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Wishing I Could Write a Catster Column Today!

March 4th 2014 10:43 am
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I gonna let my human mom speak for herself here:

I work with two rescue agencies. I understand the frustration of avalanches of email that rescues receive - especially for special needs kitties. You have a kitty whose life may hang in the balance and you begin the search the internet for help. Organizations pop up that sound like they may offer help, or advice, and, as the person trying to speak for a small furball who has no voice, you are desperate. Some of these places look like they'd be heaven on earth. So, you send an email asking for help, wisdom, advice, information, ANYTHING. And you get back - nothing.

Such is our situation. A 3 year old semi-feral barn kitty was taken to the vet when a horrible URI. It was discovered she is FeLv positive. Do we put her down? Call me the guardian of hopeless situations, but we chose to treat her and try to find her more help. That immediately places me at odds with both the rescues I work for. With not enough funds to help our healthy kitties, why would I want to spend money on a FeLv kitty? Valid question if you are using finances as your benchmark (which sooner or later all organizations must). The rescues are not really insensitive or uncaring - just practical I guess.

So, I head out onto the internet looking for wisdom, advice, comfort and discover four centers for LeFv kitties east of the Mississippi. I email them all, not asking for them to take this kitty, but to give me advice, hope - words of support. Silence. It has been almost a week. Silence. There is the heavy feeling that no one cares. In reality there are a lot of needs out there. And no one does care about this specific kitty. They just should not pretend that they do.

So, a word to those of us who work with rescues and have web sites. If you don't plan to respond, don't include contact information on the web site.

Okay, friends, thank you for hearing my heart.


My MomCat Needs Purrrrss

February 28th 2014 6:37 pm
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My mom-cat, Dolly, is a feral kitty at the barn. Steph noticed she be sick a few days ago. She and my human mom went and trapped her, took her to Dr. Stacy's partner, Dr. Fox. She had a terrible smelly URI. Then the blood test reveal an awful terrible thing. My mommy has feline leukemia. Mom and Steph be stunned speechless. Dolly just lay on the vet table under the net quiet, letting Steph pet her head (very un-feral like). Some would say to put Dolly down, but it be a hard thing to do so unexpectedly. Dr. Fox say that FeLv kitties can live good lives, but not around other healthy kitties. The hard thing be that she live in a colony at the barn. Since FeLv passed by kitties who share food bowls the other kitties are already exposed. Dr. Fox suggest we help her recover from her URI, then return her to the colony. But is that fair to the colony? What if she be the only one with it? Mom tried to reach FeLv sanctuaries all over the country, but no one answer their email. Wish they would, even if it only to say they cannot help.

So Dolly in the isolation room in the basement. Because baby Ziva in upstairs, very strict washing - what mom calls reverse isolation. Mom Dolly be so sick her let my human mom hold her in a blanket and pill her. Understand we may be unable to save her, but terrible weather coming again and she will be warm and safe. Some of the rescue people here would give human mom and rough time about this, but in her heart she has to try to help Mom Dolly, no matter how short that time may be.


Catmus Tree Eggs!

December 8th 2013 4:29 pm
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I remember these! The catmus tree grew back in the living room overnight! Amazing! Little lights....and catmus eggs!! I have to make my nest! Ahh, did not take long. I now have two beautiful blue eggs in my nest. Merry Catmus everyone.


My Got Gotted Day!!!!

May 29th 2013 7:38 pm
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One year ago! Has it really been so long?? It was early in the morning when the barn called. Students had been looking for my sibling and me for days, knowing something bad was happening. But they were looking in a very big pile of rubble of clean fill. Then, this morning, my mama kitty had carried me up to the fence of the field, dropped me, then left. We guess she knew I was dying. That saved my life. One of the students called my human mom who was at work. My daddy came to the barn and seeing how very sick I was, rushed me immediately to the vet. At first he thought I had died on the way, but the vet said I was alive, barely. A terrible fever, botfly in my head, really dark times. It was almost six months before I was really healthy and my fever gone. At first they thought I'd lose my left eye, but I didn't! My cute face be slightly mishapened, but as Dr. Stacy says: "Not every kitty is a beauty queen." I beg to differ (and so does my daddy) I am gorgeous!


I Be ONE year Old!!!

May 3rd 2013 7:38 pm
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I am a big girl now!! I have my very first birthday! Spent the day playing with daddy. Miranda and I did a jump in the window game. It was lots of fun! Everybody played after a while. And a new human moved in to my house - just to share my birthday I think. Mom says she a college student staying for the summer - but I really think it to see me!


Yesterday be my DDP!

May 2nd 2013 6:42 pm
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What a wonderful surprise - even it we did learn of it a day late! Love to all my friends! The sun be shining today. Buurds be flyin' and these BIG bugs keep slammin' into da screens. Mama Lucy say they be June bugs - but it is only May. Don't understand that.


Can Kitties Have Nightmares?

April 23rd 2013 8:12 pm
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So I was sleeping pretty as only a kitty who's perfect in every way can be on the rocking chair. Suddenly I waked up, staring at the floor under Stephanie's chair across the room. I jumped up, arched my back, every hair standing on end. Stephanie don't see anything and say I be freaking her out. I just stay like the for a minute, then jump off the rocker, prowl around the chair a minute, tail still all puffed up. Then I jump back up on the rocker, turn around and go back to sleep. Who can know the mind of a perfect kitty.


The Springtime Flowers!

April 22nd 2013 5:38 pm
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I have never seen ANYTHING so fantastic!! There be big RED flowers,YELLOW flowers, PURPLE flowers - and they smell so wonderful! Mom even brought some of them inside and put them in a vase of water on the table! I just had to check them out. I jumped on the table....Bob jumped on the table. Dad clapped his hands to get off. Bob jumped off the table. Me? Me? Certainly he wasn't talking to me. I am perfect in every way. What did he say??? Phoenix get down? He think I be a dog? He even used my WHOLE name "Phoenix-Naomi!" Then he picked me up and put me on the floor. Well I never! Dad, those flowers are up on the table, not on the floor! I swear Bob is laughing at me....... how humiliating!


Well I Never!

March 22nd 2013 8:22 pm
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Mom brought me something from the store today. Not really sure what to make of this, but Miranda tells me it be fun. Mom gave us some eggs. She opened them, and put some catnip inside, then they rolled all funny wonkie. Miranda says they are Easter eggs. Don't know what an Easter is, but I hope it hatches better than my catmus tree eggs did. Now to find a good place to make my Easter egg nest.



March 10th 2013 5:00 pm
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Well, today be quite a day. Dad started to take apart the kitchen for real. Walls, lights, plumbing. I be sooo proud of him cause he can do all that. Then these men came from Lowes with a big truck. They brought what dad called drywall. But something happened. Nobody lookin' and the men propped the door open to the outside. That great big place. It be such a curious place to be sure. The door open.....I looked.....just a step.....then another step.....and - I be there! In the great OUTSIDE! The men come outside, startling me and I run down the steps. Suddenly it not be so much fun anynmore. I feel very small in the very big world. A bird fly overhead. I so scared!!! Where should I go? DADDY!
Suddenly I hear Mom yelling that the door be open. Then I hear my Daddy. He is coming to save me! Suddenly I be scooped up in his strong arms. He can feel my little heart beating so fast. Then I am back inside safe at last!!

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