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The Kitty Cat Diaries

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The 12 Cats of Chrisssstmas: by Luna Skye

December 10th 2013 9:04 am
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Hello fuurrriends,
How are you all on this Pawsome 15th day before Santa Paws comes?? Are you singing the 12 cats of Christmas yet?? You know the one about the "window seat for our cat tree" and "5 Golden tabby's"??? you want the rest of my song??? OK OK....hold your paws you go: the 12 Cats of Christmas: by LUNA SKYE.....
On the 1st day of Chrrrristmas my hooman gave to me,a window seat for our cat tree!! ON the 2nd day of Chrrrrristmas my hooman gave to me 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....On the 3rd day of Chrissssstmas my hooman gave to me 3 purring kittens and 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree.....On the 4th day Christmas my hooman gave to me 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree!!!....On the 5th day of Chrisssstmas my hooman gave to me 5 golden tabby's!!!!! ...4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree!!! ON the 6th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me: 6 mice a scramblin, 5 Golden tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree!!!! On the 7th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me: 7 torty's pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin, 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree.....on the 8th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Torties pouncin' , 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....On the 9th day of Chrissstmas my hooman gave to me 9 black cats grooming, 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Tortie's pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purrring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree...on the 10th day of Chrissstmas my hoooman gave to me 10 Calico's scratchin', 9 black cats grooming, 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Torties Pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden Tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purrring kittens, 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....on the 11th day of Chrissstmas my hoooman gave to me...11 Scottish folds, 10 Calico's scratchin, 9 black cats grooming, 8 Maine Coon's stalking, 7 Torties Pouncin', 6 mice a scramblin' 5 Golden tabby's, 4 meowing Siamese, 3 purring kittens , 2 kitty treats and a window seat for our cat tree....on the 12th day of Chrisssstmas my hoooman gave to me, 12 rescued strays, 11 Scottish folds, 10 Calico's scratchin' , 9 black cats grooming, 8 Mainne Coon's stalking, 7 Calico's scratchin', 6 mice a scramblin', 5 Golden tabby's , 4 meowing Siamese , 3 purrring kittens , 2 kitty treats and window seat for our cat tree!!!!!!!!! TA DAAAAAAAAA LOVE ....LUNA SKYE....MEOWWWY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


We made the Humane Society's Newspaper!!

October 1st 2013 2:00 pm
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Hi Everyone,
Hey check out my "STORY" at the Humane Society's website...They picked my story for a "printed"'s the link...Im so, Luna

