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Adventures with Kody

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Hello I am Kody!!!

September 22nd 2012 2:38 pm
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Hello everyone my name is Kody that's Kody with a K. I am the newest member in my family. I have 2 big sisfurs and one brofur, oh and yeah 2 doggies. I am so excited to be here, to meet all of you.

I am so happy to finally be in my forever home, I was living in a store, boy did I have fun running around chasing my CatMom, we ran around in between the bags of dog and cat food. I would see people come in and out, got to watch birdies that were in the store too..I had so much fun playing with my Mom. I did have 2 sisfurs and 1 brofur But they all got adopted, but not me, no one wanted me...I don't know why. My CatMom went to her new forevever home the same day, the lady was waiting for me to get adopted so she could go too...

Well this week I saw this lady come in and I puffed all up cause I was running I didn't see her and she didn't see me. The lady that works in the store picked me up and talked about me to my now Mom, but she said she wasn't looking for another kitty...but I sure put on the cutes.

Little did I know that I was on this ladies mind and she returned the next day and she adopted me...Oh boy I am going to my new home, I wanted this lady to adopt me, she has a kindness and loving manner about her, I knew I was going to be loved and have a great home, instead of going home with the girl, who's Mom is allergic to cats.

Well I was put into this thing they call carrier, I was meowing and my Mom came running to see what was going on...My new human Mom decided to leave me there while she went to walk a doggie and then she would come back to take me home. I got to go back into my cage and spend a little more time with my momcat...then I was saying goodbye to my CatMom and going forever home.

I got to ride in my Moms car, did not like it one bit...meow meow all the way....

I am now staying in a big cage with lots of toys and a soft comfy bed. I am out where I can see all...

I am getting used to my family, the doggie Mia and I are finally playing, but I haven't played with my sisfurs or brofur. Zeke just sits and watches me, he tries to sniff me but I hiss, Xena just looks at me and says whatever...but Tu Two is the hissie witchie in the house...she runs and hides, but watches from afar.

Mom says it will take time for all of us to get used to each other and I can't really be around the kitties because she needs to take me to the Vet...on I am not sure about that. Once she knows I am OK then I will be out more.

I got my first shots and that is it, so Mom needs to make sure I am OK and then get me fixed...

It was my lucky day my new forever Mom walked into the pet store and decided to take me home. I feel the love and you know I love her too. I am a good boy, having fun.

Kody with a K



October 3rd 2012 4:43 pm
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Oh what fun I have been having since I was adopted and came to live in my loving forever home. I still have to stay in a large cage when Mom is gone during the day and at night. She tells me I am still too young to be out as I do get into things.

Now when I came into the house there were 3 big kitties and these 2 other animals that made noise, Mom said they are doggies...I did hiss at them all when they came to sniff me, I even arched & puffed my tail. Mia is my doggie sisfur she loves to play with me, Mom has to tell her not to be so ruff, Mom calls her Mother Hubbard because she is always getting after me for doing something.

I love to explore, I have so many toys to play with, cat trees and boxes to climb. I love to climb up and run run! I love to play with Moms pretty pillows she made of kitties, everyday she has to put them back cause I run and play behind them. Oh what fun I have playing with the pillows.

I do have to tell you I love the cat tree that used to be Tallulahs, it was her place, her safe place from all...Tu Two likes to play on it and she likes to get her food on the top. But I love to play and sleep inside where Tallulah first it made Mom sad that I was in it all the time and I sit in it looking out one of the holes just like Tallulah did. Mom doesn't know but Tallulah told me it was OK, she loves seeing me having fun and she knows Mom will be Ok with it too...she told me I am a very lucky kitty cause I got the best home and I have a Mom that loves me so much.

Xena just ignores me unless I get into her face or try to play with her big fluffy tail, now how can I help it, she flips it back and forth. She does the smackie paw to me, but it hasn't stopped me at all from wanting to get the fluff.

Zeke is my orange buddy I follow him around, we sleep together sometimes and we just hang out together. I think I am going to like him he is my mentor after all us boys, orange boys have to stick together.

