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Birthday Thank Yous!

September 10th 2014 10:05 pm
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I just wanted to give a shout out to all my friends that helped me to celebrate my second Birthday. Thank you for all the warm Birthday wishes. I had a pawsome day.

Mom and Dad spent the day at home on my Birthday. They left us with a cat/dog sitter for 4 days while they drove to California. Dad was photographing a friend's wedding and then they went to Disney for a day since they were so close and Mom had never been there. When they got home they spent a day with all of us giving us lots of lovings for being so good while they were gone. That day just happened to be my Birthday so I got extra special attention.

It's so nice to finally be able to get on Catster and do something. Mom says we will keep checking in now that we can finally log in and move around a little.

Got to run. It's getting late and it's time for our bedtime treats. Can't miss that. **wink wink**

Loving Purrs,


My First Birthday

September 8th 2013 9:33 pm
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Hi pals. Thank you for all the comments, pawmails, and rosies you sent to help me celebate my first birthday. I've had a wonderful day hanging out with Mom and my brothers and sisters. I am chillin' in Mom's lap right now dictating this as she types.

I added a new picture of me at one year old. As you can see I'm not the biggest of cats. I weigh just over 6 lbs. but that doesn't stop me from wrestling with my big brother Mokka or pouncing on my sister Mimu so I can hear her scream and then chasing after her when she runs.

You see in my pic how my tail curls over my back? That is the way I carry it. Mom thinks something might have happened to me when I was young. I can straighten it out but I never keep it that way for long.

Well, got to run. Even at one I don't sit still for long. Must go and find out what kind of mischief I can get into.

Loving Purrs,


Dreamboat-In-Training Thank Yous and More

March 9th 2013 2:24 pm
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Hi Furriends,

Sorry it has been so long, but it has been so busy at our house. Mom says I can tell you all about it.

First and foremost, I want to shout out a great big "Thank You" to Miss Samoa for choosing me as a Dreamboat-In-Training. My brother Mokka has filled me in on what an honor this is. Little ole me is just so honored to be included in this group of wonderful mancats.

Over the past few months, Mom and Dad have been extremely busy. I took up a lot of their time as I took a really long time getting adjusted to my doggie brothers. They scared me at first but now I'm okay with them. I no longer have a room of my own. I now have full run of the house at all times.

We spent a weekend watching Miss Muppet while her Meowmy went on vacation. It was supposed to be longer, but the weather did not cooperate with vacation plans so her Meowmy came home early. We thoroughly enjoyed having Miss Muppet here. She is very friendly and loving. I even got into her suite while she was here and we got to meet briefly before Mom whisked me away. She is a very beautiful lady.

Mom spent about a month of weekends and evenings working on new items for her shop, Pawtastic Baskets. She was crocheting coffee cozies and catnip toys, she sewed squeak toys out of children's socks, and made homemade doggie treats. She and Dad took all of this and Dad's photos to their very first "First Friday" event. They did okay and are planning on going back next month. Mom is working on new cat toys to add to the items. She is also going to be adding all these items to her on-line store this weekend.

Right after Miss Muppet left Mom got sick and she is just finally getting over it after two weeks. During all of this crazyness, my human sister and her fiancee and their children came to visit us for three days. While they were here, we all went to a hockey game, the Springs Preserve, the Blue Man Group, and the last day they were here they got married. Congratulations Veronica and Chris!!!

I have to run now, as you know a kitten can't sit still for long. MOL Must go find Mokka and wrestle.

Loving Purrs,


DOTD Thank Yous

December 31st 2012 10:15 pm
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Hi Friends,

Just wanted to say thank you to all my friends for helping me to celebrate my DOTD Honor I received on December 26th. I had a wonderful day celebrating with all my friends and I even got to spend some supervised time with my family after Mom got home from work.

According to Mom, I am growing like a weed. I am getting bigger every day. I now wrestle with my big brother Mokka. I am also getting darker at my points.

Gotta run and go do kitten things. Before I go, I want to wish all my friends a safe, happy, and healthy New Year.

Loving Purrs,


I'm Behind Door Number One

December 22nd 2012 10:36 pm
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Hello New Friends,

I am still behind door number one, as my sisfur Maui wrote in her diary. I came to live with my new forever family 3 weeks ago and I have my very own room. Mom says I am still a little guy so I am going to be introduced to my large family slowly. I have met most of my seven cat brothers and sisters, and my two doggie brothers. Mom and Dad let them have one-on-one supervised visits with me.

As most of you know, my family has a tradition of naming all of us cats with names starting with "M" and Dad really likes Hawaiian names. This is how I came to have the name Makana. Mom and Dad found a name that fits my personality. Makana means wind in Hawaiian and Mom and Dad say I am like a little tornado. I zip around at full speed all the time. I am just over three months old and I am able to get up on the bed in my room. I go from the bed to the night stand, then into the window, over to the bureau, and in one big jump I am back onto the bed.

Here is the story of how I got my middle name. My middle name is in honor of one of our Catster friends, but of course we had to add a twist, a Hawaiian spelling. Can you guess who this friend is before I reveal my middle name. This cat is famous and is just a little bit mischievous. He is very handsome and has blue eyes like me.

The other night Mom came up to sleep with me and being a typical kitten I was in zoomie mode. I ran across the bed, onto the night stand and up onto the window sill. I played in the blinds until Mom got up and moved me back onto the bed. I bet you can't guess what happened next. Yup, back at the blinds. I played with the blinds for over an hour before Mom was able to get to sleep. Have you guessed who it is yet?

Drum roll please.... My middle name is Numi after the famous author of Poopology, Newman. Mom said when I was playing with those blinds all she could think of was Newman talking about keeping his parents up by playing with the blinds. So that is the story of how I got my middle name.

Have to run now. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Loving Purrs,
Makana Numi

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