Link being sent: id=10526


Little Girl Lost

September 21st 2013 8:01 pm
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Hello all,
Hey to all of my furriends here on Catster...sorry I've not been around so much lately. Mommy is still not doing so well since February when she had the heart surgery...she's just tired alot and not feeling so great. She's a good mommy and she tries hard to be everything I need and want ...but I just want to be me with my own personality and my own quirks. When mommy and daddy got me they actually got me because their daughter who is 25 has her own apartment and another kitty named "Sutton". They all love Sutton, she is "fixed" and she is a good kitty and mommy's daughter thought that she'd get another kitty (me) to keep Sutton company . But when I went there after the foster home, I didnt' like it so much. I was stuck in the bathroom for a few days and I felt lonely and worried about what was going on for me in life. I was let out of the bathroom for times and then Sutton would be put in the laundry room for awhile while I sniffed out the place and played awhile...then we went back to our own spaces again...just until we could get used to each other. But Sut-Sut never got used to me and started worrying , not grooming, not eating and whenever we got put together to try and be introduced; we both got upset and started clawing at eachother and hissing...
We did not like each other and it just was not gonna work and mommy's daughter was going to have to take me back to my foster mom's home. But my mommy intervened and she told her daughter to bring me to her house and they would take me as they fur baby and be my family. I was really cute and I didnt want to be alone in a room downstairs that first night and I jumped up the basement stairs and over the 1/2 door and into the living room! I made a big sound and they wondered what happened!! I made them so surprised and they were laughing so hard and I was instantly allowed upstairs with them and trusted. you all know my trials and stories and eveything we've been through together, right? You know how my mommy used to say that she had hoped that I would be "cuddly" and everyone said to give me time? Mommy had hoped for company and love and companionship. She is in pain all of the time with a nerve disease and doesn't feel too good and she just wanted something to love and be loved. (*On a side note mommy has an abusive family and she has to stay away from them to be safe...she also lost her oldest daughter 9 yrs ago ).... She feels like she could use some unconditional love like the love only fur babies can give...but not far I'm not capable of this. Mommy knows that kitties are sometimes loners or we want things our own way....You know my mommy loves me and you can see by all the pictures she takes of me that I'm so important in their lives. I'm so smart and cute and funny...but mommy is sad because I never want anything except to sleep and play (playing is harder for her but she's a good sport and still plays with me a lot). I'm funny to watch but I'm not any company really. You see....Mommy & Daddy.. they both are allergic and think that having 2 cats would be "pushing it. Mommy and daddy's allergies are in check just by taking a pill daily so thats good and with me, they are doing OK with it and that is wonderful. But two kitty's might be pushing it a bit much and mommy's has asthma as well (which is also doing good at the moment).
Mommy keeps saying that in time things will be better, that I'll get used to everything, that I'll be better, less skittish etc. Daddys starting to get upset because mommy is sad quite often about the whole thing. Daddy keeps saying that they should let the foster mommy come back and bring me to her house because she said I could come back to her house any time forever. Mommy loves me so much and daddy does as well, but the only thing that they do is clean out my litter box and feed me and play with me. I won't let mommy (or anyone) hold me, I won't sit with her, I won't sit next to her, I won't sleep with her, she cannot hold me! I stay in one room of the house most of the time and they are always in the TV room. I used to sleep with mommy but haven't in about a month and now I sleep up on the mantle over the fireplace or I also sleep in the rocking chair in the room upstairs, the spare room. You see, right now its Sat. night...daddy and mommy are watching TV and playing on their Ipads...I'm upstairs by myself in the computer room in a chair. I used to greet them in the morning if there was a night that went by and I didnt want to sleep next to mommy. I would at least be head butting and meowing and happy to see them and get them up. Now I just keep going backwards 5 steps and forward one step!!
I won't drink water from my bowl...not any bowl...only from the faucet....I want mommy to pet me while i eat or sometimes i wont eat...the only thing that I do that shows any kind of affection whatsoever, is sometimes I' ll fall down onto my side like "plop" and want to be petted...but only for a few moments or then I start swiping my claws at them. I don't get excited to see them or even get up off of my perch when either of them come home....Mommy's friends who are in a support group for pain patients, they have kitties and their kitties lay down in the bed with them for the most part when they don't feel good throughout the day. I don't care if mommy doesn't feel good and I stay in another room ....
Mommy and daddy are so sad ...especially mommy. She /they know that animals are not "disposable" creatures that can be "traded" as the cat behaviorist has suggested when mommy talked to one at the humane society where I used to live. She said that if mommy isn't happy and it's been so long, about 8 /9 months now and I'm just not that "into them"..that they should take me back to my foster mommy who doesn't mind taking me back at all! She told them that they could for sure find mommy a loveable lap cat that would possibly fit in at this house and with this family since I don't really seem to do anything here except keep to myself and I like it that way. Mommy is afraid to hurt my feelings or afraid to do anything except just keep me here with them, with her. She said they should try a dog or another cat and just let me be who I am and leave it at that...but daddy says that thats not an option.....because of his allergies being worse, he only wants one animal and he has to do the laundry, housework, and lawn work and everything pretty much ...already...Because mommy has several health issues its alot on his shoulders. He is a full time teacher and has been for 36 years as's just hard and they know they could do it and welcome it and not mind at all...but they just want me to give some kind of sign of love and affection. I mean, I hate seeing mommy unhappy because of me....she is sad quite often and she has enough to be sad about daddy says, without me being a part of it. I was supposed to be part of the family and their lives and love and be's hard because I'm not like that and I've been here 9 mos almost.
Lastly, you know...mommy and daddy had they picked out their own family fur baby, they'd have chosen one with a history of being loving and a lap cat and such...but their daughter brought me home and that didnt' work out with her kitty and me. We didnt like each other at all. Remember, she was going to take me right back after a week, to the foster mommy...but my mommy now didnt want that to happen and she said they would try to take me and see how it's been all this time and I'm getting more and more apart from them/her and instead of closer.....any suggestions will be so hoped for... but mommy cannot handle anymore hurtfulness because there are so many abusers in her life that she's trying hard to keep at bay...thank you all for being warm, caring and, Luna ...purrrssss


