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Baby Junior's Daily Life:)

Trust me

February 10th 2013 9:56 am
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So, yesterday my stuck-up "brother" told you about that inner wall room, which clearly is NOT his. I'm just going to say that this whole thing is in my room, not his. So, like any other cat would think, it's mine! But, no! He thinks it's his! Somewhere in his watermelon, somethings wrong. You know why I'm saying that? Because, that is MY room.
Yes, it may be small, but it sure is awesome! It's the perfect size for a little cat like me, not a gorrila like Mr. Meow! It's a little nerve racking when someone is taking a bath or shower because it's right behind the fauchet for the tub. So, to be kind, I let him sit in there for a 30 minutes, just to let the water drain after the bath or shower. Then, when I feel it's safe, I try to kick him out, but he's too subborn. So, I hiss at him. That usally does the trick. Once, he leaves, I hop back in. I check and double check if he did any damage, which he usauly doesn't. Which is very good.
So, after hearing this, you better trust me about it being MY little room.


A Late Christmas Story!

January 1st 2013 1:29 pm
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My usual day of being chase around the house by my goofy orange brother just changed! Mum has waken up... but, she isn't doing the usual morning routine. My brother (as Mum calls him) and I have noticed that she has been home a lot lately and she will put wrapped boxes under this giant tree that should be outside!
The night before this odd day she gave the other cat a new collar that has blue strips, and then gave me some "Blue Wilderness Chicken & Trout" treats... which I do appreciate, but this is weird! But, now, she is giving us more presents, this is getting weird! I got loads of snuggles but this weird brother got three new toys...! Unfair! Then, she just told us "Merry Christmas"! What a weird day!!!


I'm an explorer... of the ceiling!!!!

October 6th 2012 7:12 pm
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Well, Mom, you sure left me at this house... I'm pretty sure that it is going to be a long, long, LONG intill she comes back home. I guess it the perfect time to go... cave... wait I mean ceiling dwelling. Got to to go downstairs first, oh , look some food! Ahhhhhh... some cool air for once!!! Now lets go find a good ceiling hole, perfect, nothing like a good, cool, comfy ceiling hole! Well guys, I don't think that I can tell you any more about this ceiling dwellig, because Mom, for some odd reason, can't jump up into the ceil!?!?! Maybe she just doesn't have my MAD jumping skills?


Baby Junior's Daily Life!:)

October 5th 2012 3:58 pm
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Baby Junior's normal day of being Baby Junior starts from 7:00 through 8:30-9:30 am, and involves some heavy duty snuggles if you ask me!!!
7:00 am- wake me up... with lots of love!!! 7:15 am- beg for me to go downstairs, for special food (wet food). 7:27 am- be "attacked" by Mr. Meow for her food... then more snuggles... 7:30 through 8:05-hide and ocassional snuggles ....8:05 through 8.36 am - a very long goodbye with me before I leave for the day. 8:36 am to 3:45 pm - a long day of sleeping, eating and playing with the mice (toys that is). 3:45 pm - begging for more special food, getting more love and snuggles, running around the house before taking another nap. Then sometime in the evening - go up to my bedroom and either play on the kitty condo or snuggle on my fuzzy white blanket.

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