A normal day for Ebony.

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My picture..

June 9th 2013 8:53 am
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I forgot to tell you there's a picture of me in my Cracker Box on my extra photos :)


Cracker Box..

June 9th 2013 8:33 am
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Mom has a funny story she wants to share. Yesterday she was going to throw an empty cracker box away and I knocked it off the counter and started playing with it. Mom said I could play with it for awhile if I wanted. I started scooting it around and mom thought she'd be cute and she threw one of her hair ties that I play with inside the box well I dove in head first and went after that hair tie. I pushed my head in real far cause I got stuck. I kept trying to back myself out of it but that didn't work. I started running and scooting that cracker box every where trying to get out. I could hear mom laughing while I was trapped in this box. She finally released me after what seemed like forever. It was at that moment I got the nick name "Cracker Box Ebby". I stayed away from that box for awhile until I figured out it wasn't out to get me. Mom left it on the floor and last night I went after it again, I went in head first and started scooting going this way that way and finally hit the wall which I guess was the finish line. I backed out of it and shook my head as if to shake of the dizziness and went and laid down for a minute. I had enough of that box for awhile. I've gotten stuck a few times in things and I always go back for more. i wonder what new nick name I'll earn today :)


Meiko and Ebony...

June 4th 2013 2:28 pm
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Well it's official, Me and Mieko are now Boyfur and Girlfur. He wrote a wonderful diary entry about us and it made me blush and purrr. I hope my friends have time to check out what he wrote and see the pretty gift he gave me. Thank-You Meiko for making my day so very special.. I think Meiko get's a bad rap for being a bad kitty at times but to me I look in his heart and he is the very best...

I also want to thank all the kitty's and doggy's that have been saying prayers and beliEVEing for Poo. He is such a dear friend of mine and I carry him in my heart everyday. This is when we ALL stick together and be there for one another.. I love you my friend Poo.

Thank-You to ALL my Catster and Dogster friends that are so much a part of my day and life...Love you all :)


Poo and Tigger's Birthday..

May 30th 2013 1:13 pm
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Tomorrow May 31st is Poo and Tiggers 12th birthday..Did everyone get there invitations? We will be having a celebration on the Cat and Dog Plaza don't miss it..I can't wait :) Thank-You to all all the wonderful kitty's and doggy's making this a special day for Poo and Tigger. Were gonna have a PARTY !!!!!!!


Memorial Day celebration.

May 27th 2013 2:15 pm
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Today is a great day cause we honor all the men and women that have made our country a better place. We Thank-You.
I've had a great day just playing and bird watching. Our neighbor's were playing some music and me and mom were dancing she was laughing and I was thinking mom is losing it. I am lucky to have a mom that loves to play as much as me. I have my own little toy box that has all sorts of goodies to play with. I have been learning a few tricks like sitting for a treat and begging for one. I have learned new words and am very good about doing what mom says. I am having a fun day and I hope all my friends and there paw parents are having a wonderful day also. Let's all remember to keep our friend Poo in our prayers his mommy to. Poo and his mom are going thru a very hard time right now and he needs all his friends to help hold his paw.. Gotta go nap now get some energy for tonight. MOL :)


Kitty Videos..

May 19th 2013 10:15 am
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What a great week I've had. I been doing my normal stuff eat, sleep, play, bird watch...That's a lot of work. Yesterday mom was watching kitty videos on TV and usually the TV doesn't interest me but this time I was on the couch and I spotted the kitty's...They were jumping and playing I had to run over to the TV and check this out. I started pawing at the TV meowing trying to talk to these kitty's, I look behind the TV hey where are they. I looked at mom she's just sitting there laughing again she's no help..I start talking like on the Meow Mix commerical ..Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Meoooow. I run back and forth in front of the TV come on kitty's play with me..I look at mom she says oh sweetie those kitty's can't see you how about if we play? Okay I like that too, bye bye kitty's..Mom can be fun too :)
I have something I'd like to share in my diary today. I have become very very good friends with Poo he's a sweet little boy that loves to play and bird watch. He really needs all our kitty prayers for him to get better. You should visit his page and see how adorable he is :) I love you my good friend Poo. You are in my kitty heart everyday..


Happy Mothers Day mom..

May 12th 2013 10:12 am
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Today is moms special day...I was extra nice to mom this morning I let her wake up on her own with no help from me, MOL. When she opened her eyes I was just laying there staring at her with my beautiful green eyes and gave the softest meow. I was telling her Happy Moms Day. I was so nice to mom this morning I haven't bugged her, I didn't make any kind of mess I figure I'll give mom one day were I'm just extra extra nice.. I am so glad we have each other and you are my mom. Happy Kitty Mothers Day :) :)


What an extra special day for me..

May 6th 2013 12:22 pm
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Mom told me this morning that I was chosen to be DDP today on Cat & Dog Plaza and also I was chosen Princess Diva on Princess Divas and Price Charmings group. How totally awesome is that :) I feel so special and very honored that my great friends chose me for this. I have met so many wonderful fun friends since being on Catster. I always get hugs and love in the morning but this morning oh boy mom was so proud she didn't want to let go of me, okay mom enough now,, I got some Ocean Fish for breakfast and oh yummy I couldn't stop eating it was so good :) I got my teeth cleaning treats (must keep the teeth pretty) and catnip oh the catnip what fun it can be. I had a great morning playing. The only thing missing were all the birdies cause it was raining so they didn't show up. Thanks everyone for the great honors. Moms smiling and I'm purrin :) :)


Cat of the month....

May 1st 2013 1:01 pm
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I was picked to be Cat of the month...How purrfectly awesome is that. I love having all my friends on Catster and the games are so much fun. I feel very honored and extra special that I was chosen for this.. Me and mom thank everyone so much. I got a big hug this morning and was told.."I always knew you were a star". To my mom I'm cat of the month every month :)


The red Monster.

April 23rd 2013 7:57 am
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Well mom did it again, she let that Big Red Monster come out of hiding. Let me explain what the monster is, mom calls it the vacuum I call it scary. She knows I do not like that thing but once a week here it comes anyway. I was in the room when she opened the closet and I saw it coming out oh no gotta go but where under the bed, no maybe it can crawl under there and get me. I start running all over the house trying to out run this monster that's out to get me. I'm still running when all of a sudden the monster starts growling making this loud noise I think hes mad cause he cant catch me. One thing about us kitty's is we are small and quick. I run behind the couch that's always been a safe place to hide. I can still hear him growling but I'm very quiet so he cant hear me. I hide behind there for what seems like forever thinking why is mom letting that loud monster run around my house, doesn't she know he might try and eat me. He He. I think he finally got tired cause he quit growling and then I hear moms voice telling me "You can come out now" should I trust mom she did let that thing almost eat me. I slowly come out of hiding lurking like I'm on a hunt if that thing is still out here I'm ready for it. I don't see it I don't hear it I guess mom put him back in his cage. I look at mom after this scary ordeal and shes smiling why, this is no smiling matter. I tell her in so many words how much I do not like that Red Monster and she needs to get rid of him. I'm usually okay with everything but not that monster. I gotta come up with a plan to get rid of him for my safety. He He. Any ideas from my friends.

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