The Original "Fly Swatter" & The " Peek-a-boo" Shuffle!

August 17th 2013 10:10 pm
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Purrrr to all !! Well You know me ... I mean maybe you do or you maybe don't? But you'll get to know me better if you read my awesome story! I truly have an amazing story because I was at a bad home and then foster care for 6 mos and I had two babies! They got to go together to their furrrever home, and I glad! Now I've been with my mommy and daddy since Jan 29th! It's been about 7 months and I think Im going to keep them!!
I have two stories to tell you ! First of all I GOT A FLY TODAY!! I went to get mommy and I got her to follow me. We were at the big doorwall window and there was a fly! Imagine in your mind how pawesome I am because this is what happened next.... "WHOOOOOSH" one swipe of my paw and I got that fly!!! One swipe!!! Yep I put up my paw way up high and it went a bit "loopy" on me but it was a great play toy for a few moments! Mommy was hyperventilating because she felt sorry for that silly 'ol fly!! Doesn't she know Im a "meat-a-vore" you know...the opposite of "veg-a-vore"??? Well then I got to really entertain mommy and daddy! I know they're so proud of me! So I kept toying with that little critter for a few! I put it in my mouth, roll it around...spit it out! I did that a few times (and I know mommy was waiting for me to bring it to her as a gift, like usual, but "WOOOP THERE IT WENT!!! In the mouth...roll it around "MMMMM" and "snap"!! It was gone, vamoose, adios.., yayyyy for me!!! Us know Im the finicky cat that eats for no one and only what I like, when I like it and where I like it.... Most of all the way I like it! That was one yummy fly!! Mommy was aghast!!! Daddy was cracking up!!! I was mostly just "full"! Haha MOL!! that I had all that extra protein and all of that extra energy... It was time for playing "peek a boo" with mommy!! Mol mol...she hides and pops up and says "ppeeek!!"or "peek a boo!" And then I run and hide and I pop out of a box or from behind a wall!!! Then she tries to do the same and then daddy decides to play and there we are,... all. 3 of us running around the house playing "Peek a boo"!! It must look really funny to other hoomans!!! Yea ... MOL...they think they were "running around" and playing with me, but I'd say it was more like a "shuffle" they do Not a good run like me!!! "I'm the Queen of the house I say" as they're sprawled out on the couch ready for a good nights sleep!!!!... While I'm just getting started for the night! Gotta go do some more fly swiping and bug chasing !!! Hahaha love, Luna xx


