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A normal day for Ebony.

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What an extra special day for me..

May 6th 2013 12:22 pm
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Mom told me this morning that I was chosen to be DDP today on Cat & Dog Plaza and also I was chosen Princess Diva on Princess Divas and Price Charmings group. How totally awesome is that :) I feel so special and very honored that my great friends chose me for this. I have met so many wonderful fun friends since being on Catster. I always get hugs and love in the morning but this morning oh boy mom was so proud she didn't want to let go of me, okay mom enough now,, I got some Ocean Fish for breakfast and oh yummy I couldn't stop eating it was so good :) I got my teeth cleaning treats (must keep the teeth pretty) and catnip oh the catnip what fun it can be. I had a great morning playing. The only thing missing were all the birdies cause it was raining so they didn't show up. Thanks everyone for the great honors. Moms smiling and I'm purrin :) :)


Cat of the month....

May 1st 2013 1:01 pm
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I was picked to be Cat of the month...How purrfectly awesome is that. I love having all my friends on Catster and the games are so much fun. I feel very honored and extra special that I was chosen for this.. Me and mom thank everyone so much. I got a big hug this morning and was told.."I always knew you were a star". To my mom I'm cat of the month every month :)


The red Monster.

April 23rd 2013 7:57 am
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Well mom did it again, she let that Big Red Monster come out of hiding. Let me explain what the monster is, mom calls it the vacuum I call it scary. She knows I do not like that thing but once a week here it comes anyway. I was in the room when she opened the closet and I saw it coming out oh no gotta go but where under the bed, no maybe it can crawl under there and get me. I start running all over the house trying to out run this monster that's out to get me. I'm still running when all of a sudden the monster starts growling making this loud noise I think hes mad cause he cant catch me. One thing about us kitty's is we are small and quick. I run behind the couch that's always been a safe place to hide. I can still hear him growling but I'm very quiet so he cant hear me. I hide behind there for what seems like forever thinking why is mom letting that loud monster run around my house, doesn't she know he might try and eat me. He He. I think he finally got tired cause he quit growling and then I hear moms voice telling me "You can come out now" should I trust mom she did let that thing almost eat me. I slowly come out of hiding lurking like I'm on a hunt if that thing is still out here I'm ready for it. I don't see it I don't hear it I guess mom put him back in his cage. I look at mom after this scary ordeal and shes smiling why, this is no smiling matter. I tell her in so many words how much I do not like that Red Monster and she needs to get rid of him. I'm usually okay with everything but not that monster. I gotta come up with a plan to get rid of him for my safety. He He. Any ideas from my friends.


What I did on my special day.

April 14th 2013 10:29 am
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As all my friends know yesterday was me and moms 1 year together. I always have energy and want to play but yesterday I must have known it was a special day cause I had tons of energy... I mean I was just playing with mom then running all over the house jumping on the tables then running to the room and back and forth and mom was just laughing so much, I guess I looked like a race car driver..Zoom Zoom. I finally got tired after about 1 hour of playing so hard that I knocked out, seriously mom didn't see me move for about 2 hours. I woke up and mom was looking at me and she had something in her hand, I walk over and can smell it... Hey what is that, mom started saying while you were napping I walked to the park and brought you something back...We live a block away from a park that has lots of ducks and birds and mom brought back feathers !!!!!!! She tied a few to a string and pulled it around oh yea I can smell the birds this is fun its like really chasing a live birdie. We played for awhile with the feathers then I got to play find the treats. I had a fun, special purrrfect day and I know mom did to. Thanks to all my wonderful friends that shared me and moms special day..


Me and moms special day.

April 13th 2013 6:34 am
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Today is a very special day for me and my mom, it's our 1 year anniversary together. Mom remembers our story better than me so I'll let her tell it I'll just help out. About a year ago mom decided she wanted to get a cat, she always admired what the ASPCA does to help animals so she started there. She got on-line and started looking, she looked at 4 other cats then she saw me. She read my story and made a call. My mom had to drive 1 1/2 hours to the shelter where they had me. Mom was told I was brought in as a stray kitten at 5 months and now I was almost 7 months and needed a good home. They brought me out and when she saw my cute face and asked to hold me the guy says shes a great cat just not big on being held well that didn't stop mom she picked me up and after a sec my face was buried in her neck meowing this little sound, mom took it as shes telling me to take her home, so off we went. When we first got here mom opened my carrier and I bolted first place I saw which was behind the couch. Where is this place all these new smells and sounds. Right when my brain was thinking fast about all this going on all of a sudden I see this lady who has a nice voice and is telling me it's okay. I stayed behind the couch for awhile and this lady would keep on talking to me telling me to come out you are safe. I wanted to come out she seemed safe enough so I took a chance. I wandered out not knowing what to expect then I smell it....FOOD. I am kinda hungry so I go up to this food oh it smells good so I look at this lady and started eating. My mom said at that moment she knew we would be just fine. It took me awhile as it did mom to get used to everything but we did. I used to have this little kitty meow and mom used to wonder if my voice would get any louder... Well it did. now I don't like to be quiet. He He. It's been a great year for me and mom. I have free run of a big house all the toys, treats and toys any one could want or need. I bring happiness to my mom and she gives it to me. We have a great bond, I am happy I picked mom and she's happy she picked me.