Tu Two now she was another story, she hissed and growled at me and when I tried to get near her she ran and would hide from me. In less than a week she was out watching me and getting closer to me when I would be playing. Soon miss Tu Two wasn't hissing or growling, now we are playing with each other and I love to chasing her around the house. I think I am going to have fun playing with her, I do love to chase her and play in the cat tree

I love to play play with wand toys, the laser light and all of the different kinds of ballies around the house.

Oh I have to tell you I just love to eat, I even get on Mom meow in her face until she realized I was asking her to feed me. I have figured out where all the food comes from, who gives me my food and how to jump and climb into my cage so I can get my food....

Yesterday was the first day Mom put a harness and leash on me, she took me outside, well I have to admit I love being outside unlike Tu Two...I chase flies and play in the yard, of course Mom is right there. I only get to go out on the leash and when Mom is right there to watch me.

I am also a purring machine, loves to purr I do.

I met my Vet I have to say I am not in favor of having to go into a carrier and ride in the car. Mom told me I am so loud and I meow all the way (almost 9 miles). I am healthy except I have ear mites and I have medicine for that. I was tested for FELV/FIV it came back negative...Mom is so happy she was very concerned. I weigh 4 lbs and I still have to get fixed...not sure what that means she will explain it to me later...Mom told me today that she made my appointment for the 26th.

Next week I have to get my FVRCP shot...and I need to get micro chipped

So I am a healthy, fun loving, purring machine boy...more to come from me


PS: that's for the friend invites and for my gifts, welcoming me to catster and all of my special balloons


Three Weeks in my forever home

October 7th 2012 4:51 pm
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It has been three weeks since I arrived in my new forever home, I am adjusting and having fun. We are all friends now, no more hissing and growling here.

I am getting used to being here and getting into the routine of I get my food, when I have to go to bed which I might say I do not like but for now I have to spend the night in the big cage for my own good. I love to follow Mom around to see what she is doing and of course I follow Zeke & Tu Two cause I always want them to play with me. We do hang out in Moms room at the window also out in the front. I try to play with Xena, but Mom tells me to leave her alone, the other day I jumped on her and cause I am small I was riding on her back..she was not happy with me.

We all select our spots in the evening and look out into the night.

Mom says I am her tornado Kody cause I run through the house and mess it up like a tonado hit the house...there are pillows and toys everywhere, I knock the food dishes down, tip over the water dish. I also love to get on Moms bed and run around like a crazy man.

I am a love bug and I love to purr...I am purring all the time. I don't sit still for long so right now I don't sleep too much on Mom only once in a while but as soon as I hear something I am up and running.

I don't like to wear my collar yet, it freaks me out, but I do wear the all in one harness and I get to go outside with Mom and Xena. I love to chase flies and run around checking everything out and explore.

The other day Mom walks through the door to her room and she hears me meowing but didn't see me, she wasn't expecting to find me on top of the door she just came through, you see we have a fun house hanging on the door and I figured out that I could get on top of the door..what fun but so scary cause I am so tiny. Mom told me I am like Xena when she was a kitten, she did the same thing.

So I am now Moms purring orange boy and known as tornado Kody around here.

Well I gotta go and see what fun I can have, soon it will be dinner and I sure don't want to miss my dinner.

Purring machine Kody


I have discovered Moms lap top

October 8th 2012 8:19 pm
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Kody here, Kody with a K!!!!I have to tell you I am so excited I have discovered Moms lap top, there are so many moving things all over it and I love to step on what she calls the keys to try to get them...what fun cause it does all kinds of funny things like this...////////////////283402948i03298ujfmsldmxkfvjija;lfnl; kfnlkvm,ckfgsjdlkmlkmcfm ;j;///////}}}}|||||{{{{ when I step on the keys and play with the mouse.

Then Mom pushes me off and tells me no no Kody what are yo doing, I am telling her I want to do my own diaries...but I only screw up things and then she has to figure out what I did and try to get what she was working on back...Oh what fun I have playing with her lap top.

I also watch the butterflies on my sisters and brothers pages..I try to catch them...meowwww I go again, I am trying to help Mom...but wait I really want my food. I am only trying to get Moms attention by walking all over the keyboard...heeeheeee this is fun.

