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September 19th 2013 4:10 am
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Ahoy there, I'm Jolly Jossi, and I wish all of you a Happy Talk like a Pirate Day. This is my first pirate day as I wasn't adopted until Septemer 30th last year. I was so little and unaware of any types of days as a matte of fact.

Anyway, I keep trying to rid our home ship of those nasty centipedes; in fact there was a small one on Mommy's bedroom ceiling this morning. Mommy wants me to get them to walk the plank. I don't think that can be done because they stay on the ceiling. Mommy has caught them before in the bathroom and she gave them what is called a burial at sea.

Well, enjoy your pirate day my fellow Catsters and I thank TONY & ANNA for the Jolly Roger flag.

Purrs & Breeps and a bottle of catnip,




September 15th 2013 1:14 pm
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I don't blame Bail one bit for hating those nail trims! He's more tolerant than I though; I growled and bit Mommy on her arm a couple of times. Bail never bites, but he surely growls a lot.

Of course, I didn't draw any blood. My bites are warning bites and just enough to make Mommy back off with those stinkin' nail trimmers. She also combs me and I don't like her doing my tummy and the front portion of my neck. I then bite the comb.

Also, since the weather is cooler,I'm full of energy and chase Landy all around the place! I'm glad I can do this again. Running in the hot weather makes me pant and sweat.

Lastly, we had some yummy salmon today (see Bail's page) for more detail.

Well, that's it. I'm keeping mine short and sweet today.

Purrs & Breeps,




September 3rd 2013 1:41 pm
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Centipedes mostly like to come out around 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. I sing, cry and howl at them. I get frustrated because I can't reach them as they are always on the ceiling. Mommy took many videos of my carrying on at these yucky looking bugs. I even sat up like an African Merekat in one of them.

Mommy also said there was a big one that ran across her bed after Landy tried to catch it. I heard her scream when that happened. This morning the thing was on her wall and she managed to get it and give it a burial at sea.

Centipedes are the only bugs in the house right now. The ants and flies are gone. I surely wish a few flies would come inside as I love to chase them and eat them.

Anyway, it's dinner time speaking of eating.

Purrs & Breeps,




September 2nd 2013 3:18 am
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I can't believe how fast this summer is going! It's September 2nd already! OMC!! And the last day of this month is my "Gotcha" day! Angel Camille Rose had passed on September 14th last year, and Mommy got me a few weeks later. Mommy says it was meant to be as she fell in love with me at first sight. She told me Cam sent me to her. It was the same feeling she had when she adopted Bail; angel Bentley had sent him to her.

Anyway, it's been very busy the past couple of weeks and this holiday with Mommy's going to places where cats can't go; her job, The Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, getting her hair done, shopping, Auntie Mary's granddaughters birthday party and more of the Festival again later today.

Yep, it's been very,very busy for me too! Those centipedes have been pretty active on the ceilings in our house this summer. I sing to them too! When Mommy has some spare time, she'll add a pic of me centipede gazing; my eyes get huge and yellow then.

Lastly, I hope everycat and their parents are having a pawsome Labor Day weekend!

Purrs & Breeps,




August 24th 2013 3:17 pm
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OMC! I'm in the Diary Spotlight today! I'm so excited! Thank you Diary Gal for this most pawsome honor!

I also thank my pawsome friends for their gifts & concats as follows:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail & cool comment;
3. MAC, IVY & Family - cute ladybug.

Also, today is a heavenly day; low humidity and lower 80's temps. The nights are in the lower 60's which is good to sleep with Mommy or in our cat trees instead of on the cool tile floors of the bathroom or kitchen.

I also groomed Sampy on top of his head and he groomed me back. He's the only brother I do this with. The others are strictly playmates, especially Landy. I love chasing him all the time.

Lastly, tomorrow is the day for another salmon pawty! We all hope the salmon man is at the market.

That's about it.

Purrs & Breeps,




August 18th 2013 4:42 pm
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Three of us kitties, me, Bail and Sampy wouldn't let Mommy change the linen on her bed this morning. It was raining so we stayed in her bed, of course, after we ate breakfast. A cool pic of this was loaded onto FB saying: "Mommy, the bed is ours today! Go away!"