A Lesson on Trust

August 15th 2013 8:55 pm
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Hello Purrfect furriends!!
It's me, Luna...How are you all doing? I'm doing so good! I helped my daddy figure out that a bird fell into our fireplace! I told him it was there and I got him and I got mommy and we all were listening and looking with a flashlight! Daddy found it and he got it out and saved the day! If I was wild and out in the outdoors, I might want to eat the little fellow...but since I'm fed and loved, why shouldn't he be also? So I decided that I should let them know about the little chirper and save the day! It feels good to be a heroine sometimes. Although it's still pretty fun to drop a bird at the feet of the hoomans we love, isn't it? MOL...
I didn't have a very purrfect day on Saturday! I was laying in mommy's arms and she was giving me love. It was such a wondfurful Saturday morning and then daddy was worrying me a little...I perked my ears up and my whiskers moved and my eyes got as big as saucers....He's usually a pretty good daddy and he loves me, so I trust him...It's hard for me to trust because I came from a bad and abusive hoarders home. So I trust him none the less...but he came from nowhere and whisked me into this black nylon "purse" thing (carrying crate)! I didn't know where I was going or what was going to happen to me. I was being very brave continuing to trust this hooman who's not my #1 but my #2 hooman! We left mommy at home...she was letting water come out of some holes on her face! She seemed very sad so I didn't know if I should worry about her or worry about me!???
We drove awhile but daddy was reassuring. He touched the open sides of the "purse thing" and spoke softly and gently to me. We arrived at our destination and there were about 7 animals in a line and then daddy was very smart!! He had brought a fold up chair and put me in my case on his lap. We stayed there for a long time until they called my name "LUNA STEWART"!??!! Daddy got up and took me into a room, that looked vaguely familiar! This nice man and lady petted me and spoke softly to me and I sorta liked it and I was purring...UNTIL SUDDENLY....the man picked me up like I used to pick up my babies in the back of the neck!! I was thinking "WOAAAHHH...HOLD ON THERE BUDDY!! Do you know who I am?? I'm Luna....Queen of the House!!" He pretty much told me that I was not Queen of his house..MOL...then he POKED ME IN THE BEHIND!!! Much to my surprise!! I hissed at him because it all happened so fast and it kinda smarts!! OUCHHHHHHEY WAAA WAAA!!
Finally, after 2 whole hours (because it was the low cost shot clinic day and everyone was there and there feline brother and their canine sister and all of their feline and canine aunts, uncles, kids, cousins and everyone else who cannot afford the $52.00 exam fee AND the shot fee, were there! Everyone was standing in this long line that went out to the street! I mean there were cats and dogs of all breed, shape and size! A nice German shepherd came up to my little "window" on my "purse" and she said "Hi" to me ...and I said "Meap" to him...he was OK...but then this big burly dog with a spiked collar came up to me and I scratched and hissed at him through my cage! *Daddy thinks maybe this was the kind of dogs that were at the "hoarders" house where I used to live?? The dogs were starved and they started thinking of us Felines as "dinner"...and I mean it...some of my BFF's were "dinner" for some hungry Pit Bulls! It wasn't really their fault, I was hungry also!! But just the same, I didn't want him near me!!! ( OH and BTW..just FYI...I mean...if something happened to me (God Forbid)..Mommy and daddy have an insurance card for just me...but for medical emergencies and stuff that I hope to never have! So I will always be taken good care of...but they didn't really have the extra money for the cost of the exam AND my 3 year distemper booster shot!)
After all of that...the Dr and the nurse petted me afterwards, and all was well in the world again and I sounded like a freight train, they told daddy; because I was purring so loudly! MOL...MOL...We went home and we walked in ...well Daddy walked in and I was still in the ridiculous "purse" thingy! Mommy was waiting for us, especially for ME...MOL...she gave me my breaf-gast and I gobbled it up slurping all the way!!! Then I went to my spots: the side window...the door wall window...the bay window seat box with the fluffy pillow for me to lounge all day on!!! Everything was as it should mommy had wet eyes??? HMMM>...Not sure what that's for?? But all in all, I'm "HOME" and that's all that matters.....What I learned today...or on Satfurday...was just one more lesson on "trust". I trust them more now because they took me out and brought me back to my furrever home, where mommy was waiting for me!!! I was so happy to see her and eat my "breaf-gast.....she pet me awhile and and snuggled on me and gave me another drink from the silver spout that is in their hooman's "eating room". That silver thing that water comes out of and I either bat at it or drink, depending on my mood or thirst levels!
Thank you for coming to my "Kitty Cat Diaries"....I'm learning about trust more and more each day that goes by and they show me how much they love me!! G'nite Furrriends!!! Purr at 'cha later!
Love, Luna Skye


Breaf-gast and sleeping arrangements!!