Being a pest.

April 7th 2013 11:20 am
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I have been with mom almost a year now and we have developed a good routine. Mom's usually good about getting up in the morning but sometimes I have to help her out a little. I admit I have mornings where I'm up at the crack of dawn and expect mom to be up with me. Yesterday morning mom said I was really a big pest, who me? It was 5am and I started in, walking back and forth behind moms head pushing my nose in her ear meowing and getting louder by the minute. She rolled over and looked at me then the clock and said "Oh no Ebby it's to early go away". I sat there for a minute and waited for her to get up... Still waiting, nothing so I guess I have to do something else so I decide to scratch my nails on the wall right by moms face, oh that made her move again and even make a noise but it doesn't sound like a happy one:( She's up !! I did it. I run in the kitchen and wait and a few minutes later here comes mom, picks me up and say's "Why are you being a pest this morning?" I don't know why she's not happy and playful.. It''s morning all the birds will be here.. There she is drinking that coffee again just looking at me and say's I should be mad at you but you know I'm not. I don't think I'm doing anything bad. I think it's good for mom to be up before the light outside. He He :) I don't do that every morning but sometimes I can't resist. I want her up, up, up. She just hasn't realized that 5am is the best time to play, play, play :)


Yipee it's Easter.

March 31st 2013 2:27 pm
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Today is finally Easter, me and mom's first one together. Me and mom played this morning with my toys and had so much fun. Then I heard it...The treat bag I ran into the kitchen and saw mommy getting out some of my salmon treats oh yummy. She started hiding my treats all over the room and I started hunting and sniffing around. I found one, then two, oh this is fun, of course mom had to help me a little but I found most of them all by myself. Instead of hunting for Easter Eggs I hunted for Easter Treats which to me was much funner. I got to watch my birdy nest this morning and now I'm just laying in front of the window. I think the Easter Bunny showed up and I missed him but he must have left a note for mom to give me extra treats. I like him for that. Thanks to all my kitty friends for all my pretty Easter presents.


The Bird Nest.

March 25th 2013 7:37 am
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Hi Everyone. Well as all my friends know I love to bird watch, I have 3 windows that I am always looking out of but the big window is my favorite. Right outside this window is a huge tree that brings so many birds that I think I'm in kitty heaven. Every morning I am at that window like clock work waiting on those birds. Well the last 3 mornings my mom couldn't seem to drag me away for some reason I was really fixed on my window. Mom was looking out the window with me to see what was so darn interesting. At first she could hear all those birdy noises then looked real good and saw what I did.. A bird nest.. Why isn't she getting excited like me.. I can't look away, one bird, two birds, back and forth oh it's driving me crazy I wanna catch him. I never caught a bird before only fly's and a few small bugs, but these birds. Oh I see fun :-) I stayed in that window for almost 2 hours just couldn't take my eyes off that nest. I know I can't go out and play with him but it's lot's of fun to watch and kitty dream about the bird nest. Guess where I am while my secretary (MOM) is doing my typing... Yes, you got it in the window watching the nest :-)


Cat of the Day :)

March 23rd 2013 7:21 am
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Wow I am Cat of the Day !! This is so awesome and of course I'm purrin and mom is smiling:) Thanks to all my friends that sent me such nice gifts. I consider it an honor to have been chosen for this. Me and mom really enjoy being a part of Catster and all my new friends...Well it doesn't get any better than this.


Showing Love..

March 16th 2013 7:46 am
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Hi Everyone.. My mommy likes to share fun stories about me but this story touched my moms heart and wanted to share it with my friends. Last night my mom wasn't feeling good and she was laying on the couch I was laying on the floor watching her I knew something was not right cause my mom is usually playing and talking to me. I walked closer to her and meowed and she looked down at me and said "I'm okay sweetie" I didn't believe that so I jumped up on the couch and got right in her face and meowed and meowed trying to ask her in my biggest kitty voice are you okay? She was trying to pet me but was really not feeling good so I started licking her face to make her better, the biggest, wettest kitty kisses ever. I pushed my face into her neck trying to give her hugs. I felt I did all I could so I jumped down and laid on the floor near her. My mom fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later to find me still on the floor next to her and I am wide awake watching her. She looked down and petted me and told me I was the best kitty Dr. around :) I sat up and started meowing as my mom got up. She picked me up and gave me sooo much love, I guess my kitty love worked on her to make her better. I didn't think this is a big deal cause me and mom are supposed to help each other but she thought it was so beautiful that I could sense in my mind and heart that something wasn't right. She told me I was the one who made her better, Me? I'm just a little cat. My mom said those kitty kisses made her cry cause it showed her the love and bond that we share. My mom is back to normal today and I'm happy cause we need to play :) I will never forget what Ebony did for me last night, that was the most loving thing ever.

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