It is almost bedtime for Mommy and she's just getting around to putting the clean sheets on her bed.

Also, we had a salmon party today! It was extra yummy too!

Well, I'm going to run now.

Purrs & Breeps,




August 4th 2013 2:53 pm
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Mommy bought me a present yesterday from Petsmart! It was a large white rat with pink ears, feet and tail. Also, there is a slice in its tummy where you insert some kick tail catnip.

Well, when Mommy handed it over to me, of course, after she filled it with nip, I grabbed it by the tail and carried it into the kitchen. I'll tell you, it's a bit heavy and awkward for me to carry around especially if I wanted to bring it upstairs to play with.

Sure, I like it, but this toy will be one that I can bunny kick instead of carry! If I want it upstairs, I'll get Mommy to carry it (of course not in her mouth) MOL! MOL!

Also, I extend a belated concats to Landy for his diary pick on Friday! Way to go bro!

Also, the salmon man was at the Farmer's Market today. Mommy brought the yummy stuff home and again like two weeks ago, we had a salmon pawty! We didn't finish it all off though. I think we'll do that tonight.

Well, that's about it except we have pawsome weather today! So sunny and in the lower 80's without humidity. Mommy says it's fine except those nasty mosquitos (sp ??) keep biting her every time she goes in the front or back yards.

Purrs & Breeps,




July 22nd 2013 3:15 am
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First of all on behalf of Sampy, Bail & I, I concat Landy on his diary fame yesterday.

Secondly, we did have a salmon pawty yesterday! The Farmer's Market cooks made the salmon extra yummy and the filets were much bigger than the past two weeks.

Third, I love the new cat tree even though I haven't slept in it yet. Landy and Bail have been hogging it for that purpose. I did get to play and sit in it, though.

Lastly, we got some cooler temps this week except those T-storms will be back every day.

Purrs & Breeps!




July 13th 2013 6:59 am
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Yikes! We must have had a lot of wind yesterday to blow a long shoot of bamboo in front of one of our bedroom windows! The neighbor has a bamboo fence and it grows like crazy during the spring and summer. This is the first time that the wind bent a big shoot to almost land through our window. Of course, Mommy will tell the neighbor about this. He's a nice neighbor and he and Mommy get along great. Also, he has something he can cut the shoot down with.

Also, Mommy took a picture of me looking out the window at this green monster and the pic will be added some time this weekend. It's currently on FB!

Lastly, I've been in a singing mood all week long. Mommy thinks I'm the most vocal Maine Coon type kitty she's ever had. I out talk Landy all the time!

Well, that's about it from me. Happy weekend, everycat!

Purrs & Breeps,




July 9th 2013 12:37 pm
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On 4th of July my Diary was titled "Boom, Boom, Boom" because of the scary fireworks.

Today, mine is titled "Bang, Bang,Bang" as there was a lot of banging noises in and outside our house on Friday and Sunday. Of course, I got scared as did Merl & Bail and hid under the living room couch or under her bed.

Uncle David (Auntie Mary's brother) came over to fix various items inside the house; kitchen cabinet moulding that Landy tore out some time ago; reinforce last step on the cellar stairs; losen stuck lightbulbs from sockets; take down old curtain rods in dining room; and lastly replace three panels on back porch, the railing and first step.

And, oh yes, he removed the old 'fridge that Mommy used in her bedroom while she was recuperating from her knee surgery. I'm going to miss that 'fridge though as I used to like sleeping on top of it. RIP 'fridge!

Monday, was the first day of Mommy's staycation that I didn't have to hide because of noise and other people in the house besides Mommy.

Sure, I'm a brave girl but when it comes to noise and strangers, I'm a scaredy cat.

Lastly, Mommy bought me a Wonder Woman bandana to cheer me up. Enjoy my #2 pic of Mommy holding me while I sport said bandana!

Well, I must go now. I hope everycat's 4th was pawsome.

Purrs & Breeps,


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