August 13th 2013 1:44 am
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Hellooo Furriends, I hope everyone on the "other side" of the "Kitty Cat Diaries" is having a great week? Well, I have a couple of thing to tell you..about Mommy and Daddy and me, too!
Its sooo funny because my Daddy,thought he never really wanted a cat...he even used to make cat jokes!! Until I showed up!! Now... I feel him rub my head and my back lightly until I purr quietly to him....and he worries about me!! MOL... and its cracking Mommy up! Mommy thought she was going to be "on her own" with me and that I'd become totally her BFF *(best Feline Furriend). I'm starting to think Daddy loves me just as much as Mommy does!
I watch them both, like a hawk! If either of them moves, I must see where we are going! Its really cute how they kinda both want ME to be their own BFF!! Though... I only sleep with mommy...Well I know that Daddy is allergic (they both are allergic ..but they use allergy meds and they also have inhaler.. But its totally worth it! I'm just so precious! They enjoy the fact that I'm very intelligent and I know he can't have me sleeping next to him..sooo I just check him out to make sure he's breathing and then I make sure she's breathing and I gracefully tuck myself up right under mommy's arm at night. Her Right armpit is my comfy spot each night while laying my little chin on her arm! I'm just sooo cute! I've also heard that I've been really darling in the mornings as well! I just "meow" and start knocking Mommy's eye drops over (they're on her bedside table with lots of little "goodies" that I enjoy knocking to the ground from time to time) and there's more little things I find to "play" with and knock off of her bedside table at about 7:00 am each morning!! But this Summer I've change my internal alarm clock to 9:00 am! They reallllly love me now!!ha ha MOL...when I woke them at 7:00 am, Mommy would say "oh Luna its too early,can we stay a bit longer?!" Then I "allow" her or them lays back down for a bit longer. This time I like to settle in near her hips or legs and I continue grooming myself until about 8:30/9:00 am....Finally, when 9:00 am rolls around, after they've lounged half of the day away; well then then I make a sweet little "Meeeap???" sound, that melts their hearts of course! MOL ...MOL...Mommy will say "OK baby girl you've been sooo good, lets go get us some bref-gast"(doesn't she know it's "break-fast and not breaf-gast?" by now?? I humor her)...then...I pick up my "baby" ( a little washcloth like animal-ish toy,the first toy I got at my new furrever home here!! So I drop it at mommy's feet...she is then, by way of a daily ritual now, supposed to pick it up and toss it down the stairs and say "Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!".... Then I switch from mellow Luna...into a "thundercat" and I bounce and run, run, run, allover the house. After breaf-gast and "zoom, zoom, zooming" all over the house, I'm ready for some good grooming. While I'm 1/2 asleep after all of that...Mommy or daddy decides that it's time to "play". I play whirly bird toy game,....stalking...hunting.. And catching!!!!! Then I, Luna,.."Queen of the house"...get up on MY spot up on top of the kitchen counter...and I lay down for a good, long drink of water from the place where the water just comes out of a spout for them!! (*the faucet at the kitchen sink, of course)!!
I'm bothering no one, just happily slurping and drinking my water while I hear the sound of that "food can opener"!! Mommy's over there in the same room as me,opening a can of "Natural Balance's": chicken & green pea, ultra Cat flavor, Indoor cat flavor or Duck & green pea flavored wet food for me to eat from my special dish and some at the end, from mommy's fingers/hands (we bond!)!!! I even get to eat from a spot UP on the counter now!! It's easier for mommy's back pain issues. I even eat the last few bites from a spoon and Mommy's hands!!! Hahaha...,such a loved and spoiled kitty I am !!!! Since I'm so affectionate and loving I can have whatever I want, as long as it won't harm me in any way, shape or form!
Well, that's my news from the "kitty cat diaries" today....have a Purrfect day pals!!! love, Luna,


Thank yoooz and Hey, I saved the day!