Okay Mom time to get off the lap top and give this hungry boy some can I get into Moms face purring and biting everything on the lap worked she is getting up and leaving the lap top..

Kody, Kody with a K


My First Honor

October 9th 2012 12:40 pm
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WEEEE oh what fun this is, getting my first honor since I have been on catster and with my family. This is really so unexpected and my diary about me having fun on Moms lap top! well I do have to say that helping Mom on her lap top is really really fun.

Thank you HQ for selecting me today and giving me my very first honor on catster...and to all my new friends thank you for my gifts and helping me celebrate.

Now guess what I am doing, yes you got it right I am on Moms lap top and it is doing ///[[[[----====111111hhh8888888888A;LKSDJFLKNM.C,XMF.///. OH WHAT FUN IT IS! and to think I am being honor for messing with Moms computer...heeeheee

Thanks again...oh gotta go time to go have some fun!



So Full of Energy

October 10th 2012 2:25 pm
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Yes that is me full of energy, I go go go! I don't stop till I am too tired to go anymore.

I have to tell you last night I was a running around and decided to run up into my fun house hanging on the door, of course Mom is right there watching me, well the door was open and again even after Mom told me not to get on top of the door I did, I couldn't resist walking the fine line of the door....well I almost fell off and all Mom could think of was I was going to fall get hurt or worse. So now the door is staying closed, I still get on top of the fun house and it worries Mom, so she told me she thinks she needs to take it down until I am a little older. Mom it won't be fair, I have ruined it for Tu Two she loves to sleep in it and so do I. I promise Mom I will not go on top. Mom says she will see, but I do think it is coming down for a while to keep me safe cause I am the wild crazy boy.

Oh I got to go out again this morning on my leash, I have so much fun running around in the grass. I got to stay out for a short time cause Mom had things to do before it was time for her to leave and I go into my safe cage. When Mom got home she let Xena out, guess what I ran out 2 times into the grass. Mom wouldn't let me out, it isn't fair I tell her. If I am out Mom has to sit there and she wanted to get herself something to eat and rest after walking dogs. Well I guess I will be OK with it for now, I want food guess I will have to run out again later so I can be out. So much fun to be out.

Mom brought home a new toy for me and Tu Two another feather toy, we both got on top of my cage to sniff sniff the new toy. She told us wait I have to get it off the cardboard...well we didn't wait, we played with it and it fell to the floor, next thing I was jumping off the top of the cage...I am OK!

Soon we were playing and having fun fun fun! I run run all over the house, up and down everything..I am the tornado cause I make a mess in every room...

Well time to go again, I need to find something to run up and go make a mess now that Mom cleaned up my mess.



Still having fun and learning

October 15th 2012 2:33 pm
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I am still having so much fun in my new forever home. I am so very lucky and I am a very happy purring orange boy.

I have so many things to play on, run up, get into, scratch and run after in this house. I thought running around in that pet store was fun but I do have to tell you this house is so much more fun. I even have sisfurs and a brofur to play with, even 2 doggies that like to play.

I think my favorite thing is the door house, I just love climbing up and down inside and out, Mom closed the door now so I can't get on top of the door, don't know why!

I follow Tu Two all over and she is teaching me so many things, some good and some not so scratching the furniture I do hear no no Kody when I do that...I do use the cardboard scratchers and I hear good boy Kody.

I am learning now to jump on Daddy's chair to get up on the counter. I do think this is going to be fun and I will find rewards up there. I know Mom fixes our food up there and I have gotten my medication there too...but I do think I will find this new adventure fun.

So many toys, so many things to explore, even outside on my leash.

Every day is an adventure for me, finding new places to sleep they are nice & warm, places to go.

I just love spending time with my family, sleeping on Mom & Dad purring purring purring...

Well I gotta go, time to go explore some more.



My left front leg is hurt

October 15th 2012 8:19 pm
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Mom is very worried about me, she has no idea what happened to me. I was sleeping most of the day on the couch. Just before dinner time she came out to see me cause I wasn't out and about. Of course I purred and purred but I didn't get up. Mom went into her room she heard me meow a little different and she called me. Well I slowly came in limping and the I was holding up my left leg and paw.

