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Named for a Legend, I Become One!

My first Diary Entry-on life as a little guy with Big Tude

December 26th 2012 10:54 am
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Hi everyone!
I am the little brofur of Ruffy, Smokie, Prinny, Natalie...though she doesn't much care for me......oh, and my buds CK and Middy.

Now, some have asked 'why don't they want to keep you-you fit right in?" and I say to that I would love to stay, and Mom wouldn't mind, but my pawrents believe my 'home' is out there somewhere, and if not, then this is my home for as long as it takes.

I love it here. Every morning I get up and run into the bedroom. I climb the stairs up to the hamper and gaze out the window. I look at the birds outside, and sit in the little bed, and purr. Then, when somecat has woken up Mom, or Dad, I run with the others o ut into the kitchen for breakfast. I eat my breakfast with the others and then I play tag or play in the water fountain for a bit. We run around Mom and Dad, and when Mom or Dad is getting ready for work I help but putting my paws up to them to be picked up and petted.

Then when they go off to work, I race around for a bit then find a good place to take a nap....and usually it's on the Cat Tree, though I have been found with my head under a pillow on the love seat, snoozing and rolling around....

then when Mom comes in I line up with the others and eat again. I get fed in the bathroom with CK, becuase we get food with stuff in it. Then after we eat we come out and I play again...sometimes Mommy plays with me. And then, later, I relax in the cat bed, or on the bed with Mommy or on the Cat tree.

We usually have a play Middy and CK before bed.....and sometimes I even win! Size doesn't matter-attitude does! And I'm named for a Great Cat!


Calvin Mc.Catster


Why I am up for adoption

January 8th 2013 1:57 pm
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Today Momma hugged me and told me she loved me. So I asked Momma 'If you love me so much, why am I up for adoption, Momma?
And Momma told me this:
'Calvin, you are a're very young, and you're precious and adorable. I love you so much...and I won't let you go to anyone but someone who will love you as much as I do, as dad does. But I know that you're a 'Star'. You're funny, engaging and precious. You swagger through the house like you've always lived here. And considering that you didn't have a great start to life that says alot."
And I said 'Momma, if that is true, don't you want to keep me?" and she kissed my face and said 'Of course I want to keep you! But I took you on, young man, because I knew you could find the best home ever. And if this happens to be it, that is great! But there may be a person out there, Calvin, maybe someone who's beloved cat has flown off to the Bridge, who has another little kitty or two to play with, who is missing having another fur...and will see your picture and go: 'Thats HIM! Look, That's HIM! He must come home to us!" And that person will meet you and your hearts will leap toward one another and you will will know, Calvin, that you are home!"
"But I am home, Momma! I don't want to go!"
And Momma smiled sadly. "No. Not right now. And you may not want to then, for that little while. But you'll know, Calvin, that it's where you were meant to be when you get there."
"But I love you, Momma!"
"I love you Calvin. I love you enough to want the best for you...and that may be here-or with someonee else, where you will have so many wonderful times. And you'll forget, Calvin, what it was like to live here. You'll remember only that you were loved alot by me, and daddy and the Ridgewood Clowder. You'll remember you Have People. And you have a Clowder. And you'll remember a happy kittenhood with brofurs....but you'll be so happy you'll not be sad, I promise. And if that doesn't happen, you'll stay here. Because we love you alot."
And I thought this over-it was a very heavy thought for a very little cat. And Midnight was batting my tail anyways. And then I said. "And if I get a new family, Momma, what will you do without me? Will you cry?"
"I'll cry alot, Calvin. I'll cry and miss you alot. But you know your people will send pictures of you doing funny things, and having a splendid time as just who you are. And then, Calvin, I'll be going through the sad lists of cats that face death...and I will email the rescue we work with and I will say 'we will foster him' about a cat with sad, fearful eyes.' And so, Calvin, that cat will come to live here, to rest, to feel everyone out, til they are safe, and purring and happy. Every night I look at the cats there...and wish Calvin that we had a house and enough of everything to save them all. My heart breaks for them, Calvin."
"Oh Momma! I don't want them to be killed! Please don't let them do that!"
And Momma's eyes were leaking. She hugged me again. "Oh, Calvin, I wish that with all my heart that everone who could would foster...and then none would be. But we do what we can."
Momma and I were both quiet. I licked at her tears. I purred. And I watched as the sun slowly, slowly began to go down over the trees outside and the room got dark.
Smokie came up and purred beside us. He was so important, a real silvery cat with a deep purr.
"What is it Calvin?" he asked when he saw that I was sad.
"I want to make Momma happy, Smokieboo. I want to save the kitties at the places..."
He saw my look. His green eyes grew thoughtful.
"You can." he breathed softly....'you can."
"How, Smokie?" I asked, for it was obvious he was a cat who Knew.
"Purr, little one. Purr and Purr and Purr."
"And how to I make Momma not sad, Smokieboo?"
Smokie's eyes were half mast.
"You simply Be, little one. Simply Be."
"Be? Be What?" I asked, not understanding.
"Be Yourself. And let the Magick flow. You're named after a Great, after all."