July 31st 2013 11:01 pm
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Hiya hiya hiya!!!
First, I want to say "Thank you for picking my "Kitty Cat Diaries" for the daily pick, that was soooo purrrsome of you all! I want to say thank you to all of my fuurrrriends who sent me the wonderful gifts this time, wow are all so pawsome!! MOL...let's see ...I want to say thank you to Rory and Tundra for some extra special and pretty photo's for my are so nice to do that for your paw friends and their pawrents when they get something special! This is such a special place wif loads of special felines and their mommies and daddies and families! We are so lucky...well...ehhhh....Naww...THEY are so lucky to have us...MOL!
I want to thank you special furriends and you know who you are, who sent me the lemonade drink (mmmm that was very thirst quenching,as I was getting parched chasing those darned bugs!!)...and thank you for the beach balls and the cool flag and all of the are all so awesome! Even the cool and pretty butterfly too...thank you... (Remember my mommy has a brain injury and she feels badly that she cannot remember everyone's name to thank you all she relies on me and I don't remember either MOL...shhhhh don't tell her that!! But really deep down inside we know who sent what gifts and when we write to you and talk back and forth that is great too! The gifts are wonderful and mommy would love to remember everyones names, but the more she gets to know you all, wellllll then she will start to remember better, OK? )
You've just gotta take a look at a couple of my photo's that mom put of them will remind you of the book "Where's Waldo"? Except that I'm hiding in the picture and you have to look for me OK?? LOok closely...I'm there but not in a likely place! MOL...and then look for the picture of me wearing a kilt and hiding in the box, and in mommy's purse!! Those are pretty funny! While you are there, don't forget to look at the "red balloon" video on my video's too, because it's a cute one...real tear jerker for a few seconds....
Thank you again to those talented felines and their pawrents who have been making me the gorgeous photo's for my birthday, cat of the day, diary pick etc..Mostly I know it's Tundra and i got one from Rory too... thank you guys and gals so much....with loads of Kitty love, from Luna Skye/ Aka: Lu-Lu
I forgot to tell you that I am a "SUPER HERO" !!! Daddy was catching wasps and he got stung this last week..I was hungting those suckers down everywhere. I think I somehow knew not to touch them, but just hunt and then whimper and cry til daddy came to get it for me...Somehow I knew to stay away...Mommy thinks I got a little sting mark on my snout, but daddy says it would've swollen up and hurt a lot more! Sooo I dunno...but when you see the photo of me on top of the refrigerator...I'm guarding the wasp til daddy or mommy could come and get rid of it for me to sleep easier (mommy too MOL) to you all, Luna Skye...aka "Lu Lu"....xoxo


G'day Purrr friends!!

