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The Kitty Cat Diaries

Mommies worry too much!

April 15th 2013 8:08 pm
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Dear Purrrfect friends
Hello....I'm feeling all better now..yay!! My mommy called my foster mommy who took care of me for the first 6 mos. while my "bad" parents were in litigation for jail. They are in jail now and that is good because they were bad. But all that tummy went through alot, my foster mom told mommy. I was throwing up last week a couple of times and still hiding more than I was since I got here but other than that, everything is good now. My mommy was just not sure about how to feed a special tummy kitty like me...So my foster mommy told mommy to just give me 1/2 cup in the morning of dry food and then 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup in the evening ...and both times or one of the times I get to have 1/2 of a 3 oz can of wet food...
Soo after a day or two of eating like this, I was doing so much better. But because I threw up in the living favorite room...and near my little cube that I loved to play in and with...I don't want to go near it now. Mommy's feeling a bit worried still but I think I'm OK...Daddy says Mommy worries too much about me...Mommy says she can see my tummy move like a big muscle spasm after I eat sometimes...??? Anyone know if that is just OK? My foster mom never saw it, I dont think? She didn't mention it? Well, I'm also hiding behind the couch lately. I found a new spot that I like. Mommy thinks its strange because I always have been "OUT" where they are since I arrived except for a little bit under the couch when I first got home and when the TV was kind of loud....but not anymore...until the other day...hmmm??? I'll keep you posted my purrrffect and puurr kitty to you, Luna Skye.... ^>.


Luna Skye


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