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May 17th 2013 7:45 pm
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Yes i had a rough start ....I think we all know this by now...... , but Im a really active, and smart kitty... Mommy's a been little sad because shes disabled and really was hoping that I would sit with her or sleep with her at least! Ive been here since Jan 29th and they are being patient with me....but Im only obsessed with "playing" and my wet food , (*twice daily i get wet ....and dry food around always) ! Mol...! I will not eat treats, not of any kind! Mommys tried 6 different kinds, even freeze dried chicken! I want to play and play and play about every hour or 10 mins. And mommys disabled and a chronic pain patient...daddys almost ready to retire (hes been an elem. teacher for 35 yrs!).....they were told on my paperwork that I am "affectionate & cuddly"... Hahaha...I am affectionate in the mornings when we get up I do much head butting in mommys hands! MOL!! I will put my nose near her face ...she calls it "kisses"!!
Mommy wants to pet me but Im not so crazy about it and when she pets me, i move away just far enough so she cant reach....she plays with me in the morning, after lunch and after dinner ! Sometimes i do come to her or daddy but usually mommy,to be petted....for a few moments and if i want it only....then I leave quickly....mommy knows I'm a cat and she loves me very much! Shes very attached to me and calls me "her baby"....mommy got so excited about two months ago when I decided to just get up on her chair with her, next to her! It happened three times and mommy cried because he was so excited....I don't get it? I've never done it again! I Just decided that I don't want to do it anymore !! But I do love to look out from all of the nice windows in our house!
I sleep in the big "dog bed" they got for me...i do jump up into their bed in the night times off & on and I dont get super close to mommy but i do lay on her side near her hip! Mommy talks to me and i do sort of follow her when i feel like it.
Mommy never wants me to be just an entity in our home.....shes never gonna give up!! Never!! Soooooooo they're thinking of going to the rescue at the zoo tmw or calling my old foster mom and asking her if shes fostering any true true lap cats??? I was fine with the cats and dogs she I'm not quite sure if i want to share my kingdom here though?? MOL....MOL....!!
Well everyone ....I want to say "thank you" for making me CAT OF THE DAY,!!! Yesterday ! Thank you also for the lovely offers of friendship and for the kind messages and pretty pictures/rosettes etc! thank you to Tundra for the beautiful photo!! Any ideas and my mommy' s open to them?? Thank you so much!!! Love, Luna Skye


Luna Skye


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