Mom took me in her arms to see what was going on, she felt my leg nothing out of ordinary, she looked at my paw and my pads she didn't see anything. Then she put me down to see what I would do, guess what I went under Moms dresser and laid down.

Mom got me out put me in my cage so I wouldn't move around or hide again. She fixed my dinner which I just love to eat, but I didn't eat all of my food, sign that something is wrong. Mom looks at me again and she knows I am not feeling well. After Mom eats she pulls out all of her cat books to see what she needs to do for me.

All she can find is I need to rest, she needs to put ice and heat on my leg. If I am not better tomorrow she will try to get me in.

Problem is Mom has to go the very first thing in the morning to get new front brakes, she isn't suppose to drive all over until her brakes are fixed, so she is hoping that she will be able to get me in and not too late so she doesn't have to drive in traffic she does that enough with her taking care of pets.

If Mom has to take me in she will cancel me getting fixed until I am resting, I have had the ice and heat a couple times now, Mom will be coming again to put ice on me.

I sure hope I feel better in the morning with me resting tonight, the ice and heat treatment.

Mom knows she can't give me any medication, just rest, ice and heat. Please purr for me and pray that I will be OK in the morning with rest overnight.

Guess Mom will never know what happened, but she is pretty sure it was from me playing or jumping...let's hope I don't have a fracture and it is just a strain.



Going to the Vet this afternoon

October 16th 2012 12:33 pm
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I am still not doing well, I am just laying in my bed. I am eating but I don't want to walk around.

Mom had the nerve to leave early this morning and leave me alone locked in my cage. She told me it was so I couldn't hurt myself any worse than I am. I just meowed at her with my sad sick eyes. She said she had to leave to get new brakes on her car, I don't know what brakes are but she said it is so Mom can drive her car and stop the car...guess that is very important.

Mom called the vet this morning, tried to get me in around 11 but the only 2 times they had was when she was getting her brakes on the car. She took the next available time at 2, so I will be going in, bad part is I won't get to see my Vet we will be seeing another, she didn't have an opening till much later.

I will be leaving soon and when we get back we will up date you. Wish me luck and lets hope I didn't break my front leg...I am too little to have to wear a cast.

Not myself right now! purr for me my new friends



Update from my Vet visit

October 16th 2012 3:48 pm
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I am back, I am back what a relief it is!!!!Stressed out and MEOWED all the way to and back, even there too.

Mom got there early so they took me in right away. The Vet tech took my temperature first in my ear 104, she told Mom that was a little high. She talked to the Vet in the back and they told her to do the other way to make sure, well I have to tell you this little orange boy was not happy at all no way more MEOWS loudly and Mom had a hard time keeping me still cause I fought them I sure did, again I am running a fever.

Mom and I met the other lady Vet she is nice too and Mom likes her. I was purring and purring loudly that she couldn't hear my heart, she even ran the water to get me to stop purring, but I wasn't having anything to do with water, no way man......

My Vet lady looked me over, asked Mom questions and then felt my front left leg and paw. She didn't see anything, she said usually with a hurt leg/paw and fever that means a puncture wound. No sign of punctures, but she felt that my upper leg is a little swollen. She said there were no broken bones so no x ray for me...oh goodie! She took me in the back to talk to my regular Vet and have her confirm the swelling in my leg and to make sure she didn't want to do the x ray...she agreed.

So I am now on 2 medications one for pain Buprenex yuckie nasty! and the other for infection Clavamox, Mom says that is the good ol stand by for everything....I haven't had that one yet, Mom will give to me later cause I get that one every 12 hours, the other 3 times a day.

I am now resting in my cage, I will fall asleep as soon as I get down dictating to Mom. I will be on my medication for 10 days.

Mom had to move my appointment to get fixed to November 6th, they want to make sure I am healthy again and my leg is all healed...Mom is the one that asked to move it back and they said no way would they do my surgery next week, I have to all well.

Thanks for all of your purrs and well wishes, we will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow....hoping I will be running around soon, but in the mean time I am stuck in my large kitty cage at least I am out where I can see all...

Kody the not feeling so well little orange kitty boy!

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