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More getting to know Viola, she still makes me hiss

December 4th 2012 8:52 pm
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More from Saphira's dad...

About time for an update... Viola had really been showing that she wanted to explore the rest of the house, but we were still worried about Saphira possibly harming her, so for a time we would confine Saphira to our bedroom, not a huge problem for her as she spends a lot of time here and it is where her toys, kitty box, and bed (our waterbed!) are located, and it is where she is fed. We then let Viola have the run of the house, and she loves it! One thing her breeder failed to mention about her was her speed: When she wants to work off some energy, she is faster than a speeding bullet! "Her" room is at one end of a hall. It leads past another bedroom, then empties into the entry. On the other side is our dining room. The entry, dining room, and living room are very open, with only oak railings separating the living room from the other areas. From her room to the end of the dining room she has almost 50 feet of uninterrupted running room, and she uses ALL of it! She will tear down the hall, bump into a box at the end of the dining room, then dash into the living room and from there back into the entry, into the hall, and back to her room. She is an absolute little fireball!

We also started letting them meet in our bedroom, larger and Saphira's home turf. She still hisses and growls a bit, and sometimes chases Viola, but no injuries have resulted. Since then we have let them both loose in the house most of the day, and no further problems other than the old hissing, growling, and chases. Viola actually will walk toward Saphira, I get the impression that she might actually like to play. She now spends some time in our bed, think she is starting to like us!
Last night we had what I think was a very good thing. Viola was curled up next to Terri in bed, and I was on the other side working on my laptop. Saphira jumped up on the rail on my side, something she does often. Seeing her nemesis curled up by mommy, she hissed a couple of times, then proceeded to curl up beside me! They stayed like that for a couple of hours, about four feet apart, with no more complaints from Saphira. We are still having Viola sleep in her room at night, just in case they should tangle at the other end of the house while we are asleep, but other that they both are loose most of the time. The only exception is feeding, with Saphira tending to graze while Viola snarfs down her food in nothing flat, she would end up with most of the food and Saphira would probably starve!


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Purred by: Tiger (Catster Member)

December 5th 2012 at 6:47 am

Concats on being chosen cat of the day! You and Viola are both beautiful. It sounds like you and Viola are getting to know and trust each other a little more. Just being able to share a relatively small space together without attacking each other is major progress.

When I first came inside my house, I came face to face with three other kitties. Mommy had me separated for a little while, but it was pretty hard to keep me so isolated because the other kitties had the run of the house. So, to lock them in a room would have been very hard because they weren't used to it. So, Mommy kept me in a bedroom for maybe a day and a half and then I was able to go downstairs for a while, supervised. Well, the other kitties quickly stopped what they were doing and came to see me. They ganged up on me, hissing together, and had me backed into a corner! Mommy was very scared, but just watched to see what would happen. After the one hiss, they pretty much left me alone. I did spend a lot of time under chairs for maybe a week, but my confidence built and I was able to come out and join everyone. I was glad that I did because having three other cats to play with was a blast!

I do remember going to the vet for the first time the night I came in the house, and Mommy told the vet that she was concerned about how the other cats would react to me. The vet said something so simple but so true - - cats can jump! Unlike dogs, who can't go anywhere beyond the seat of a chair, a cat can jump onto a counter, or a table, or a shelf, or somewhere away from the problem. Mommy thought this was good advice.

Hope you have a great time as Cat of the Day!
Purred by: Saphira (Catster Member)

December 5th 2012 at 7:34 pm

Thank mew for the concats and the advice! While I still hiss and growl a bit at Viola, it is mainly to remind her who is top cat around here. But I have been allowing her to share MY nice heated water bed (well, it was meowmy and daddy's, but I declared it to be mine after I found out how nice it is on these cold nights!)

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