know that the reason we've not been here in a little while, is because mommy has been not feeling well at all. Do you remember in February she had heart surgery? Well she has a "Neuro-autoimmune disease" called "RSD/CRPS" and it makes her have horrible nerve pain 24/7 and now its spread into that surgical area near her heart...her left arm is swollen and she's been super super tired and generally ill feeling...So her BP is very high and she had to get a kit to watch it. I know I can help her with that High BP! MOL....Sooo I just am going to watch over her and love her...and she loves me....SO I'm just not sure "WHO RESCUED WHO?"
Love, Luna Skye


Luna Skye


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