July 19th 2013 10:15 am
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Hello Luvsters!
How is everyone today? I'm sorry that I've not been around here much lately. That makes me sad because then I miss you, my new fuurrriends on Catster! I got some nice purr mail, thank you so much! You know who you are! Thank you to my nice and kind furriends who sent me the fireworks and the other rosettes and stuffs!! You are so kind and generrrrous!
As for me and my mommy (and daddy too..he's home for the Summer because he's an elem. teacher and he teaches 4th gr)...we have been just hanging out together. I am getting more and more affectionate and trusting with each passing day. One day I know I will sit on my mommy's lap or maybe near her at least....But for now I let her put her head on top of mine when Im in my...."uh hemmm" er..her lazy boy chair! (It's becoming mine more and more daily! I let that kitty bed go in a heartbeat when I saw this big soft green Lazy boy recliner that I knew I could claim and I have!! MOL) ...I also let mommy pet me and I flop down on my side and that means how I trust her so much and she will only love me forever! I am now allowed to sit at the table in a spot where their youngest daughter used to sit for dinner etc. but she moved out so now it's "my spot". I can see out the window well and I like to be closer to mommy.
I have let mommy know that I love to have my back rubbed and my forehead and under my chin is the "cats meow"!! I am actually eating my wet food from mommy's hand....I'm so spoiled! You see I don't love putting my face down into the wet food in the I eat the most of it from the kitty food bowl and then mommy gets a blue plastic spoon and feeds me the last 3 bites or so and the part that gets on her hand, I just lick it...and I like it too! MOL.. It is making mommy and me just bond all that much more!
I've not been sleeping with mommy for a good long while now...I'm not sure why? But every now and then, I pop upstairs and jump up on the bed and lay my head on her arm and stay for awhile...then I jump down! The other day I jumped on top of the refrigerator!! YEP...I am the great "Huntress, LUNA"!! I followed a bug that was flying and it was up in the light fixture in the kitchen. It was driving me nuts and I finally called for mommy and she got daddy and he "got it" out for me. Lucky, for me or they'd not have found that it was a "Wasp"!! Yes, indeed...they found about 20 of them so far and daddy's been spraying with a special "pet friendly" spray all around outdoors and he found a nest too...He got rid of that and if this doesn't work, we are ordering this "waspinator" from online at Amazon. It makes the Wasps think there's already a queen nest and they go away..our friends in Scotland says it works! I just know that mommy and daddy are so worried about me being stung...They've not gone out in a few days for fear of me being stung because I love to run after bugs! I have a little black dot on my snout or on my's not swollen and it's not seem to be bugging me...but mommy's watching it because it just popped up at the same time as these darned wasps! I'm eating, drinking a lot and playful and sleepy...all the things I am supposed to be...luckily!
Well, I just wanted to let you know that the reason we've not been here in a little while, is because mommy has been not feeling well at all. Do you remember in February she had heart surgery? Well she has a "Neuro-autoimmune disease" called "RSD/CRPS" and it makes her have horrible nerve pain 24/7 and now its spread into that surgical area near her heart...her left arm is swollen and she's been super super tired and generally ill feeling...So her BP is very high and she had to get a kit to watch it. I know I can help her with that High BP! MOL....Sooo I just am going to watch over her and love her...and she loves me....SO I'm just not sure "WHO RESCUED WHO?"
Love, Luna Skye



