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my life

Mommmy .....

January 11th 2013 12:55 pm
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Mommy was sick today so she didnt have to go to school we spent the hole day together because she petted us and kissed us on the forhead.Now we are laying on a her bed napping!


Kitty Claus....?

January 13th 2013 1:24 pm
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Today i am going to tell u what i did for christmas! So i heard mom talking about kitty Claus. I walked over to hear more but mom told me to go to my bed. 10 minutes later i heard mom coming down stairs. I got in big trouble for standing up. she told us about kitty Claus and how he has little kitty elfs helping him make cat toys for us! She talked about the bigg cat dinner. It made our mouth water alot. then she told us about how if u been a good cat u get toys. If u been bad u get nothing. She told it to us for a long time. Intill we couldn't keep our eyes open. On christmas eve we had chicken gravy friskies packet! When Night finally came mom layed us down under the tree. and the morning mom woke us up and there were Presents i got a mouse,cat treats and a stuffed toy. Vader got the same thing!


I got Diary of the Day!!

January 18th 2013 7:38 pm
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So when i found out i got Diary of the day i went crazy I jumped around and did a happy dance! mom gave me a big pat on the back and she played with me and my mouse. she told me about how proud she was to be my mommy.



February 5th 2013 9:16 pm
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Mom sat me down with Vador and she told us about her going to cat college. Then we heard school and that got our attention. I asked myself school Whats school? She told us miss.Nevaeh was going to teach me and vador to talk. She told us nevaehs cat could talk so u can to. She told us they were going to learn every thing she learns in cat school. I hope this weekend is going to work out. But mom told us after we are going to make homemade cat treats.
Ill tell u what happens later.



Come Home Jango.

August 5th 2013 10:08 am
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Dear Jango,
I like to see you happy and I know you are. The past 3 months without you have been sad. But at least your happy. When I first got you from bookoo I was happy... you were only 8 weeks old. I got you 7/30/12....... I can't belive I spent 10 months with you. When you left Vador (our other cat) was sad. I knew I shouldve kept you in my room that night. I knew I should've. But I couldn't because you would go bathroom every where. But its a little to late for that because your gone. If I could turn back time I would. But for some reason its not going to happen. We should've never moved into the new house because the doors would fly open randomly. I remember when you would listen to me, lay with me and not judge me. If you could come home would you? If u do ( not going to happen in a million years probally) i'll be waiting!Even If you don't understand that's ok. But..... I love you Jango! Your owner,

I would climb every mountain, every wall in china, break every bone and my body for you, just to see you again.
~ Madison

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