And I sat up and purred and wondered if Calvin could hear me.


The little guy introduces the new guy! Meet PAWS!!!!!

January 16th 2013 4:28 am
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Mommy posted his profile this morning!
Go by everyone and say hello!!!
Hi Paws! I got into the room with you yesterday, remember?
I'm the little legend guy!
I was playing by the window!

It's fun here! You will be fine!



I didn't even know! I am a Dreamboat in Training! Thank- you!!!!!

February 18th 2013 3:23 pm
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I'm so excited!!! I can't beleive that I am a Dreamboat in Training!!!!
You see, Mommy's not been feeling well, and our internet was down for 2 days, and Mommy couldn't get on. Plus, she hasn't been able to get on at work, because they have been mean to her there.

So today she just found out!!!

She took some new pics of me she will post.

I'm so excited.

I want to thank Miss Samoa. I know it's hard for her to narrow it down to just the cats she picks, there are so many wonderful cats that are on Catster.

I know I'm very lucky to be named after the Great Calvin Knead On.

Mommy told daddy yesterday that she really can't see giving me up. Her only concern is expense-as Ruffy's been having some health issues and the clinic Mommy has been using for him she feels just isn't 'getting whatever's going on'. So Ruffy will have to go to the vet mommy used and wanted to get away from, but who she feels may know more what to do for him.

As for me, I got a little bigger, but not much.

When I am not playing, I am laying next to mommy or my brothers, or in the cat tree, sleeping and purring. Or getting into mischief!

Mommy sings me this little song...

'Calvin McCatster, your my little bratster, Calvin McCatster, I love you...

Daddy, however, sings it this way...

Calvin McCatster, you Savage little basta....oops, thats a bad word, don't want my mouth washed out with soap...thats me saying that...not daddy...

then he says 'Calvin McCatster....what other thing can you do?'

mommy told daddy today that Midnight and me and CK ripped up the shower liner and they need a new one. Daddy said he knew...he saw a hole in the shower cutrain this morning after I came streaking out....

hehehe!!! Thank you for making me a Dreamboat in Training Miss Samoa!!!

Calvin McCatster


Calvin McCatster isn't feeling well, purrs please!

May 14th 2013 5:34 am
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Hi Everyone,

The Mom here-please purr for Calvin McCatster. He went to the vet last week with an ulcer in his eye. Turned out it as a URI.
He was responding well, and his usual active self. Then Sunday he was quiet, and yesterday, very very quiet.
Today he's squinting (he has eye meds he's been taking) and appears uncomfortable.
We're in the process of waiting for vet office to open so appointment can be made.

Worried about sweet little guy.

Not himself at all, please purr!!!



A special announcement-the not so good and the great!

May 17th 2013 7:17 am
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Hi everyone!
It's me, Calvin!

You know what? You know what?
I wasn't feeling good on Sunday and I sleeped the whole day and Monday too.
Well, Tuesday night Daddy took me to the vet. And the vet said I had a very painful URI called a calci virus and I had sores on my throat and tongue.

So I am getting medicine...YUCK!!!!

It's nasty but I take it cause I have to.

The good news is....I got 'dopted!!!!

Don't worry-I didn't go anywhere!

Daddy gave Mommy a card on Sunday for mothers day...and it was from me! It said 'I am yours furever, Mom!

Daddy said he noticed that I am very bonded to the clowder, and also, that I follow Mommy around except when Ij was sick, then I just laid down alot. But I have been feeling better...and playing with my buddies CK and Middy, and reaching up to mommy to be picked up.

So Daddy noticed that I am very much a 'momma's boy. He talked it over with the rescue lady who said 'well, you guys have your plates full. But he said that he really thought about it, and that of all of the boys, I'm the least trouble. I only play in water, and sometimes chew on stuff. And he noticed that when Mommy is sad, it's me and Natalie alot of the time who are closest to her.

So he said I'm home.

Miss Samoa...wondering if you had something to do with it? Or the Calvin I am named after.

It's good to be home...



Being nameed for a Legend, and Celebrating his RB day...

October 27th 2013 10:52 am
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Dear Calvin,

'Being named for a legend, I become one'

Mommy said that to me awhile back. I'm growed now, and as you can probably see, I am truly becoming the wonderful, make you laugh Calvin McCatster...

I can fetch things, and take other cats medicine bottles out of the envelope mommy keeps them in and brings them to her.

I lay on the little table and knock things off. Sometimes mommy and I play a game with it-she puts things on the table, and I knock them off. But I'm so cute she never minds.

I like to do things that make people laugh, like lay on my back under the recliner and stick my head out to startle people.

I love my little foster sister Ringo cause she looks like me.

I know I have a long way to go to be as legendary as you...but I am trying. We love you alot...and we are going to celebrate your RB day by baking a cake later....purrs and love,

Calvin Mc.Catster

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