July 2nd 2013 9:46 am
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This is Luna..I wanted to apologize for not writing for awhile...we have had such a busy time lately. Of course, I am at the center of the busy-ness because "I" am the important pawson in the house!! I have been busy : looking out windows, looking out of more windows and leaping from window to window, to cat tree, to doorwall window, to bay window with box seat and quite a nice cushion!! Then I was busy bouncing from the upstairs computer room window to the rocking chair to my "Paw-sons'" bed and bedroom...then I leaped to that window and knocked down all of her perfumes. It's OK because they just fell behind the dresser and daddy got them for her...but then one day my "paw-son" or my "mommy" was cleaning out her drawers and I really found that I do love to hide and seek in those drawers!
I found a new game that I like and it is called "mommy plays hide and seek" with see, I'm a "thundercat" and I "zoom zoom zoom" around the house. I can get quite underfoot at times...and mommy with her cane and all..well she just better watch out so she doesn't knock me down and I get hurt or something, ya know??...So back to this hide and seek thing...MOMMY will hide and pounce out and say "peek" or "peek a boo" and I run run to her fast and then I hide behind something and I pounce out and run at her and stop short of her and hide behind something and pounce out again...all the while she is saying stuff like "PEEK" and "Peek a Boo"!! It's all in all, quite pawsome fun!
So mommy is such a worry wart...I tell ya...remember all those worries and it was nothing?? Well, we were doing THAT again...Mommy and daddy went to talk to a "Cat behaviorist" after finding out that I'm very healthy, active but very fine and healthy..So the cat behaviorist at the Humane Society, after mommy and daddy were telling her some things about me, she suggested that they actually give me back and pick out a "lap cat" for mommy because she's not "happy"...Well, that's not exactly true..Mommy thought that I wasn't happy because I've stopped sleeping in their bedroom at all and I won't even sleep on mommy's arm at night time and rest my chin on her...I won't follow her around the house anymore and I just hate being cuddled or picked up. I'm an independant lady! I'm active and I love my new home with so much to see and do!!! Mommy and daddy got me a cat tree and it's by the big picture doorwall window and I love to stay there most of the time right now while it's Summer time... There's so much activity outside and it's "my TV"...if you know what I mean?? I don't have time for cuddling right now.. I may go back to letting them sleep with me sometimes when the winter, Fall or whatever cold weather comes back..but for now it's just too hot and too much going on elewhere, right?
So...the cat lady was trying to make mommy happy, I think..she thought mommy was sad because mommy wants a lap cat so badly. You see, mommy is disabled and I have high energy...and i dont like cuddling and mommy does...but you see mommy's daughter brought me over because her daughter actually adopted me to be friends with her kitty; but we never got along and so mommy said she would let me live here rather than let her daughter take me back to my foster home. So mommy never got to actually "pick me out" or pick my personality or anything....BUT you MOMMY LOVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY...
Mommy was crying because she thought I WASNT HAPPY!! But I'm as happy as a LARK!! I have so much to play with and so many windows and a fireplace mantle that I feel like I'm the "Queen" when I walk on it! I love the wet food and so much that I let mommy feed me the wet food from a spoon! Now that's "cuddling enough" right?? I LET mommy kiss me on the head...and when I'm really tired in the evening after about 9pm...I let mommy come to me, on MY chair and she can rest her head on my head and kiss me and snuggle me...but she may not sit down or pick me up...I wont hiss or bite but I will struggle to get away, very quickly...
So on the way home from the humane society, where mommy and daddy went to get advice from the cat behaviorist...just because they were wondering why I stopped wanting to be in the same room with them even...I just prefer the other room and they are more than welcome to switch rooms to come and sit with me! I don't mind at all...Well, Mommy says "there is no way, now or EVER that she will EVER give me up...NEVER NEVER NEVER>..(unless I started to bite everyone and pee everywhere or something...but I'm a lady, I wouldn't do that!!)...
We've struggled with things for the past 5 months on and off...but no matter what struggles come and go...Luna Skye is part of our family...or...ummm...Mommy and daddy are part of my family and I will NEVER give them up even if they do want to cuddle and talk baby talk to me! I let mommy get away with some that...but not the cuddling...not for more than about 30 seconds...but...darned if daddy didn't see me sneak my eyes closed in complete Nirvana as mommy was trying to cuddle me for a few moments... I did lay my head on her shoulder and close my eyes..but as soon as I realized what I was doing, I dashed away!! HA HA....
Well...phew...!!! I'm really glad that mommy stuck up for me and she doesn't want to switch me out..for a lap cat...Im not a disposable item...She said she loves me unconditionally for who I am now and today and forever!! YAYAY....I can just be ME and she will love me...Too bad they can't get me a brofur or sisfer but they are both highly allergic and are using inhalers and taking medicine just so I can be here with them and 2 kittys would be twice the dander etc...maybe they'll get me a little doggy fur brother ?? or sis? Someday but for now....for now it's just me and mommy and daddy...and when daddy goes back to his job as a teacher in the Fall, maybe my routine won't feel messed up and I'll go back to laying down again, with mommy...
PS...Mommy was also worried because I claimed this big and nice kitty bed as my own the first day and forward for 5 mos! Then suddenly, one day about 3 weeks ago, I stopped using it. I won't go near it or in it. I don't want to! I like the big green chair better now...Well, maybe someday I'll use it again...but I'm Luna and I do what I want, when I want to do it and How I choose to do it!!!
Love and purrrrs to all...Luna Skye


This 'N That!

June 17th 2013 11:50 am
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Hello Pawww fuurr-riends!

So how are you all doing today? I am enjoying my sunshine, laying around and pouncing from window to window,,,
Ive decided that people are soo very "puuurrr-snickity"!! My pawrents expect me to be the same each day, as in : tempermant , likes/dislikez and even food! Hahaha ....ya gotta know stuffs about kitty's if yer gonna be a good pawrent! Kitty's like me, for example; had been through a lot of changes, therefore, I may be skiddish some day I might love my bed.. Then I won't go near it for awhile! Mommy is finding out that I'm just a normal kitty with a ton of purrrsonality!
Soo if your mommy's and daddy's get worried because one day you like this and that....the next day you won't touch it?.. Tell them "it is purrrfectly O.K.!!
Love, Luna

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Luna Skye


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