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From the Gutter to the Throne: The Life of a Former Stray Turned Queen- Kitty

Brewing Catastrophe

March 6th 2013 1:48 pm
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Spring is coming again, and it's my absolute favorite time of year. Can you really disagree, though? The snow and ice is gone, the sun is just coming back out, the plants are being reborn. The nest that inevitably appears each year in the maple tree will no doubt be showing up soon, bringing with it birds. The mice will be coming out of hiding and there will be no more freezing winter evenings when the frost stings my paws on the way home. I can see it now: the days getting longer and longer, free to hunt and explore to my heart's desire. Though after seven years there isn't much of this neighborhood left to explore, but there are plenty of interesting places. Like the backyard next door; they have no dogs in that house, so I can jump over the fence anytime I want, and their yard has a mini orchard in it. Now that their baby is older he doesn't chase after me anymore, and I think they like me over there.

Oh, the spring nights spent with Indigo and Soleil. Indigo is the only tom I've ever tolerated the presence of and all the other neighborhood cats know it. And this will only be Soleil's second spring--I remember last year when we met. She was such a scrawny, shy little thing. She's grown into a beautiful calico, the only one in the neighborhood.

This spring will just be heaven. But I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Oh, right. Mom has a new baby.

She doesn't give me any less attention, mind you. I still have my rightful spot on the bed and she still gives me all the chin scratches I want. I'm still the queen around the house, don't get me wrong.

And true, that little ball of fuzz is pretty entertaining, the way she bolts around the house chasing invisible prey. And it's been four months since Mom brought her home--with no warning whatsoever, I might add--and she hasn't once been allowed outside without that ridiculous harness and leash getup. But it's only a matter of time. I've seen the kitten lurking by the door, waiting for her chance to go out. When spring really hits, I'm sure Mom will let her outside as well. And that means the annoying little thing on my turf. We may share the house, but that yard is MINE.

Of course, if I try to do anything about it I'll only get in trouble. I'm forever coming home with bites and scratches and Mom hardly bats an eye, just cleaning me up if need be and making sure I'm not too fatally damaged. But if the baby came home bloody? I think she'd have a heart attack.

As I said before, she still loves me as much as ever. She's not a bad mother--she did save me, after all. When she picked me up out of the street she said I was all hers and she's even admitted that I'm the queen around here. As queen, I need to do something to prevent this brewing catastrophe. The kitten goes out, and I say goodbye to my territory and my freedom.

Ah, well, I suppose things could be worse. I could be dealing with the dog incident all over again. Really, what could Mom possibly want with a drooling, yapping mutt when she's got me? Anyway, this thing with Maya could certainly be worse, but I've never dealt with kittens. The closest to dealing with kittens on my territory was Soleil, and she's perfectly capable of handling a little spat. Of course, we worked that out quickly enough and she's one of the few cats I call friend.

Maya though...she's little and fragile. Yes, she goes after the feather wand like it's a freshly caught mouse and she hasn't eaten in three days but she can't even go up against the old tabby who spends her days on Mom's mother's lap--and she's clawless! Oh, this is troubling. I'll have to discuss potential solutions with Indigo and Soleil once this storm lets up. We may allow Maya to join us, if in fact Mom does let her outside during the coming warmer months. I suppose living with me has taught her to respect me, so perhaps we'll be able to forgo the territory issue. If so, than things should work out nicely.

However, I'm undecided on how dignified it will look having a scrap of fluff parading around the neighborhood at your side.

This requires further contemplation after a relaxing nap. I'll update on the issue and any others that may arise when I am next able.

~ Isabel

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