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Four Years old....

March 17th 2016 2:32 pm
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I am still having fun with Alex...the old boy is going to have a cyst removed from his tail in april. I still get upset when he comes home from the vet....
four years...Hope that I can save this on Catster...


My Third Birthday

March 4th 2015 4:29 pm
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Yesterday was my third birthday. I got a lovely gift, a beautiful card from Tundra.
Yes, I look a bit bigger than last year but my fur is heavier now. Alex and I are doing fine even though our litter box had to be moved inside more. The weather has taken a toll on our room which is in the back porch. It is enclosed but the ice and water have gotten inside. It will eventually dry out and be fixed. Boston has gotten a lot of snow this year.
The birds have come to home for the outside feeders. We love looking at them.
Mom gave Alex and I more treats on my birthday. Three
- Juliette-.3/3/2015


July 6, 2013..a way to stay cool just take a ice pack from- your "dad"!

July 6th 2013 10:39 am
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Day three of hot days and I just couldn't just wait for it to cool off. My "dad" was finished putting in the air conditioners so he got out the ice packs for his back. While he was in the bathroom, I jumped on them. Man, were they cool!....I didn't want to get off of them.
What a nice idea to cool off. My tongue went crazy with the ice packs. I felt so much better. Now, can they make small ones for just us?......Now, I am going in their bedrooms to really cool off with the air conditioning.....and wait for him to get off "my" ice packs.....
I think I see my name of them.....Juliette, the cool one.


I was tagged by Kaci....How nice.

April 4th 2013 6:11 pm
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These were her questions along with my answer. I may tag some other friends to join in..
1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.
Juliette plays with her ball on the stairwell and runs downstairs to drop it again and again.

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME. Juliette loves to jump into the bathroom sink. It makes no sense. She hates water and places herself right in a water area. ....She does look cute when she looks up at me.....

You can go to Kaci's diary to answer or answer here. Just let her know that you are playing tag too...


Diary Pick- 3/5/13

March 5th 2013 12:41 am
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I made diary pick today.....Yipppppeeee. I am so happy. Being one on Sunday and diary pick on Tuesday..What honors!!!!.....Yeah. I don't feel any different being one. My tummy still wants food all of the time and I still love getting the ball when it is thrown. Alex still loves mes and allows me to eat his food.
There were so many friends who dropped by to wish me Happy Birthday that I feel like I am still


I am one today. Please come and celebrate with me- tonight.3/3/13

March 3rd 2013 7:56 am
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My mom wants my friends to come and celebrate with me. Alex and I will be getting surprises all day. We will sleep for our regular nap but later on, we will party like we have never partied before. Everyone is invited. I hope that you can come....It is my first birthday and a special one...I share this one with my "mom"'s older daughter.
3/3/13......Yippppppeeeeee......your friend, Juliette...


Eleven months old....soon to be a cat and not a kitten

February 10th 2013 7:30 am
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Mom forgot to give me an entry on my monthly day of the third....She was thinking of other things.....a storm came our way. It is so white outside. Today is the 10th of February. Alex and I will get something special on Valentine's Day....I am not sure but it will be something that both of want....of course, it will be in the food department. We do love our food....and I like playing catch with our guy-human here. He throws it and I get it. He makes such a fuss when I bring it back. I wonder why!....Alex and I just being lazy today. Things around the house are quiet......We hope everyone got out safely from the storm....We got over 2 feet....but it is still pretty....:)...


Ten Months old and counting...

January 7th 2013 2:46 am
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Mom can't believe how quickly the days and months are passing by. I get even more beautiful. Alex and I are still good friends. Now, when I want some grooming, I lay down next to him and wait for the grooming to begin. I don't even have to open my mouth. He knows what to do. .....
I had an escape in December when my "dad" left the attic door open. You can't believe how much room there is in their attic. It is huge. I had fun for an hour while they went looking for me. It took them five trips to the attic to find me. I came out on my own free will as I often do. My dinner was waiting for me, of course. They are locking it so it won't happen again. They knew that I was in the house. I am not an obedient cat yet. I know my name but do as I want....I am the cutie, of course. Alex told me about the attic. They cleaned it out in October so I found so much room up there but not many hiding areas. Then, I could smell my dinner....Food and I are good I came out...I got huggings from all who were looking...
-Christmas was good to me and Alex. We got cat nips from my mom's daughter who has a woodle name Bella. Bella and I are getting to know each other. Alex watches Bella carefully because he is my protector, of course. We enjoyed out cat nip...Then, my mom and dad went to Florida to visit the grand children. We had our favorite cat sitter, Ruthy, who came by to feed us. My mom's daughter, Susan, came too and made sure that we were fine...We do love having people drop by to play with us. They weren't gone long and we were happy to see them. Both Alex and I gave them our usual purrrrrrring welcome.
- January, 2013, I am ten months old and I am almost as tall as Alex. He still has weight on mine. I look heavier than I am because of my fur. I think that my mom is going to trim my bottom a bit because of a problem of things clinging to it....but we won't talk about this here...It is ugh.......By the way, she calls me Fluffernutter at times...I think that it is because of my wonderful tail. It is my flag of beauty.
- I wish to thank everyone again for their treats during the holidays and notes of
happiness too.....I will be one this year on 3/3, my mom's older daughter's birthday too...She will not forget my b-day......Happy New Year everyone...purrrrs and health to everyone....


Hey!...I am nine months old today.....Wow!

December 3rd 2012 1:59 am
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I am nine months old today!....and still growing strong. Time flies by when you are having fun. It has been a busy month. The turkey day was great but it tired me out and I am a kitten. There were people over the house and everyone wanted to give me some hugging. I know that I am cute and soft but really guys, I am still a kitten who wants her freedom. Alex still follows me around about half the time. He is keeping me so clean.
I have learned how to cuddle and get cute to get my food. I even showed off to some company about my retrieving abilities. Yes, I don't always bring back the toy, but I did show them that I could several times. Mom still needs to post some new pictures of me.
Before she knows it, I will be one year old and still no new pictures. ...

-From Alex-----Thank you for coming here Juliette. I was so bored until you got here. My tummy had grown. I am now in great shape. My muscles are tight. You are fun to chase and we do switch chasing roles. Thank you for begging for treats. You do a better job that I do. They just ignore me. Thank you for being my comrade in waking our
lady up in the morning How could she resist duel purrring?Your purr is as loud as mine.
You are the sunshine in my day. Now, can you come closer so I can groom you again? I think that I see a little fur that needs it.....just a little closer....thanks friend...


Eight Months Old Today....and still growing..

November 3rd 2012 4:51 am
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I was worried that my mom would forget my birthday. I am eight months old today.
It was a busy week for my family. They have been cleaning after some tenants who left
our place after many years. Both Alex and I are very curious about the downstairs where we are not purrrrmitted. Mom has given our some extra treats from Marblehead, Mass.. They are real wild salmon treats. We love them. ....Mom keeps telling me that she sees my tail before she sees me sometimes. I have a very long and bushy tail. She, also, tells me that I have the same colors as her childhood dog, collie, named Laddie. She and Laddie grew up together and were just one year apart. .....Back to my birthday, I am going to get extra goodies today. She is going out to get some and we will celebrate later.
...My birth mom is going well....We heard from her owner and they have four new Siberian kittens....Congrats going out to her. They were born on Halloween.....
...Happy Birthday to others who were born on this day......Juliette, Alex, and the angels, Natasha and Ben..

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